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How to automate active directory labs for pentesting

How to automate active directory based demo labs for pentesting, hacking and training requirements

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Build a home lab for practicing Active Directory and hacking skills

How to automate active directory based demo labs for pentesting, hacking and training requirements?

Learn how to setup Hyper-V in Windows 10

Learn how to setup a domain controller

Learn how to set up Active Directory

How to join systems to a Domain

Learn how to setup DHCP server

Learn how to install PFsense router/firewall and how to configure firewall rules

How to secure host system from Virtual machines using PFSense

Basic networking concepts

Learn about Group Policy Objects

How to create local users using a GPO

How to creating security related group policies

Learn to use AutomatedLab Powershell tool to automate labs.


This course will show how to create windows based lab environments for hacking and training demos, learn active directory, software testing in various operating systems and many other use cases. We will use Windows 10 as the host operating system and install the lab using Hyper-V hypervisor. AutomatedLab which uses powershell will be used for setting up this lab. Lab will have Active Directory, Multiple VMs, Router, etc. We'll also install variety of software using Chocolatey framework.  Once the script is developed, the labs will be created without user intervention. it's  simple to destroy and relaunch the labs. As part of this course, you will learn how to:

* Install Hyper-V

* Install AutomatedLab tool

* Download ISOs

* Create simple VMs with Internet Access

* Create Complex Lab with Active Directory

* Perform various activities in the VMs

* Install Chocolatey and Sysmon


How to automate active directory labs for pentesting
How to automate active directory labs for pentesting
How to automate active directory labs for pentesting
How to automate active directory labs for pentesting


Introduction - Lab Setup

Welcome to my Course

Adding Hyper-V Role in Windows 10

Setting up Virtual Switches in Hyper-V

Installing Windows 2012 Server

Installing Windows 10–64 bit version

Installing Windows 7

File Server Installation – Windows 2012

Installing Router/Firewall using PFSense Opensource Software

Configuring PFSense Router for networking

Promoting Windows 2012 Server to a Domain Controller

Setting Up Static IP in Domain Controller

Add DHCP Role to Domain Controller

Creating a scope in DHCP server to hand out IPs to clients

Joining Windows 7 to Domain

Joining Windows 10 to Domain

Adding FileServer to Domain

Exporting, Saving, and creating Checkpoints for all VMs

Protect you host computer using PFSense

Group Policy Objects (GPO)

Example 1: Set Wallpaper on all systems in the domain.

Example 2: Add Domain Groups to Local Administrators Group

Example 3: Enforce Security Policies - Timeout and Event Logging




Edvin30 September 2020

Excellent course on setting up a home lab environment. Very well explained and documented. Amazing step by step instruction, from installing the OS's to connecting them to Domain Controllers.

Mansoor25 September 2020

It was really helpful in understanding the basic virtualized environment that one can go on to build from. Simple and straightforward instructions in the PDF.

Ken22 September 2020

This course has everything I expected. For me this was a review. I also use PFSense hardware and virtual setups. Looking forward to your other classes!

Chris8 August 2020

Active Directory and setting up the lab is a core element to the area in which I wish to learn. I very much appreciate this attention to detail and although there were some areas that went a bit fast for me I simply went back over them and all soon fell into place.

Ajinkya23 June 2020

Wonderful course, i just wanted this type of practice session course to get quick overview about microsoft active directory. I will suggest everyone to watch this course, every minute is valuable in it.

Muelelwa26 February 2020

This was an awesome tutorial for learning how to install the different types of windows. This benefit me alot since I was facing some challenges. Thank you once again

Roger23 February 2020

Followed instructions and all current virtualisation software (virtualbox) was no longer able to run and I had to re-install all my work from other courses I am currently doing.

Jeffrey17 January 2020

I really enjoyed your course.. A lot of it was a refresher, but it's nice to see how someone else goes about doing things. There are not a lot of good pfsense tutorials out there. I'd love to take a pfsense course if you happen to put one out.

Kaaviya13 January 2020

Good and exactly related to my work. The explanation of each topic is relevant and easy to understand.

Alec16 December 2019

The course doesn't cover "monitor using Elastic stack" as is mentioned in its description. It's extremely basic, slow paced, and overall a terrible course

Yoalem6 November 2019

This course is very informative as far as the course objective is concerned. The lecture is a bit fast. Instructor is very knowledgeable of his subject matter.

Eric15 October 2019

Great lecture. So now I can setup an Active Directory domain controller on my own. Although I didn't use Hyper-V virtualization platform throughout the course (I have a WIndows Server VM running on Oracle Cloud, using Hyper-V will mess up my networking thus unable to connect to the VM). But VMware Workstation does the job too.

Prenston2 October 2019

The instructor was very clear and provided very easy to follow steps. Great course and no out of pocket expenses. The lab can be used for many different practical exercises.

John30 September 2019

Well, I've just started, and so far I'm quite interested to continue to learn what comes next. So, I think its good content so far. The explanations are clear, and the demonstration can be replicated - that's good enough for me. I'll say I really did learn something - I'm halfway and still interested. Thanks Raj. Wow, I'm truly satisfied as a beginner. Learning the different group policies and even troubleshooting some errors - every aspect was truly helpful. Thank you so much Raj. This course is truly rewarding for a beginner.

Ajay29 September 2019

You Are Awesom teaching skill Raj ,really appriciate the way you present the course please do share more technicals stuffs in future ..you Rock more thumbs for you :-)


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