Advanced Fortigate Configuration

Master Fortigate skills and advanced security configuration

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Advanced Fortigate Configuration
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Oct 2023
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What you will learn

How to Create SD-WAN zones, policies and performance SLAs for software defined networks

How to install Fortigate VM 6.4.0 and 7.2.4 on Google Cloud Compute Engine

How to Build Fortigate Active-Passive Cluster on AWS Cloud using Infrastructure-As-Code solution

How to Connect local data center and offices with the cloud to build hybrid data center

How to Setup Dynamic routing between Fortigate and other network devices

How to Build web filtering transparent proxy solution to control employees/users internet access

How to reset Fortigate admin password using console port and serial cable

Get familiar with IPv6 and deploy dual stack security solutions and servers

How to Secure cloud and internal applications using DDoS protection and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

How to Offload SSL traffic and inspect encrypted traffic while maintaining encryption and data integrity

How to create Virtual Domains or VDOMs on Fortigate Firewall

How to fix broken Fortigate firmware / No firmware using TFTP to flash firmware

How to restore Fortigate configuration backup & Advanced Fortigate Scripting

How to protect against Denial of Service DoS & DDoS attacks using Fortigate Firewall

How to apply and renew license for Fortigate firewall

Why take this course?

🛡️ Advanced FortiGate Configuration Course: Master FortiGate Skills and Advanced Security Configuration

Course Overview:

Welcome to the Advanced FortiGate Configuration Course! This comprehensive course is designed for network professionals looking to deepen their expertise in deploying, managing, and securing FortiGate solutions. By the end of this course, you will have a robust understanding of advanced security configurations, cloud integrations, and performance optimization techniques for your FortiGate appliances.

What You Will Learn:

🚀 Deployment and Configuration:

  • Create SD-WAN zones, policies, and performance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for optimized software-defined networks.
  • Install FortiGate VM 6.4.0 on Google Cloud Compute Engine.
  • Deploy FortiGate A-P cluster using AWS CloudFormation.
  • Automate FortiGate deployments on AWS with Terraform.
  • Apply and renew FortiGate firewall licenses (Updated Feb 2023).
  • Utilize the FortiGate 7.2.1+ permanent trial license (New! May 2023).

📊 Monitoring, Reporting, and Analysis:

  • Build hybrid cloud solutions using FortiGate.
  • Configure dynamic routing (OSPF) on FortiGate.
  • Set up a bastion host with FortiGate for enhanced security.
  • Utilize FortiGuard Service Updates for the latest threat intelligence.
  • Implement policy-based routing in your network configuration.
  • Block IP/network lists or domain lists from text files using Threatfeeds.

🔒 Security and Integration:

  • Reset a FortiGate admin password using the console port and serial cable.
  • Fix broken firmware/no firmware issues with TFTP to flash firmware.
  • Restore FortiGate configuration backups and engage in advanced scripting.
  • Protect against Denial of Service (DoS) & Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with FortiGate Firewall DoS policies.
  • Integrate FortiGate with LDAP services (SSO) and perform OpenLDAP user authentication.
  • Configure the Internet Usage Policy, including Transparent Proxy & Web Filtering.

📊 Logging and Analysis:

  • Integrate Syslog solutions with FortiAnalyzer or Splunk Enterprise for comprehensive logging and analysis.
  • Set up SNMP integration with PRTG Network Monitoring or SolarWinds NPM.
  • Configure load balancing, health checks, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and IPV6 dual-stack on FortiGate.

🛠️ Advanced Security Techniques:

  • Dive into advanced security features like DDoS Protection & Intrusion Prevention (IPS).
  • Explore Traffic Shaping, Application Control, and SSL Offloading capabilities.
  • Create Virtual Domains (VDOMs) for segmented network management.

Course Highlights:

  • Real-World Scenarios: Learn by doing with real-world examples and case studies.
  • Hands-On Experience: Get practical experience setting up and managing FortiGate in various environments.
  • Latest Updates & Best Practices: Stay current with the latest firmware updates, licensing options, and security best practices.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basic to advanced configurations, this course covers it all to ensure you're fully equipped to manage your FortiGate deployments effectively.

Enroll in this Advanced FortiGate Configuration Course today and elevate your skills to protect and optimize your network infrastructure like never before! 🌐✨


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Our review

Overall Course Rating: 4.70/5.0

Review Summary:

The course has received high praise from recent participants, with a consistent theme highlighting its advanced content and practical approach to learning about FortiGate firewalls, particularly in the context of cloud environments. The majority of reviewers found the course material valuable for understanding complex features of the FortiGate system. However, there are some areas where the course could be improved based on the feedback provided.


  • Advanced Content: Participants appreciated the detailed coverage of advanced FortiGate functionalities, which they found particularly useful for their professional needs.

  • Real-world Application: The content was praised for its practical approach, with real-world scenarios and examples that help learners to apply their knowledge effectively.

  • Expertise: Reviewers agreed that the author's expertise in FortiGate systems is evident throughout the course, which adds to the credibility of the training provided.

  • High Production Quality: The video quality and overall presentation were noted as being high-quality, making the learning experience more enjoyable and engaging.


  • Audio Clarity: Some reviewers had difficulty understanding the presenter due to unclear audio. A solution such as transcripts/captions was offered; however, these did not always accurately reflect the audio content.

  • GNS3 Integration: While the course covers advanced topics well, there were suggestions that more information on integrating GNS3 with FortiGate would be beneficial for those who are already familiar with setting up GNS3 and looking to incorporate it into their learning.

  • Course Sequencing: There is a noted gap between this advanced course and the basic course. Learners may find themselves needing to supplement their knowledge from other sources, such as forums or documentation, to bridge this gap.

Additional Notes:

  • The course was recommended by participants who found it valuable despite these issues. It appears to be a worthwhile investment of time for those looking to deepen their understanding of FortiGate advanced features and configurations.

  • Learners who have used the native Fortinet Training for basic knowledge may find this course particularly useful for the advanced part of their studies.

Final Verdict:

This course is highly recommended for individuals seeking an in-depth understanding of FortiGate firewalls, particularly in complex scenarios and cloud environments. The course's strength lies in its comprehensive coverage of advanced features. However, learners are advised to look out for any basic knowledge gaps that may require additional study outside the course material. The course is also suggested for those who value high-quality video content and have a setup ready for following along with practical demonstrations. Improvements in audio clarity and expanded GNS3 integration could further enhance the learning experience.



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