Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art for Beginners

Have fun creating amazing artwork with acrylic pouring/fluid art

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What you will learn

All the tools and knowledge needed to get started creating beautiful acrylic pours

How to create cells without needing to use silicone

Paint consistency and density including how important this is for acrylic pouring success!

Select colour, including how to avoid colours getting muddy

Troubleshooting common acrylic pouring issues


Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art for Beginners

Beginner Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art Course

If you would like to learn acrylic pouring/fluid art but feel hesitant tbecause you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have already started experimenting and have run into issues you can’t resolve, and you are tired of wasting paint as well as shifting through endless video’s on YouTube or Facebook groups trying to get answers to your questions.

If you would like answers to:

· How to create cells

· Why do some people recommend using silicone and others don’t?

· How you get cells without using silicone?

· Why are paint density and consistency so important?

· Why do I need to use a blow torch? And I do I use a blow torch or a heat gun?

· Why has my painting cracked?

· What is a pouring medium? And which one should I use?

· Which silicone is best to use?

Then this course is definitely for you! In this course students will learn:

· How to create cells without needing to use silicone

· Why it’s a good idea to sometimes use silicone, including which silicones to use

· What materials you will need to get started

· How acrylic pouring got started

· Different pouring techniques

· Understanding paint density and paint consistency and why this is important depending on the type of pouring technique you are doing

· Levelling your work

· Choosing paint

· Trouble shooting issues that arise, as well as sharing different tips and tricks I have learnt along the way

· Different pouring mediums to use including mixing your own pouring medium

· Understanding your paints, including picking colours

· How to avoid colours becoming muddy

· Ways to use your excess paint including disposing it in an environmentally friendly way

· Plus lots more!

You will learn the do’s and don’t’s of acrylic pouring/fluid art so you can walk away feeling confident, reassured that you aren’t going to waste time and money whilst you learn this new artform.

Purchase this course today, not only will you gain access to my private Facebook Group where you can jump in and ask questions if you get stuck! For those who complete this course you gain access to a complimentary 30 minute zoom call with me, so I can continue to help you on your pouring journey.

Watch the video above to see if this is the right course from you then be sure to ENROLL NOW to lock in this low rate. You'll never pay more, even when I add new practice sessions or info to the class!

This is a Beginner course for people who would like to learn acrylic pouring/fluid art, but they don’t know where to start, neither do they want a steep learning curve or to incur a lot of expense on the way, whilst they learn this new art medium.

Or they have already begun experimenting with acrylic pouring/fluid art but have run into issues and would like access to information and a teacher who can help them understand how to resolve these issues without having to spend hours online trying to find answers.

Disclaimer: As an Artist I show you how I work with the acrylic pouring technique. Your results and products used may be different. I am not affiliated with any manufacturers or suppliers mentioned in my video’s, and the products I use are my own personal preference.

Safety Note - When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products. If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product's manufacturer.

REGISTER NOW and get started creating beautiful artwork with acrylic pouring/fluid art today!


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How to Get the Most Out of This Course
About Your Instructor
Best Tips to Getting Started

Acrylic Pouring Fundamentals

How Acrylic Pouring Started
Acrylic Pouring Overview
Pouring Mediums Explained
Why Floetrol
Why Silicone
Pouring Ratios
Understanding Your Paints
Choosing Silicone
Choosing Paint

Getting Started

Equipment you will Need for Pouring
Setting up Your Work Table for Pouring
The Importance of Leveling Your Work
Levelling Table
Different levelling ideas if you don't have a levelling table
Getting Your Canvas Ready for Pouring
Preparing the Back of your Painting
Mixing Your Paints
Blow Torch or Heat Gun

Different Pouring Techiques to Try

Experimenting with Our Pours
Creating Cells without Using Silicone
Flip Cup Same Density for each colour
Flip Cup Varied Density for each colour
Flip Cup using Silicone (with the same paint density for each colour)
Flip Cup Elmers Glue All (Same density with silicone)
Comparing the Different Flip Cup Pour Results
Dirty Pour
Swipe Adaption
Traditional Swipe
Resining Your Work
Finishing the back of your painting
Varnishing Options
Signing Your Work
Why is my work cracking?
Why do I have pits in my pours?
What Next?


December 8, 2021
I am totally new to pouring so when I saw this course I was really excited! I love how the instructor goes into detail and gives reasons why or why not she does something. I am enjoying the pdf resources also.
October 24, 2021
Just finished this comprehensive course, and feel so much more educated - and inspired - to start creating art. Love the way it is broken down in to very manageable short learning sessions, which fitted in nicely with my timing. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge so expertly on this comprehensive and stimulating course.



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