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Advanced Cryptography Concepts

Advanced Cryptography Concepts, Basic and Advanced Encryption Concepts, PKI Components, Encryption Systems

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Advanced Cryptography Concepts, PKI, Basic Cryptography, Encryption Systems, Symmetric and Asymmetric


Advanced Advance Cryptography Concepts, deep dive explanation into to the advantages, disadvantages, use case, constraints, limitations of symmetric, asymmetric, Hashing, algorithms, Public Key Infrastructure, Certificate Authority, Secure Channels, TLS, and standards. Course covers through explains of Applications of Cryptography, Private and public key pairs, and Binary math, the good bad and ugly for all symmetric and asymmetric algorithms with practical use cases for how algorithms are uses today and how their weakness are discovered and broke, such as with WEP and DES. Cryptographic Secure Channels and cybersecurity defense counter measures, Cryptanalysis attacks, Cryptography standards, to include VPS, IPSEC, AH, ESP, and major attacks against crypto systems.

This Course covers all major systemic and asymmetric algorithms and the entire encryption system with the application of the CIA triad to cryptography to include a discussion on how Blockchain works as a security solution. Course resources included with all videos.   

Course is broken down in 5 areas with over 13 symmetric algorithms


· Substitution

· Transposition

· Major concepts and definitions

· Keys

· Advantages and disadvantages of symmetric

· Binary Math

· Key Management

· DES Operations

· DES Modes

· AES Operations


· Private and public key pair- deep dive

· Algorithms – deep dive

· Advantages and disadvantages of symmetric

· Authenticity

· Non-Repudiation

· Application of asymmetric

· Key agreement and key exchange

· Digital Signature

· TLS Secure channel

Hashing Algorithms

· Hash algorithms and concepts

· Integrity

· Birthday attack

· Collisions

· Application with PKI


· Demo


· Certificate Authorities (CA)

· Certificate Management

· Public Key Generation

· Public Key Distribution

· X509v3

· Certificate classes

· Registration Authorities

· Certificate Policy Statement



· Certificate Pinning

· Certificate Revocation

· Trust Models

· Certificate Life Cycle

Cryptography Standards and Agencies

  • NIST

    • NIST SP 

  • NSA

    • SUITE A and B Algorithms

    • Types

  • RFC

  • PKCS

  • FIPS

  • CNSS

  • IETF

  • PKI

  • Key Management 


Advanced Cryptography Concepts
Advanced Cryptography Concepts
Advanced Cryptography Concepts
Advanced Cryptography Concepts


Advanced Cryptography Concepts

Intro From Dr. Hodges

Advanced Symmetric Concepts

Advanced Asymmetric Concepts

Advanced Hashing Algorithms

Advanced PKI Concepts

Cryptographic Secure Channels defense counter measures, Cryptography standards

Cryptography Standards and Agencies

Dr. Hodges final thoughts on Dr. Hodges Final thoughts on Cryptography


Eric25 June 2021

Course was very good. Lots of information. I would like to see more examples of the algorithms in motion; such as, automated diagrams if possible. This could be scenarios; to include, certificate creation and issue, applying algorithms, and other ways that could show a visual implantation of how all this works in real time. Very good course. Thank you Dr. Hodges

John25 June 2021

The course content was great and Dr. Hodges helped patch up some gaps in my knowledge of cryptography. My only real criticism is just the presentation of the slides, I wish they were full screen on all of the sections. All-in-all I think this course was worth the purchase and then some.

Torey27 May 2021

This course is a great source to study for an exam and for real life references. Instructor very thorough and knowledgeable on every topic.

Kw26 May 2021

This course was a good investment as it "filled in the blanks" in regard to my eventual sitting for the EC Council Certified Encryption Specialist ("CES") exam and continuing forward in the Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program in which I'm currently enrolled.

Eric16 May 2021

Dr Hodges provides thorough and informative instruction with little wasted time. The videos are clear, concise, and practical.

Brian25 April 2021

This has been one of the best courses on cryptography I've taken in a very long time. Dr. Hodges' explanations were very thorough and easy to understand. I completed each module with a far better understanding of everything he was discussing.

Russell10 February 2021

I’ve taken one other actual Encryption focused course in all my learning. Everything else had Encryption considerations sprinkled within. This course in particular, I have to hand it to the author, has the most complete coverage I’ve ever needed. This definitely exceeded my expectations in regards to what I was expecting to learn about the history and types and uses and considerations when selecting or employing. Bravo to Dr. Hodges.

Hector2 February 2021

I've always considered cryptography to be one of the least interesting and most difficult areas of Cyber Security. After taking this course, I feel that I have filled the gaps of knowledge in the areas of the subject that have been more difficult to understand. Dr. Hodges's delivery of the content is engaging and easy to follow. I highly recommend this course.


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