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Adobe XD: UI & UX Design with 14 real world project 2020 tut

Adobe XD: User interface design and user exprience design professionaly with abobe xd from zero to hero course 2020

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19 hours


May 2020

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What you will learn

Color Psychology

UI Design professionaly

How to have best UX ever

All kind of type font and icon

Wireframe Feedback


All necessory Plugins


in this course first we talk all about basic of UX design and next we go to basic of UI design

and then we go for Adobe XD in detail

after that we make a lot of example for mobile and web so we will learn all about adobe xd in detail with best example and practice that there is

example like:

  1. Audio Player

  2. Admin Dashboard

  3. Restaurant

  4. Local payment

  5. Navigation UI

  6. Speaker

  7. Sign In

  8. Roxio UI

  9. MailBox

  10. FreshFood

  11. AirMusic

  12. Shoping nike

  13. Travel mug

  14. UI Expert


Adobe XD: UI & UX Design with 14 real world project 2020 tut
Adobe XD: UI & UX Design with 14 real world project 2020 tut
Adobe XD: UI & UX Design with 14 real world project 2020 tut
Adobe XD: UI & UX Design with 14 real world project 2020 tut




Basics Introduction

01 - UI, UX - What is it

UI Design Introduction

02 - UI Design

UX Design Introduction

03 - UX Design


04 - UI Prototype

05 - UX Prototype

Font and Icon

06 - Type, Font and Icon - Part A

06 - Type, Font and Icon - Part B


Goran22 March 2021

Very amateur work. Just a bunch of copy / paste from downloaded templates. And even this is not done properly. Not recommended!

Shriya25 January 2021

Unnecessary speaking, and not well explained. would like a more elaborate explanation of what is happening

Sowdamini13 December 2020

There are no resources, no assignments. Too slow course Explanation is not clear for beginners. Everything has to be improved

David11 November 2020

No resources to follow along. This is a verbal class only not worth doing. If one is to teach on complex design concepts one must include resources to follow along. From looking at question and answers no answers have been given to questions. No need to even listen for there is nothing one can actually do to learn with him at same time.

Ioanna4 August 2020

The examples of design are very useful, but the speech pace is so slow, that doesn't make the viewer engaged. At some points I had to increase the speech from 1 to 1.25; otherwise the lessons can be very tiring and hard to follow.

Priyank18 June 2020

Very practical approch and many real world examples included in this course. That helps us to understand exact UI Design .

Habiba28 May 2020

Sometimes i could not understand what he says .. some words are wrong .. everything else is above expectations .. but you could make ur voice more clear .. and thank you!

Abbacus3 May 2020

If you are expecting to learn hi and ux both then forget it. This course only teaches how to use adobe xd. Also this course was made long back so forget to lean latest updated and features.

Betel21 April 2020

Many unnecessary words that just confuse the viewer. You'll hear check into account quite often. Volume of the voice goes up and down for no reason (a pain if you're using earbuds). No files to follow the video tutorials. The teacher mentions that he will provide files which i never encounter even after searching all over the place. It's basically a certification of listening and researching on your own. Wasted my money and time. I recently completed other course here on Udemy (User Experience Design Essentials Adobe XD UI UX Design) if it wasn't because of that I would probably be VERY confused at the moment. I didn't learned anything new and this course is supposed to be for intermediate.

Michael20 April 2020

I am very well interested in the course title but the instructor is not very motivating, he is clumsy makes me want to quit the more I listen to him

Richard1 April 2020

Just finished the introduction and I have high hopes for this course. So far I am quite satisfied with what is to be learning in this course.

Awuku-Amador14 March 2020

It was very good. I actually improved my UI design skills. Thanks for the great work. love u alllll. from Success

Mohammad12 March 2020

Am I professional enough to criticize this course? I am a senior user experience designer and also head of some product teams. What were the problems with this course? - It was such as a podcast. I heard a monotonous speech on a nearly static image. - During these videos, the instructor just works with adobe XD for about 20 minutes. However, the most important word in the course title is Adobe XD. - It seems incomplete. It did not contain even one original page design. I looked for eight real projects. How stupid I am. (During my life I have never seen a UX project (without UI) less than 40 hours) I do not know how the instructor wants to cover eight projects for 20 minutes working with the software. Best Regards M. Sadri - a Designer


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