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Adobe Illustrator 2021 Ultimate Course

Everything you need to know about Adobe Illustrator 2021

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Adobe Illustrator 2021 Ultimate Course


4 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Setup Account & Download Adobe Creative Cloud 2021

Install Adobe Illustrator 2021

Welcome Page

Main Menu



01. Introduction

  001. Overview

02. Adobe Creative Cloud 2021

  002. Overview

  003. Setup Account

  004. Download Creative Cloud App

  005. Install Creative Cloud App

  006. Summary

03. Adobe Illustrator 2021 Setup

  007. Overview

  008. Install Adobe Illustrator 2021

  009. Summary

04. Welcome Page

  010. Overview

  011. Home

  012. Learn

  013. Cloud Documents

  014. Shared with You

  015. Deleted

  016. Create New

  017. Open

  018. What's New

  019. Summary

05. Main Menu

  020. Overview

  021. File

  022. Edit

  023. Object

  024. Type

  025. Select

  026. Effect

  027. View

  028. Window

  029. Help

  030. Summary

06. Tools

  031. Overview

  032. Customize Toolbar

  033. Create New File

  034. Selection Tool

  035. Direct Selection Tool

  036. Group Selection Tool

  037. Magic Wand Tool

  038. Lasso Tool

  039. Artboard Tool

  040. Pen Tool

  041. Curvature Tool

  042. Rectangle Tool

  043. Paintbrush Tool

  044. Type Tool

  045. Rotate Tool

  046. Eraser Tool

  047. Shape Builder Tool

  048. Gradient Tool

  049. Eyedropper

  050. Width Tool

  051. Zoom Tool

  052. Summary

07. Conclusion

  053. Summary Are you looking to Master Adobe Illustrator CC 2020?  This is where you need to Start if you want to Master Adobe Illustrator CC 2020!  Hi I'm Josh Werner with 16 Years of Experience using Adobe Illustrator I have a love for this Software like nothing else except if you talking about Adobe Photoshop then were tied.  I want to help you love and master Adobe Illustrator on a level of detail that hasn't been seen anywhere.  We will go through a deep dive into what makes Adobe Illustrator go by reviewing and covering the User Interface which includes the following:

  1. How to Setup and Account with Adobe Creative Cloud

  2. Download and Install Adobe Creative Cloud

  3. Install Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

  4. Welcome Page Overview

  5. Preferences

  6. Main Menu

  7. Tools

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Setup Account

Download Creative Cloud App

Install Creative Cloud App

Install Adobe Illustrator

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Edward28 April 2021

My 2nd time enrolling in his course. I learned so much in the first course and I'm sure that I'll learn so much here as well.

Rod21 November 2020

So the teacher is just reading what's in the screen without explanation as to what the menu or tool can be used for.

MaramShrijan0016 November 2020

It is good. Bu not detailed enough. There was no explanation on the preferences thingies. And when the tools aren't working he just pretends he saw nothing.

D.M.H.S.K.Nadungamuwa12 October 2020

This course is so much valuable. It teaches very clear and simple way. Its very easy to understand. Thank you

Prinsh7 October 2020

I hoped to learn a bit in depth of Illustrator but all I've been watching is minute long videos of him reading out the different interface menu names that my 5 year old brother could read to me.

Hasitha6 October 2020

It's better if the course is included some example with real art. it only contains an explanation of what are the tools on illustrator.

Natalia5 October 2020

No explica nada relevante del programa y cómo usarlo. Solamente nombra lo que ya puedo ver en la pantalla.

Aditya17 September 2020

seriously wtf is wrong with this guy, he does not know to use illustrator, like wth, I knew all the stuff that was covered in his videos even before, I have LITERALLY GAINED NOTHING FROM THIS COURSE. DON'T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS YOUTUBE WOULD BE BETTER.

Pete12 September 2020

This was a total waste of time. I learned perhaps one new thing in the two hours of screen time I spent on this course. Frankly, anyone could have taught this course, given that all that happened was a recital of all the tab names and options in the headers and toolbars. I am delighted that I didn't pay any money for this course and would NOT recommend it to anyone wanting to actually learn Illustrator.

Muhammad10 September 2020

I have learn a lot from there please come up with creativity course we need to learn about creativity

Md.26 August 2020

Videos are too short. Sometimes it ends before it starts. It often seems that he is talking about something he doesn't know. I think, he skipped too many things.

Ramzi20 August 2020

I'm already using photoshop CC Software, I'm an architecture student who use Adobe software to create posters, advertisements and others, this course isn't benefit at all, just mentioning the tools and trying some techniques without even explaining why! Adobe applications usually have a lot of concepts to explain, the using of tools and trials are the student job not the instructor's job, it's completely a fail course.. Thank you

Love17 August 2020

I really enjoy it tot but i have some expectation while giving example that can be given more effective real example .

Kristin17 August 2020

This course is 100% not ready to be seen by anyone. The instructor is excellent at reading what's on the screen... He says in the description that the course is good for beginner to advance, but I'd argue that it's only slightly good for an ultra beginner. The first 18-ish minutes get you as far as installing the software, which I don't think anyone needs a lot of help with. I thought maybe after that, it would get better... But, really he just reads down lists. At one point he read, from the screen, the names of all tutorials listsed on the Learn screen. I can do that myself. If he'd added anything, like which are better tutorials for certain tools or something, that might have added. But, just reading the titles to me?? And he goes into depth on unnecessary things while breezing past more complex items. When going through the menus, he does explain a few items somewhat in-depth. For example, he goes into several minutes of detail on the arrange options in Object, but with more complex things he simply reads it. "Create gradient mesh, we can create trim marks, flatten transparency...". I feel like many more users need someone to explain what trim marks are than need someone to go into depth about "Send to Back". Also, there are cases, like with the Width Tool, where he says "This is the width tool" clicks around the screen, nothing happens (like perhaps he doesn't understand that tool), and then says "So, that was the width tool", and moves on to the next item... What?? It's like he recorded it maybe with the intent to go back and beef it up but just decided to go ahead and throw it out here on Udemy. I don't like giving bad reviews, but as someone who's trying to learn Adobe Illustrator, the description of this course sounded great and I might have paid more for it based on that (it was free the day I got it, it's $12.99 the day I'm writing this, and it says $94.99 is the regular price). I don't want someone else to that really wants to learn the software to spend that kind of money on this. It's not worth it. Hopefully the instructor improves it in the future, but it is definitely not there yet.

Paing15 August 2020

Video Quality is not clear enough to see. I recommand to 1080. Course is a little boring. I first hoped for drawing interesting things. Now, it is not so much useful for my archaeology field.


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