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Adobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class

Learn the essential tools of Adobe Photoshop CC to jump right in and design beautiful graphics and photos in Photoshop.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

You'll be comfortable navigating Photoshop, creating new projects, designing how you imagine, and saving it for any purpose.

You'll learn the essential tools for editing and manipulating images.

You'll learn how to use the layers panel including creating and editing layer masks.

You'll know how to edit photos (both RAW and compressed images) with a variety of tools and non-destructive methods.

You'll learn how to select and edit just parts of your image with a number of selection tools.

You'll know how to retouch photos to remove blemishes, fix red-eye, whiten teeth, and more.

You'll learn how to use the shape tool and pen tool to design custom shapes.

You'll know how to use blending modes, layer styles, and blending modes to create fun and unique projects.

You'll learn how to add and edit text to your graphics.

You'll learn how to save your Photoshop projects for print and web.

You'll HAVE FUN!


You want to learn how to use Photoshop CC, right?

Start using Adobe Photoshop CC to edit photos and design beautiful graphics today!

Either you're completely brand new to Adobe Photoshop, or you've played around with it but want to get more comfortable with Adobe Photoshop. Either way, this course will be great for you.

Adobe Photoshop is the worlds's #1 photo editing application. This full course is the best way to learn how to use it.

Edit photos and design graphics the way you imagine them!

Download practice photos and Photoshop files. At the beginning of this course, you'll download a folder of photos and project files so you can practice and learn!

You can make money as a graphic designer with these skills!

I'll be teaching the course using the latest creative cloud version, but if you have a previous version (CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3), you can still learn to edit like a pro. This course is great for Mac and PC users.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Phil and I've been editing photos and graphics with Adobe Photoshop for over a decade. Plus I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular online courses - with over 200,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones:

Awesome course, easy to follow! - Tim Clark

Your course is amazing, so I can say that I am learning a lot. Your English is very easy to understand ( I'm from Brazil). Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge. - Jerilson Duarte

My Promise to You

I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

I want to make this the best course on how to shoot use Adobe Photoshop. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I'll make it happen.

What is this Adobe Photoshop course all about?

In this complete guide to Adobe Photoshop, you'll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Adobe Photoshop, but also how to design actual graphics you can use for your business, or for fun.

This course will cover everything you need to know to start, including:

  • Getting started with Photoshop

  • Navigating and customizing  the workspace

  • Using the Photoshop layers panel

  • Editing RAW and non-RAW photos in Photoshop

  • Using selection tools

  • Using tools like doge and burn to edit just part of your images

  • Retouching photos such as whitening teeth, removing blemishes, and more

  • Creating and adjusting shapes in Photoshop

  • Designing graphics with different blend modes

  • Adding and editing layer styles like bevels and drop shadows

  • Adding artistic filters like blurs

  • Adding and editing text to your graphics

  • Saving your projects for anything - printing, online, and more

By the end of this course, your confidence as a photoshop user will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Adobe Photoshop for fun or as a career opportunity.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!




Adobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class
Adobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class
Adobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class
Adobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class


Welcome to the Photoshop Course

Introduction to the Course

Download the Course Workbook

Download the Course Resources & Project Files

Opening Photoshop for the First Time

Need Help with Something? Submit Your Tutorial Request

Photoshop Basics

Understand the Photoshop Interface

Customize Your Workspace and Panels

Create a New Photoshop File

Place Photos & Graphics in Your Project

Moving & Zooming Around a Project

Use Artboards in Your Photoshop Workflow

Understand Layer Panel

What is the Layer Panel?

Aligning Layers in Photoshop

Keeping Your Layer Panel Organized

Linking Layers

Adding Layer Styles and Adjustments

Using Layer Masks to Erase Parts of an Image

Project: Photo Compositing Basics (Resizing and Placing Layers)

Project Solution: Photo Compositing Basics (Resizing and Placing Layers)

The Selection Tools

Intro to the Selection Tools and Removing Subjects from the Background

The Magic Wand and Object Selection Tools

Improving Edge Selections with the Refine Edge Tools

Selecting a Specific Color

Easily Remove Objects from a Photo with Content Aware Fill

Project: Abstract Art Graphic

Project Solution: Abstract Art Graphic

Editing Photos in Photoshop

Intro to Editing Photos in Photoshop

Adjusting Exposure (How Bright or Dark Your Photo Is)

Adjusting Colors and Making Your Photos Pop

Cropping and Adjusting Photo Aspect Ratio

Basic Dodging and Burning

A Note About Editing RAW Images


Intro to the Wonderful World of Shapes in Photoshop

Creating Custom Shapes with the Pen and Curvature Tools

Project: Create a Social Media Graphic

Project Solution: Create a Social Media Graphic

Titles and Text

How to Add Text to Your Projects

Warping Text

Making Text Follow a Line or Shape

Project: Design a Poster with Just Text

Project Solution: Design a Poster with Just Text

Layer Styles

How to Add a Line (Stroke) Around Your Layers

Adding Glow to Your Layers

Adding Bevel and Emboss to Your Layers

More Layer Styles

Blend Modes

What is a Blend Mode and How to Use Them?

Easily Remove a Black or White Background with Blend Modes

Turn Your Coffee Cup into an Ocean with Blend Modes

Create a Spotlight Effect with Blend Modes

Project: Design a Modern Graphic with Blend Modes

Project Solution: Design a Modern Graphic with Blend Modes

The Filter Gallery

Using Filters to Add Style to Your Photos and Graphics

Adjusting the Strength of a Filter

Retouching Photos in Photoshop

Intro to Retouching and How to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

Smoothing Skin

Removing Bags Under the Eye

Professional Dodging and Burning to Enhance a Portrait

Enhancing Eye Color

Enhancing Lip Color

Using the Powerful Liquify Tool

Editing RAW Photos with Camera RAW

Intro to Editing with Camera RAW

Download the Photos for This Section

Cropping Photos in Camera RAW

White Balance Adjustments

Proper Photo Editing Workflow

Exposure and Brightness Adjustments

Color and Saturation Adjustments

Sharpening and Noise Reduction

Tone Curve Adjustments

Effects like Vignettes, Grain, and Dehaze

Saving Photos from Camera RAW

HSL and Grayscale Adjustments

Split Tone Edits

Lens Corrections

Spot Removal and Blemish Removal

Targeted Adjustments

Straighten and Transform Tools

Graduated, Radial and Brush Filters

Range Masks

Let's Put it Together - Full Landscape Edit

Let's Put it Together - Full Portrait Edit

Editing Together an HDR Photo

Adobe Library

Speed Up Your Workflow with the Adobe Library

Saving and Exporting

How to Save Your Photoshop Project and Export It For Any Purpose

Quickly Save JPEGs from Photoshop

Exporting Projects Using Artboards

Full Length Projects

Intro to These Additional Project Demonstrations

Project: Fantasy Adventure

Project: Badge Logo

Project: Galaxy Eye

Project: Infographic


Thank You Video

Archive (Lessons from the Previous Version of this Course)

What is this section?

Introduction & Dive Right In

Understand the Interface

Customize Your Workspace

Create a New Photoshop Project

Placing Photos and Graphics into Your Project

Selecting, Zooming, and Moving Around Your Project

CC 2019 Update: Resizing Objects Proportionally

CC 2019 Update: Multiple Undo

CC 2019 Update: Frame Tool for Easy Masking

Introduction to the Layers Panel

Using the Alignment Tools

Stacking, Copying, and Deleting Layers

Merging Layers

Layer Masks

Exercise: Create a Non-Destructive Vignette

The Eraser Tool and Why I Don't Use It

Create a 'Faded' Transparent Gradient

Basic Photo Adjustments in Camera RAW

Tone Curve, Sharpening, Vignettes, and more in Camera RAW

Using the Camera RAW Tool Bar

Saving Photos from Camera RAW

Exercise: Edit a Travel Photo in Photoshop

A Note about XMP Files

CC 2018 Update: Range Masks

Editing non-RAW Images in Photoshop

Non-Destructive Photo Editing

Cropping and Straightening a Photo

Using the Selection Tools

Improve Your Selections with Refine Edge

Selecting by Color Range

Exercise: Remove Background from a Portrait

CC 2018 Update: Edge Selection Brush Improvements

CC 2018 Update: Select Subject Button

Intro to Dodging, Burning, and Sponging

Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning

Exercise: Improve Exposure with Dodge and Burn

The Clone Tool

The Healing Brushes

Remove Objects from the Background

CC 2019 Update: Content Aware Fill

Removing Wrinkles and Blemishes

Removing Red Eye from Photos

Whitening Teeth

Bonus Tutorial: How to Change Eye Color

Quickly Create Shapes in Photoshop

Creating Custom Vector Shapes

Exercise: Basic Logo Design in Photoshop

Intro to Blending Modes

Darken Blend Modes

Lighten Blend Modes

Contrast, Inversion, Cancellation, and Component Blend Modes

CC 2019 Update: Live Blend Mode Previews

Intro to the Photoshop Type Tool

Character and Paragraph Formatting

Warping Text

Stylize Text and Graphics with Layer Styles

Exercise: Design a YouTube Thumbnail

Introduction to Filters and the Filter Gallery

Controlling a Filter's Opacity and Blending Mode

Exercise: Generate an Oil Painting Effect

Open and Place Your Video File

Adding Text Pop-Ups to a Video

Saving Your GIF

How to Save Your Project

Saving Projects for Print

How to Composite Two Images in Photoshop

How to Add Textures in Photoshop

How to Change Color of a Shirt

Thank You Video

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Djamal8 October 2020

because its a lot of informations that I needed them and i understand his accent even I'm not native speaker

Md.5 October 2020

I know this guy's from his others courses. His courses are awesome i know. I hope this course will be great for me.

Alessia29 September 2020

Fantastico! Corso completo e spiegazioni chiare e concise. Spazia dalla teoria alla pratica, non si può chiedere di meglio!

Rifatul29 September 2020

Just finished the course and I will definitely say that it was amazing. I have learned a lot about photoshop and still there is a lot more things to learn, so I will watch again the tutorials for further help. Thanks!

Jason28 September 2020

Perfect. Phil Ebiner is awesome. I am still going through the After Effects course as well. I am up to the bonus material and want to expand my knowledge of the CC Suite before finishing the bonus material. I am really pleased with Phil's approach and plan to use him to learn the whole Adobe suite. He leaves some things for you to figure out and does not hold your hand and it forces you to also learn on your own. I have recommended Phil to others.

ROBERT26 February 2020

I am a very advanced user, so it's mostly just watching and some new feature review so far. But the instructor is engaging and doing well!

Juan22 February 2020

¡Excelente curso! Nunca antes había usado Photoshop y ahora lo estoy usando todo el tiempo. Las lecciones son sencillas y muy bien explicadas. ¡Gracias!

Simon16 February 2020

I really love these Video School Online courses. This is my fourth one. They are always clear, well explained, creative and really practical. I've dabbled with Photoshop before, but always pretty clumsily. This is really helping me to understand the power and subtlety of the tools available. Thanks.

Stephen5 February 2020

So far, yes. I am a total rank beginner to Photoshop and it is giving me a bit of a guide but reassuring me that I don't need to understand every tool & heading because it will be covered later.

Michael22 December 2019

I've been trying to learn PhotoShop on my own for a while. I was just getting to the point of giving up, but I finally started this course and it was immediately helpful!

Jagadeesh21 December 2019

For me I dont see scaling bar when I open my PS, you rae explaing about scaling bar. So if you suggest how to get it then we both will be in sync

Magda16 December 2019

I haven't used PS in a long time and thought it would be too basic, but I was happy to re-learn a lot of what I learned and more actually - especially since there are so many ways to do things in PS. Phil was organized, articulate, funny, and to the point when needed and yet detailed with other areas that needed that attention. He also adds updates which helps and little bonuses and tips!

Sarah13 December 2019

I have really enjoyed this course so far, as well as the Photography master class course Phil is a great instructor and I feel like I am learning a lot.

Nicole7 December 2019

I am very new and using a 2020 version. This course is slightly different. I also do not know how to make a new layer and the section I am on the instructor has them already created which is fine but I need to know how to make layers

Suresh1 December 2019

Yes, I am attempting to map all of the things you're showing us to my own Photoshop CC. So far, I've added Histogram and one or two others. For some reason, Essentials isn't show up in the upper right in my Photoshop. How do I get it back?


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