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Advanced IT Troubleshooting for Helpdesk Support Technicians

Learn some of the less common IT troubleshooting techniques for Windows computers

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Advanced IT Troubleshooting for Helpdesk Support Technicians


32 mins


May 2020

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What you will learn

How to resolve issues with Device Manager

How to resolve issues with Windows Update

How UAC works and some of the problems it can cause

User profile and uninstall fixes for the Windows Registry

Advanced network troubleshooting techniques


Over this course, you'll learn some of the more advanced IT troubleshooting techniques, which will teach you how to solve some of the more difficult issues that can sometimes occur with Windows computers,

Topics covered are as follows:

Device Manager

Windows Update

User Account Control (UAC)

Network Connectivity

Windows Registry

Whilst these techniques were tried and tested on Windows 10, they are relevant to any version of Windows currently supported by Microsoft, and should also be of use to anyone who is still on Windows XP as well.




Device Manager Common Issues

Device Manager Overview

Installing & Updating Drivers

Managing & Troubleshooting Devices

Windows Update Common Issues

Windows Update Overview

Resetting the SoftwareDistribution Folder

User Account Control (UAC) Common Issues

User Account Control (UAC) Overview

UAC Issues with Older Applications

Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity - DNS

Network Connectivity - IPv6

Network Connectivity - Netsh

Network Connectivity - Multiple Interfaces

Windows Registry

Windows Registry - Overview

Windows Registry - Profile Issues

Windows Registry - Uninstall Issues


Syed29 August 2020

It helps me a lot to resolve the windows update related issues thanks a lot it help me in updating the knowledge of basic issue

BICABA26 August 2020

J'ai appris de nouvelles notions mais je trouve que le formateur va tres vite dans les explications et demonstrations.

Rusha25 August 2020

Yes I have gather the knowledge about various types of issue and how to resolve it, also use of commands.

Ali25 August 2020

This course is really awesome to learn about how to troubleshoot the basics problems which we face in everyday life when we use computers.

Suzgo25 August 2020

I have enjoyed this course, taught me some real troubleshooting technics to follow when handling various problems

Sifundo26 July 2020

the course was nice and the instructor was good at explianing and i must say i really enjoyed the course and now it will also give me more opportunities regarding employment

Charles29 June 2020

Konsep kursusnya sama dengan IT Support for beginners cuman disini lebih ditekankan untuk pengembangan troubleshooting lanjutan yang dimana fitur ini tuh ada buat orang yang sama sekali gaptek di dunia IT maupun yang sudah paham seluk beluk komputer secara keseluruhan.

Arkadiusz28 June 2020

Good tips, however very narrow specification and solution can be applied only in these specific situations. Slides in presentation are sometimes too late or screenshot shows already applied command so we cannot see it to remember.

Ritika21 June 2020

This covers basic troubleshooting rather than advanced troubleshooting, also I'm sure for most it would be better to show a simulation rather than screenshots to follow along. Other than that, I think it's a good starting base for those who want to learn to troubleshoot a local desktop computer.

Tibor17 June 2020

Not the best match but the course was interesting. Sadly its not an "advanced" training much more a beginner. I think these should be the basics in a first level support.

Mohammed15 May 2020

it was bit fast but can understand, however practical should be given like moving from one to another. thanks

Raymond15 May 2020

Wow! Very informative,professional,detailed,fast paced (No Fluff),Very well spoken clear English,this Man knows what he is talking about,Thanks! John

Muaadh15 May 2020

the course should focus more on practice not theory. In addition to explaining how things work from scratch

Manmohan15 May 2020

There's no connect with the tutor, its like he's just reading a script regardless the other person is understanding what is being said or not.

Wajeed15 May 2020

Thanks for adding this course. learned new stuff. I wish you there were more network connectivity examples and issues described in this.


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