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Improve Your Job Prospects And Accelerate Your Career Growth

Learn how to get the job you want and build your career using practical skills and techniques to help you succeed.

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Interview techniques that earn trust, build credibility and get you the job you want

LinkedIn for professional networking and Novoresume for CV creation

Time management, goal setting and getting more done in your 24 hours

How to get ahead and build long term success in the workplace

Write a CV that stands out and positions you better than the rest

Personal branding for work and the use of LinkedIn for professional networking

Communication skills at work, managing conflict and navigating the workplace

Career progression and how to get the next promotion


"This course was very effective, I understood everything that was being taught" - Tshepiso

“I do not have much experience hence why I am taking this course to improve my career and get the correct start.” - Promise

"very informative especially for someone who is new in the workplace” – Katlo

In this course, you will learn how to position yourself for formal employment and how to grow your career. The course includes handy worksheets for each lesson as well as demonstrations of the Novoresume CV tool and LinkedIn. Whether you are newly qualified, unemployed, moving jobs or returning to work after a break, this course will teach you the techniques you will need. I'll also explain to you how I had to deal with the equivalent of $55,000 of student debt in today's money and how I got a big break through sheer resilience. You can have the same breakthrough in your working life, get into the company you want and have the career start that gives you the greatest advantage. I’ve seen thousands of CVs in my career and I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. There are definitely some things you can do that will help you to stand out. The global coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has affected many economies around the world and it has become even tougher to get formal employment; you will need to ensure you have every skill you need to give you the greatest advantage.

The topics that you will learn about in this course include;

  • Time management, writing a CV, interview techniques

  • The importance of taking action to establish credibility as a hard worker

  • How value is created in the workplace and your role in delivering value

  • Managing your internet footprint and what boundaries to put in place

  • The Novoresume CV tool and how Peter has used it to create a short, high impact CV

  • Getting organised to maximise the power of 10 minutes

  • Cover letters and how they establish context for your job application

  • Do's and Don'ts of online interviews and how to prepare for an interview

  • The importance of self-confidence and what you can do to improve yours

  • The use of LinkedIn including a walkthrough of Peter's LinkedIn profile

  • The modern workplace and how you can adapt to any environment

  • Finding a mentor and getting the support you need

  • Career progression and building a professional brand

  • How to work as a team player first, then to stand out as an individual

  • Goal setting and getting things done with a powerful action list technique

  • How to manage conflict and improve your workplace interaction

  • The importance of transparent and credible communication

  • How to build a professional network that supports your career growth

  • How networks function and how to assess the value of a possible connection

This course will help you improve your skills in the workplace as well as the job market. Take responsibility for your career today and improve your prospects by working through these lessons, downloading the handy worksheets and applying what you have learnt to build your profile and maximise your future success.


Improve Your Job Prospects And Accelerate Your Career Growth
Improve Your Job Prospects And Accelerate Your Career Growth
Improve Your Job Prospects And Accelerate Your Career Growth
Improve Your Job Prospects And Accelerate Your Career Growth




Make A Professional Entrance To The World Of Work

Enhance Your Positioning And Presence: CVs and Job Application Etiquette

Walk Through The Novoresume Tool With Peter's CV

Give Your Best Interview Ever: Be The Stand Out Candidate In Person Or Online

Start Your Career: Choose Your Employer, Find A Mentor And Make A Contribution

Boost Your Career With Practical Tips And Techniques

Branding And Big Breaks For Career Progression

Become A Master Of Time Management And Get Things Done

Communicate Authentically And Manage Conflict Confidently

Understand Professional Networks And How To Build Yours

Walk Through Peter Alkema's LinkedIn Profile


Mathebula2 October 2020

I HAD NO CLUE ON HOW TO WRITE OR STRUCTURE MY CV. I have learned write my CV in a attractive way and that Novoresume makes it easy to do so

Tumelo1 October 2020

This was definitely worth the watch. I picked up a lot of pointers for upgrading my CV, going to apply these. Thank you.

Tshaimo30 September 2020

It was a good match very informative especially the linked in as I did not take it seriously but I now know the significance of the platform on a professional level

Malesela22 August 2020

The content is amazing . Best course when looking to be the best in the work industry. It educates you about the importance of being a professional everywhere not only in the workplace. Social media is an important tool. Use it wisely.

Salminah22 August 2020

The course helped a lot. Now i a have a picture of how a CV should like and that is needs to to be updated timely. I also benefited from the interview tips

Elmor7 August 2020

Excellent course. I found the section on building a network of particular interest. The demos are also very useful. A must do course for any newcomers to the workplace.

Amantle3 August 2020

It was straight to the point and the sections are cut into nice short segments which made it easier to go through. The additional resources are also simple and straight to the point. I feel like now I know how I want to structure my CV, how to improve my LinkedIn profile, job searching etc.

Ifeoma31 July 2020

This is very insightful. Just heard about Novoresume the first time and I am going to use it. Thank you Peter.

Amy31 July 2020

Great advice, has definitely changed my perspective on job searching and ways to act in the work environment.

Lebogang31 July 2020

This is what I have been longing for ,though I wish I could have had it sooner ,thank you for this course

Thamsanqa30 July 2020

I'm glad I took this course. Now I have more clarification as to what it required of me by my future employers and what I need to master in order to make it in the corporate world.

Nombuso18 July 2020

it was a good course with some good tips as a learner who is trying to build up my reputation and building my brand.

Tosin18 July 2020

Awesome, informative and challenging. I am so glad my institution informed me about this inestimable opportunity.

Prisca17 July 2020

YES ...I've been struggling with making my cv now I can see that I was adding unnecessary information. I will use novoresume from now on

Tshepiso17 July 2020

This course was very effective, I understood everything that was being taught. I really enjoyed every session and now I feel confident enough to apply all the knowledge that I got at my workplace.


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