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Accounting-Debits & Credits-Practice Test Questions-Bookkeep

Accounting Essentials - Accounting terms Bookkeeping & recording transactions using the accounting equation

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Jul 2018

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What you will learn

Define accounting

List accounting objectives

List and describe financial statements

Explain the relationship between financial statements

Describe the double entry accounting system

Name and explain the accounting equation

Record financial transactions using the accounting equation

Record financial transactions using debits and credits

Post general journal entries to the general ledger


This course will provide only practice questions, so learners can practice test taking. Our course entitled “Financial Accounting – Debit & Credits-Accounting Transactions” will also include practice problems, presentations, and discussion questions.

Accounting core concepts will be covered, foundational accounting skills needed for all levels of accounting including the accounting terms, the double entry accounting system, and recording transactions using both the accounting equation and debits and credits. These accounting skill are fundamental bookkeeping skills.

These are the accounting fundamentals which most accounting courses spend far too little time on. The better we understand these accounting foundation topics, the better we will do in all accounting concepts.

Like practicing catch or going over those musical scales, practicing the accounting fundamentals is time well spent for beginners as well as experienced accountants. We are never too smart to practice the accounting fundamentals. This course will thoroughly cover the fundamentals and will provide a foundation for learning concepts that limit the likelihood of learning rules that do not always apply.


Accounting-Debits & Credits-Practice Test Questions-Bookkeep
Accounting-Debits & Credits-Practice Test Questions-Bookkeep
Accounting-Debits & Credits-Practice Test Questions-Bookkeep
Accounting-Debits & Credits-Practice Test Questions-Bookkeep




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Daniel20 August 2020

The person was bitten succint and knowledgeable providing answers to questions in an ordered and structured way

Lang13 January 2020

Could not stand the instructor's voice. The monotone and the way he emphasized almost every word he said was just way too distracting to listen to. I started to drift off within 5 minutes of the lecture.

Bobbie24 July 2018

I have found all of Robert Steele's courses amazing. He really knows accounting and his courses are easy to understand. Thank you.


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