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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass

Your complete guide to editing beautiful photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Lightroom CC, both versions!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Edit photos the way you imagine, making them matter more!

Master the Lightroom workflow, just like a pro photographer

Improve photos, fixing any mistakes from your shoots

Understand the most important tools in Lightroom

Set up Lightroom to run efficiently

Make your photos look the same across all devices including mobile, desktop, tablets, etc.

Use Lightroom CC on desktop and mobile

Take raw images on your mobile and edit them on your desktop without cables or hard drives

Organize your photos so you never lose another image

Learn to store your images on the cloud

Backup your images so you never worry about losing pictures

Create a stunning portfolio site


Do you want your photos to look better… to look amazing?

Do you want to learn the world’s most powerful and efficient editing application, used by professional photographers?

If so, you’re in the right place - and we’re happy to have you here!

It's great to have you here. WE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and PHOTO EDITING!

Maybe you're an amateur photographer who has done a little bit of photo editing, or maybe you have quite a bit of photo editing experience. Either way, we've made this course to help you make images that matter.

Start editing photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (formerly Lightroom CC) and Adobe Lightroom CC today!

The only class you'll find that covers Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Lightroom CC on mobile - it's totally comprehensive and the only Lightroom class you'll ever need.

You've always wanted to learn how to easily edit your photos. Lightroom is the perfect tool for you. It's robust, yet intuitive. This course will teach you everything you to start photo editing today. 


  • MP3 downloads for all editing lessons to follow along or listen on the go

  • Practice photos to edit with us

  • Adjustment brush presets for specific-use projects

What makes us qualified to teach you?

We are Phil Ebiner and Jon Haase, and we've been using Adobe Lightroom for over a decade. We are professional portrait and wedding photographers. We run photo studios. And our photos have been featured in major publications.

Plus, the creators of some of the world's most popular photography courses - with over 150,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones:

My first LR course, well organized and easy to follow! - Ana Toli

I am an absolute beginner. This course gave me every tool I needed to edit my photos....5 Stars! - Jim King

I loved this course, I've used Lightroom for a little while now, but have always used presets to edit my photos. After viewing this course I can now edit my photos to exactly the way I like them. - Linda


We'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

We want to make this the best course on how use Adobe Lightroom. So if there is any way we can improve this course, just tell us and we'll make it happen.


Whether you are using Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, or Lightroom on mobile this course will teach you how to use the program to its fullest potential.

When you are done with this course, you’ll be able to edit your photos in Lightroom like a pro. You’ll be able to set up Lightroom so it will run its best saving you hours of frustration and you’ll have the confidence that you’re not going to lose your images.

You’ll also be able to professionally retouch images and you’ll spend less time doing it with pro Lightroom tips and tricks.  You’ll also be able to do pro camera calibration and custom white balance corrections, a remarkably powerful advanced one button correction.

We’ll do this by covering Lightroom setup and configuration, exposure adjustments, adding drama through clarity, mastering Lightroom presets, covering top Lightroom plugins, organizing images in Lightroom for Mobile, editing in Lightroom for Mobile, recovering details in shadows, how to edit a landscape photo, how to retouch a portrait, and much more.

Make your photos shine with this great course.

Each lesson is available for download, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • Navigating the Lightroom application

  • Importing and organizing photos - including face tagging and ranking

  • Using basic editing tools to fix photo problems like crop, white balance, and exposure

  • Editing with advanced techniques

  • Improving portraits and photos of people

  • Using Lightroom Mobile to edit on the go

  • Setting up Lightroom to run efficiently

  • Exporting photos and adding watermarks

  • and so much more!

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and we'll see you in lesson 1!


Phil & Jon


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass



Welcome and Download Your Practice Photos

Glad To Meet You

Join the Official Student Photography Group

You get both Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC in this course


Edit Your First Photo and Basic Lightroom Workflow

Lightroom Library & Organization

Lightroom - Understand the Program Layout

Import Photos into Lightroom

Create a Collection

Ranking Photos

Face Tagging Photos

Check For Learning

Get More Photography Resources & Tips

Edit Your Photos

Editing Your Images... Complete Section In 5 Minutes!

Crop & Rotate


Before and After "\"

How to find the photo for assignment one which is next

White balance with raw images

White Balance Adjustments

Uploading an entire folder of images to Adobe Lightroom cloud

Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation

Tone Curve

Great Work!

HSL Panel

Split Toning

Details Panel

Remove All Noise For Your Best Images

Lens correction updated lecture with raw file

Lens Correction

Lens Correction Assignment with Raw Image Solution

Update 2018 Oct release of calibration and process versions 1 through 5

Camera Calibration Update Note

Camera Calibration The way it use to be

How to make your colors look the same across all devices (including mobile)


Check For Learning

Tone Activity. Learn By Doing

Edit just Parts of Your Photos

Local Adjustment Brush

Radial Filter

Graduated Filters

Spot Removal

Lightroom Classic CC Update: Range Masks

Check for learning

Saving and Exporting Photos

Export Photos from Lightroom

Save Photos with a Watermark

Check For Learning

Lightroom Editing Sessions - Putting it all Together

Way To Go

Edit a Landscape Photo With the Moon, Sunset, and Trees

Edit a Dark and Bright Landscape of A Road To Balance Tone

Edit a Flash Photo With a Boy Sky and Beach

Edit a Group Flash Photo With a Golden Sky

Edit a Portrait With Natural Light To Get a More Cinematic Look

Create a Brand or Corporate Image By Matching a Websites Color With Lightroom

Create a Panorama

Removing Noise from a Dark Image

Let's Workup Your First Image

Lightroom CC

Welcome to Lightroom CC

What is Lightroom CC

Importing images in LIghtroom CC

Albums and images in Lightroom CC

Ratings and sorting in Lightroom CC

Editing in Lightroom CC

Editing part 2 in Lightroom CC

Cropping in Lightroom CC

Healing in Lightroom CC

Brush tool adjustments in Lightroom CC

Linear gradient adjustments in Lightroom CC

Radial Gradient adjustments in Lightroom CC

Lightroom on the Web

Editing Photos with Lightroom Mobile

Intro to Lightroom Mobile

Syncing Lightroom Mobile

Editing Your Photos using Lightroom Mobile

Using Lightroom Mobile for Organizing Photos

Check For Learning

Using Lightroom Presets

Darken Skies and Lighten Subjects With Selective Adjustments

What are Lightroom Presets? And How to Create a Preset

How to Download and Install Presets

Check for learning

Editing Portraits in Lightroom

Yeah! You're Almost There

Make Eyes and Teeth Whiter

Remove Red Eye in Lightroom

Softening Skin

Removing Pimples and Wrinkles

Learn How to Sort, Filter, View, Edit, Export, Store, and Share Images Fast!


Pro Lightroom Calibration and Organization

Calibrating Your Monitor for Perfect Color

Advanced Correction: Calibrating Your Camera and Creating Custom Color Profiles

Introducing Photo Editing Tablets

Pro Organizing: Introducing Catalogues

Lightroom Plugins

Google NIK

Advanced Techniques With Brushes

Advanced Brush Technique For Eye Enhancement

Adding Contours To Faces With Custom Brushes

Enhance Eyes With A Tone Ring

Enhance Eye Highlights

Whiten Eyes The Pro Way With This Great Trick

Custom Eyelashes and Eyebrows With Custom Lightroom Brushes

Custom Skin Smoothing Adjustments To Get Elegant Portraits

Making Blue Eyes Look Their Best

Batch Processing B&W With Heal and Clone Adjustments

Heal and Clone as You See How To Quickly Remove Distracting Objects

Batch Process To Black and White

Advanced assignments


Course Conclusion and Thank You


Christopher9 October 2020

So far, the course has covered stuff I know just from opening and playing around with Lightroom Classic CC. I hope to find more in depth explanations of the features as well as how to optimize workflow, photo storage, and editing processes.

Jenn2 October 2020

Well so fafr there is not anything having us actually do things. They talk real quick and i can barely see where his curser is to try and follow along. Some people are hands on learners, thats me im some people!

Koen30 September 2020

I'm understanding lightroom a lot in a way that makes me feel like I've been using it for years. Great course

Pablo22 September 2020

Pasan por encima tema importants que deberían dejar links para investigar como lo es la CALIDAD de exportación y tamién los PIXELES y el ESPACIO DE COLOR..... espero poder enontrarme con ese material mas adelante del curso. Hasta ahora , voy en la clase 86 y no hay absolutamente NADA que no phaya encontrado antes en youtube. Estoy muy decepcionado de esta compra

Jens22 September 2020

Thew before and after (backlash) short cut is impossible to locate on a mac keyboard??? Not your fault - but please tell me where it is

Joseph26 February 2020

I edit my photos on lightroom classic and I am excited about learning advanced techniques and have good photos.

Lauretta25 February 2020

It seems to be good so far. I am in a photo class at the community college and we use Lightroom but there isn't time for comprehensive lesson in LR. This course will augment the college lessons and help me understand the editing tools in greater depth.

Michael23 February 2020

I had used LR, but found this course to be very informative on additional features and shortcuts I had not encountered. Thank you. Good job.

Elizabeth20 February 2020

I love this course. I already have Lightroom classic cc but had to feel my way around and just experiment. I did my first wedding and I have about 650 pictures to edit if needed. My only problem so far with this one is, you fly from one button to the next too fast and I can't follow with my eyes or brain!

Kevin19 February 2020

This lesson is listen as an intro, but it still pretty fast paced! If you didn't already have a cursory knowledge of LR I can see you having trouble keeping up.

Eric19 February 2020

I found it very useful to pick up the basics (& more in depth aspects) of Lightroom so I can now use it more efficiently with my photos. Thank you.

Daniel17 February 2020

The only thing that bugged me is that he didn't tell me why he was changing the size of the file on export. If you're changing numbers, I want to know why. The resolution stayed the same but for some reason he thought that need changing. I hope he covers it in more detail later.

Louis14 February 2020

This course was just what I was looking for. I've gone through it quickly in one pass and now I will go back on a second pass and go slower to catch and take notes on all the details. Thanks!

Ian11 February 2020

the course was most enlightening, my only criticism was that I have no interest in Lightroom CC. I fully realise that Adobe may well go this way in the future and for that reason I will not discount the product entirely. I would have preferred not to go through those modules at this time

Dave10 February 2020

He moves the cursor around far too quickly to follow, it's like trying to follow house flies around a lightbulb. This results in not being able to see where he's clicking. I had to go back to see what was going on with the cursor every time he showed something new. His voice is monotonous and I'm not interested in his love of Switzerland or where he proposed to his wife, for goodness sake. It took me at least twice as long to watch this video as it should have done for the above reasons. This guy has already alienated me and we're in lesson one.


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