Advanced Photoshop Manipulations Tutorials Bundle

9 Photoshop tutorials that will teach you advanced manipulation techniques and workflows

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Advanced Photoshop Manipulations Tutorials Bundle
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Jun 2020
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What you will learn

Advanced manipulation techniques: Lighting, Masking, Color Blending, Compositing...

My manipulation workflow that I improved along 10 years.


Hello to all art lovers out there. If you're reading this, chances are that you are here because you're looking for new ways of creating amazing manipulations and/or learning new editing techniques.

With this course, you will learn my workflow on nine of my most advanced manipulations. When I make these tutorials my goal was to always tech something that my students can apply on their own works rather than just creating what I'm showing.

All these tutorials were created in Photoshop CC and they are not related to each other, meaning you can start with any of them and complete them in any order you like. You will also be able to download the PSD files of each project

Among other, you will learn

  • How to create a scene from scratch using stock photos (all material is provided)

  • Lighting techniques using blend modes, Apply image and other masking techniques

  • Shading using brushes, layer styles and adjustment layers

  • Blending stock photos to create a uniform scene in terms of light, shadows and color

  • Create ambient effects: glows, dust and particles and other elements

  • Post-production techniques using Filters and Adjustment layers

A graphic tablet is no necessary but necessary for fine hair painting.

About the instructor

I’m a Photoshop artist with more than 10 years experience in photo-manipulation. On this website you’ll find the work of my entire career.

I’m specialized in photo-manipulation and image editing. I’ve been teaching Photoshop since 2010 and with my tutorials I share everything I know about Photoshop, my entire editing workflow and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the years.


Free previews

Drag me to hell (Demo)
Cherry Lady (Demo)
The last dragon (Demo)
Sacrifice (Demo)
Night from day & Advanced light masking (Demo)
Aphrodite (Demo)
The Witch (Demo)
Underground (Demo)
The Succubus (Demo)

Advanced Manipulations

The red room
The last dragon
Drag me to hell
Night from day & advanced light masking
Cherry Lady

The Witch

1 - Creating the scene
2 - Shading the scene
3 - Blending the scene elements
4 - Lighting the scene
5 - Final adjustments (post-production)

The Succubus

Part 1 - Create the background and masking the model
Part 2 - Masking hair and adding the horns
Part 3 - Adding the skulll
Part 4 - Create the foreground
Part 5 - Create the light effects
Part 6 - Create the details and the wings
Part 7 - Post production

Master lighting on your manipulations

Quiet times - Master lighting


March 6, 2022
Loving your course so far, and the resources you provide are awesome. I learned so much just by doing one project, it took me 8 hours but it was a lot of fun, and I feel accomplished after posting the final take to my Facebook. Thank you for this course.
May 31, 2021
Lots of different images to create on this course. The lighting techniques are really effective. I've enjoyed completing this course and would recommend this to others. Thanks so much for providing lots of material to work through. I've learnt so much.



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