Adobe Photoshop Selection and Masking Master Course 2022

Master Selections and Mask Out Anything from the Background in Adobe Photoshop CC 2022

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Adobe Photoshop Selection and Masking Master Course 2022
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Oct 2021
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What you will learn

You will thoroughly learn all basic selection tools: -

Marquee Tool

Lasso Tool

Quick Selection, Object Selection and Magic Wand Tool

Quick mask Mode

You will learn Layer Mask and some of its secret shortcuts

You will master all advanced selection tools and techniques: -

Pen tool

Direct Selection tool

Colour range

Channels Selection

Select and Mask

Select Focus Area

You will be able to mask anything… including the dreaded hair!

You will be able to remove and replace background of any image

By the end of this course, you will be able to easily recognize which selection tool to be used in which scenario

And last but not the least You will be able to start earning money from your Photoshop Skills.

Why take this course?


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  • New Lectures added.

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Hey everyone!

My name is Shubham Jha and welcome to Photoshop Selection and Masking Master Course 2022. This course is planned around reasonable, achievable goals for my students, which helps to increase the effective rate of learning. I understand that every individual learns at a different pace. Hence, I've ensured that you are well catered for so that you understand every aspect of your chosen modules. I've helped thousands of People in getting the concepts of Photoshop through my Online Courses. In this course you'll not only learn how to use Selection tools and techniques but you'll also learn when and why to use them. I assure you that by the end of this course you will be able to select anything from objects in highly pixelated low-resolution images to dreaded hairs, so what you are waiting for, get started today!

What you will learn?

Here is a complete list of everything you’ll learn in this Photoshop course.

Section 1: Introduction

  • Here I'll give you a brief introduction about what tools and techniques we are going to learn in this course.

  • I'll tell you how you can earn thousands of dollars by just selecting objects and removing background in Photoshop.

  • We will setup our Photoshop Workspace so that everything runs nice and smoothly.

  • And the most important thing

Section 2: Selection Part 1

   We will start our journey with basic selection tools:

  • We'll first see what selection and layer mask are and how to deal with them.

  • Then we'll learn rectangular and elliptical marquee tools and what settings you need to know before using them.

  • After covering every kind of tools, you will have tasks to complete.

  • You can share your work with other students in the comments section or you can also share with me personally.

  • You'll learn how and when to use the Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, and Magnetic lasso tool.

  • Then we'll see beginners favourite Quick Selection and Object Selection tool.

  • You'll learn Magic Wand Tool which is one of the oldest selection tools in Photoshop.

    And with a challenging task I'll end this section.

Section 3: Selections Part 2

   This section deals with advanced selection tools and techniques.

  • We'll start with the Pen Tool and we'll see how to select objects and create shapes using it. We'll also look at the differences between various types of pen tool.

  • Then we'll move to direct and path selection tool and we'll see how they are used in sync with the Pen tool.

  • Further we'll look at some more techniques that selects based on the colour of the pixels, like Select Colour Range and Selection using channels.

  • Then we'll move to modern day Select Subject & Select and Mask.

  • We'll see how to use Select and Mask to make and refine selection.

  • After all that we'll move to the trickiest part of this course i.e., Hair Selections, and trust me you will also be able to select and mask almost any type of hair in a matter of seconds.

  • All in all, we'll master the hair selections with three different as well as difficult images.

  • By the end of this section, we'll look at one of the awesome tools introduced in CC 2021 i.e., Sky Replacement Tool.

  • At last, we'll see which selection technique to be used for which image and also why.

Section 4: Conclusion

  • Ways to make living out of your Photoshop skill.

  • Course Conclusion and What's next.

Why this course is different?

  • This is a practical course.

  • You are not only going to learn theoretical aspects of various tools and techniques but you are also going to master them.

  • Major upper hand for this course is the tasks that i provide after covering every major topic.

  • I'm always there to help my students when needed.


November 15, 2023
The instructor did a good job with the lectures and demonstrating the different techniques. Really good course for Adobe Photoshop Learners.
November 14, 2023
Great course!! I was always looking for a course to master my selection skills and this course really helped me a lot. Assignments are also very well prepared. Thanks
November 8, 2023
This is a comprehensive training program designed to enhance your skills in image selection and masking techniques using Adobe Photoshop. This course likely covers various advanced and up-to-date methods for precise and creative selections and masks, making it a valuable resource for graphic designers, photographers, and anyone looking to excel in image manipulation and editing within Adobe Photoshop.
November 8, 2023
I was lacking in Photoshop selection skill but now after watching this course I'm feeling very confident.
April 4, 2023
Great course to start learning about selection and masking in Photoshop . Sometimes the instructor speaks to fast so I need to slow down the video . Overall this course really helps me in working with Photoshop .
August 24, 2022
The teacher is skilled, clear and gives all the needed instructions to get the selection job properly done. Honestly I cannot understand the comments of other users saying that when the teacher speaks, it's not easy to understand what he's saying due to the pronunciation; for sure he has a strong accent but I've never lost a word. Be careful with your comments guys: based on those, someone could decide to not buy the course and it would be a pity.
January 29, 2022
This course is simply amazing. I've started my freelancing career after watching this course and man I'm making some good bucks now. All thanks to Shubham :-)
January 16, 2022
Very helpful. I learnt alot. I didn't know how to use photoshop at all, now I'm comfortable with using it. Thank you so much!
January 16, 2022
if you are a absolute beginner then u should definitely go for this course at the end of the course you will feel confident in using photoshop.
January 16, 2022
Thank you so much for this course It's completely useful and helpful, makes everything clear to anyone who wants to learn how to use PhotoShop!
January 15, 2022
Amazing as all usual this is on another level content thanks shubham jha for free this type of content
January 15, 2022
Amazing course on photoshop selection i have never seen this type of content free and This istructor is on another level thanks shubham jha
January 9, 2022
I had a very tough time understanding the instructor. I had to slow down the presentation to .75 to get the gist of things. To prove my point, just take a look at how hard a time the translation into text program has. Seriously. It is every bit as difficult for me to understand as it is for the speech to text program to translate, and in any sample you make, you will find the text translation to be nonsensical. This is because tha algorithms cannot interpret very much of what the instructor is trying to say, and I couldn't either. The word to text translation results in sentences that don't make sense. This is not because there is anything wrong with the words being spoken themselves if you knew what they were, but because the delivery is so rapid and the annunciation so unclear. Beyond that, although the subject is a very important one, I thought it was ill served. There were a few insights that I had not given thought to before, and for that I was grateful. However, this particular subject is a very difficult one to explain, and the instructor could have done a much better job in bringing some lucidity to this complex topic.
December 1, 2021
It's good so far, but he moves through some explanations very fast. It would be useful to have graphics to show the various shortcuts and tools.
September 27, 2021
Great short course! I was able to easily fit all the mini-lectures into my busy schedule by watching them while on public transit to work and allowing me to make greater use of my time! The courses are so informative and delivered in a way that is engaging, memorable, clear and concise. I was able to learn something and apply my new skills into practice at my workplace! Thank you Shubham for a great course!



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