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Acing Online Interviews on Zoom, Skype, and Video Calls

Project Confidence and Professionalism and Leave a Lasting Impression on the Hiring Manager

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

Improve your success rate with online interviews

Master the fundamentals of interviews (all formats)

Make a great impression during video calls

Get conferencing tech to work for you rather than against you


Phew, it’s just an online interview. That’s way easier than an in-person interview, right?


Contrary to popular belief, online interviews can be much more difficult than in-person interviews.

Sure, you COULD take an online interview in your living room in your PJs. But doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

The stakes for online interviews are just as high as in-person ones, and the virtual format comes with a host of unique challenges.

So don’t make the mistake of underestimating your next online interview.

This Explearning course draws from Greg and my combined experience navigating highly selective recruiting processes, on both sides of the table. We get deep into the head of the interviewer to understand what they are looking for in candidates.

It’s packed with original insights and powerful, actionable strategies to equip you for success.

You'll find this course valuable if you match any of the following criteria:

  1. You’re searching for a new job

  2. You expect to encounter online interviews during that process

  3. You want a higher success rate with your online interviews

  4. You want to make a great impression over video chat, or

  5. You’re familiar with web conferencing technology and want to make that tech work for you rather than against you

It's also important to note that, even if you plan to do your interviews in-person, you'll still find tons of value in this course, so don't let that be a barrier for you. The vast majority of the strategies in this course, like developing an elevator pitch, apply to all interview formats.

If you are deeply invested in supercharging your online interview skills, this is the course for you.


Acing Online Interviews on Zoom, Skype, and Video Calls
Acing Online Interviews on Zoom, Skype, and Video Calls
Acing Online Interviews on Zoom, Skype, and Video Calls
Acing Online Interviews on Zoom, Skype, and Video Calls



Why this Course is Different

Meet Your Instructors (Greg)

Meet Your Instructors (MD)

Who this Course is For

What to Expect

What Makes Online Interviews Different

Online Interviews are Harder Than You Realize

What Makes Online Interviews Unique

Relevance to In-Person Interviews

Come Prepared

Come Prepared

Do Your Research

Develop Your Angle

Don't Memorize

Open with Confidence

Open with Confidence

Tell Me About Yourself

How Did You Hear About Us

Why Are You Qualified

Convey Your Authentic Self

Convey Your Authentic Self




Establishing a Personal Connection

Why Personal Connections Matter

How to Establish a Personal Connection

Conclude Memorably

Conclude Memorably

Ask Good Questions

Create a Reason to Follow Up

Optimize Your Virtual Setup

Configure Your Virtual Setup

Optimize your Internet Connection

Get a Real Mic

Establish a Professional Setting

Fix Your Lighting

Look into the Lens

Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Go Get Em!


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