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Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course

This Adobe Photoshop Essentials course will teach you Photoshop Retouching as well as Photoshop for graphic design.

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11 hours


Nov 2020

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What you will learn

You will be able to start earning money from your Photoshop Skills.

You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV

You will have over 20 of your own projects to add to your portfolio.

You will create social media post images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest & Youtube.

You will be able to mask anything… including the dreaded hair!

Clearcut images.

Create amazing typography.

You will create popular visual styles.

You will create distorted images.

You will create graphics from scratch.

You will retouch photographs like a professional.

You will create a postcard.

Create posters.

Create advertising.

Resize Images.

Build a flyer.

Change the color or images.

Fix the colors in photographs

You will change eye & hair colors.

You will combine 2 photographs to create amazing compositions.

You will put a storm in a tea cup.

You will create text that looks like stone.

You will build a logo with type that wraps around it like a badge.

You will create text that wraps around a woman.

You will build a multipage banner advertising project.

You will create more background in an image from thin air.

You will remove people from images.

You will remove graffiti from a wall.

You will clear cut images of people, shoes & other products.

You will create realistic shadows

You will create text the wraps around colored smoke.

You will build duotone images like the Spotify effect

You will create images with an anaglyph effect

You'll turn your images into realistic oil paintings

You'll know how to add halftone effects to your images.

You will bend images to reveal background images.

You will distort a logo to bend around real life photographs and objects.

You retouch an overweight person to make the appear slim.

You'll build spray paint style graffiti using brushes.

You'll make a galaxy appear out of a mans head.

Create paper cut effects inside of a font.

Build text with 3D paint dripping from it.

You'll retouch a face to move pimples & freckles.

You'll remove dust & scratches from an old photograph.

Change yellow teeth to white teeth.

You'll build a fantasy image where you put an island, ocean & clouds inside a small bottle.




Hi there, my name is Dan Scott. I am an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) for Photoshop. 

Are you struggling to learn Photoshop on your own? This course will allow you to use Photoshop professionally. You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV & start getting paid for your Photoshop skills.

In this course I will teach you everything you need to know about getting started with Photoshop. You'll learn how to use Photoshop for use in Graphic Design & for Photoshop Retouching. You will create lots of your own projects that you can add to your own portfolio to help your employment.

  • David: "AMAZING course Dan! Thank you so much for sharing your skills with us!! Your teaching style is very professional and easy to understand. I feel comfortable with the skill set you've given me to handle small projects now. I've already purchased your Advanced Training Course in Photoshop and can't wait to dive in!! Thanks again!

This course is for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge of Photoshop, photography or design. We will start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step. 

You will learn the Photoshop 'secret sauce' whereby we will magically enhance our background and when necessary completely remove people from images.

There are exercise files available to download so that you can follow along with me in the videos. There are lots of assignments I will set so that you can practice the skills you have learned. 

  • Simon: "I just finished the Adobe Photoshop Essentials Training Course and I want to say I totally loved it! For me, a person who had zero experience in using Photoshop this course was very helpful to get into the graphic design area with a lot of interest and fun. This course is very good structured - from easy to hard topics. Also it has a lot of detailed explanations and really fun practical tasks. I've got all I needed for starting to work on my own first graphic design projects. And again, Daniel is just a great teacher! His teaching style is awesome and I am really glad I picked his courses for learning my new profession. With Daniel it's really fun and interesting journey."

If you have never opened Photoshop before or you have already opened Photoshop and are struggling with the basics, follow me and together we will learn how to make beautiful images using Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course
Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course
Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course
Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course


Getting Started


Before you start this Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial


How to use layers in Adobe Photoshop CC

Basic navigation & how to combine images in Photoshop

Color & Adjustment Layers

How to fix an image using levels in Photoshop CC

How to enhance colors in Photoshop using vibrance

How to change the color of something in Photoshop using Hue

How to change just one color in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to make an image black & white in Photoshop CC

How to add a gradient to an image & text in Photoshop


Creating a specific sized document Adobe Photoshop CC

How to draw star square circle shape in Photoshop CC

Stealing Colors & Adobe Color Themes


How to create text in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to warp text in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to get text to follow a line or circle in Photoshop

Layer Styles

How to add a line around the outside of type in Photoshop

How to a bevel or emboss to text in Photoshop CC

How to add a drop shadow to text in Photoshop CC

Presenting your Photoshop work for your portfolio

Project 1 - Creating your own postcard


How to crop an image in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to crop an image for a frame in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to straighten the horizon line using Photoshop CC

8.Selections & Masking

How to copy from one image to another in Photoshop CC

How to crop images inside of text

How to remove the background in Adobe Photoshop CC

Class Project - Quick Select Tool

How to put text behind a person in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to create a layer mask in Adobe Photoshop CC

Class project - Cut a person out & put them into another image in Photoshop

How to blend fade one image into another in Photoshop CC

How to weave text in and out of a Photoshop image

How to select hair in Adobe Photoshop CC

Class Project - Selecting hair

How to select things with straight edges in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to get text to interact with ink & plants in Photoshop CC

Class Project - Text & Image Interaction


How to add filters & effects in Adobe Photoshop

How to turn an image into a painting in Adobe Photoshop

Class Project – Oil Painting

How to create the Dotted Halftone Poster Effect in Photoshop

Class exercise - Halftone

How to fake realistic motion blur in Adobe Photoshop CC

The Lens Flare right of passage in Adobe Photoshop

Smart Objects

What is a smart object in Adobe Photoshop CC

Transform & Distort

How to bend a logo onto an image realistically in Photoshop

How to make a sky peeling like fabric revealing background in Photoshop

Class Project - Peeling Sky

How to shrink body parts in Adobe Photoshop CC using liquify

How to create dripping paint text effect in Photoshop CC

Class Project - Drippy Paint Text


How to remove people & text from a picture in Photoshop

Use Google Images to find your image before retouching

How to remove red eye from photographs in Photoshop

How to retouch skin in Adobe Photoshop CC

Class Project - Retouching

Enhancing eyes in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to fix teeth in Adobe Photoshop CC

Blending Modes

How to instantly remove the white background of a logo in Photoshop

Using blending modes as color accents in Photoshop

How to put images inside a bottle using Photoshop

Class Project - Boat in a bottle

Visual Styles

How to create the spotify Duotone effect in adobe Photoshop

Class Project - Duotones

How to create the 3D glasses Anaglyph effect in Adobe Photoshop

Class Project - Anaglyph Effect

How to create a vintage instagram Matte Photo in Photoshop

Class Project - Vintage Matte Photo

How to create the paper cut effect in Adobe Photoshop CC

Class Project - Paper Cut Effect


How to use an Artboard in Adobe Photoshop CC

Color modes & Resolution

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK in Adobe Photoshop CC

How do you change the resolution to 300dpi in Photoshop CC


Basic introduction to using a wacom tablet with Photoshop

How to create splatter paint effects in Adobe Photoshop CC

Class Project - Ink Splats

How to create dripping paint ink effect in Photoshop

Class Project - Dripping Paint Brush

How to create smoke with an image inside it using Photoshop CC

Class Project - Smoke effect


How to make a Long vector hard shadow in Photoshop

How to cast a realistic shadow on the ground in Photoshop

Bending or curved shadow under an image in Photoshop


How to export images from Photoshop for print web & social media

What next

BONUS: Software Updates 2019

BONUS: Software Updates 2020

What next after your Photoshop Essentials class


Ayush9 October 2020

I took some of the free youtube courses by Dan and that was the reason why I came here. I really love Dan's way of explaining things which makes explanation fun and throughout the course (basically during exercises) it never felt as if I am actually watching or taking some course, it was really fun and I loved that that. It was a great experience.

Monica9 October 2020

Yes, I love the way Dan teaches as I have completed the Illustrator course by him too. Excited about this one.

Juhlian8 October 2020

Yes! I had always been intimidated by the use of Photoshop but Dan makes it really easy for beginners :)

Kristi7 October 2020

Dan is the most amazing facilitator. I am completely new to the Adobe products and graphic design. I have now completed Dan's Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Essentials courses which are HIGHLY recommended. I cannot wait to continue learning with you, Dan. Thank you.

Wendy7 October 2020

So far I'm only a few lessons into this course but based on what I have seen so far it is excellent. Good templates are provided to work with and Dan explains everything really clearly and in a logical order. Right from step 1 it is really easy to follow along and work with. I'm really excited about the rest of this course and very glad I enrolled.

Gabriella27 February 2020

I love this class and the teacher, Daniel Walter, his a fantastic instructor. His directions and instructions are very clear, the lessons are practical, and getting the hang of it is easy. I took a Photoshop class in my undergrad at university and I have learned more here with Mr. Walter than in school. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn Photoshop and feels overwhelmed by the program. I plan to take the Advanced class by Mr. Daniel Walter when I'm done with this one. Great class!

Maria25 February 2020

Perfect course for beginners, highly recommend. Everything was clear and easy to follow and understand. Thanks Dan, you're a great instructor! Will definetely take other courses from you :)

Nicole25 February 2020

In linea con le mie aspettative, un corso che spazia dalla grafica all'editing fotografico. Ben strutturato nella successione degli argomenti, insegnante piacevole da ascoltare e bravo nello spiegare. Consigliato sia a chi apre photoshop per la prima volta che a chi già ci smanetta ma ancora non conosce la potenza dei suoi strumenti.

Oksana23 February 2020

Perfect course, very entertaining. If you want to get through all the features, and not fell asleep in the process, this is right course to do

Avishay22 February 2020

It was incredible journey! I was really and at photoshop, I knew nothing! Now I have strong grasp in the tools of photoshop and I'm ready to work! I might take the advanced course as well to sharpen my skills as well. Dan is great instructor! One of the best here. Thank you for everything and hopefully i'll see you in other courses ;)

Agnieszka21 February 2020

An amazing course! Everything was explained, a lot of useful practical information. All exercise files provided, so I could do the same exercises in my photoshop.

Ramona20 February 2020

Really liked this course, easy to follow. Learn many new things and improve my skills . Daniel is a great instructor and makes things easy to understand. Thank you Dan, can't wait to start the Advanced Training Course!

Maria19 February 2020

I am new to photoshop, and the course has been easy to understand and fun. The instructor explains clearly.

Nihal19 February 2020

I lovee taking lessons from Dan. He is awesome instructor and I am really having fun in lessons. Thank you Dan:D

Linh18 February 2020

Dan's instructions and explanations are so easy to follow. Such an awesome course. Instead of feeling so overwhelmed by shortcut keys and complex features of PTS, I feel empowered and encouraged throughout the course. Thanks so much, Dan! Can't wait to check out his Adobe Illustrator Essentials course too.


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