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Double Your Academic Writing Quality: Tips to get finished

Learn principles and practices to write with meaning and clarity to successfully complete your writing project on time

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

How to write with meaning and clarity using powerful academic writing principles and practices

The relationship between writing and thinking and why its important to develop this as an academic writer

When to write (starting too early or too late) and how you can improve your success by writing early and often

The importance of writing with a golden thread so that you signpost your reader throughout your work

Main principles of drafting a research report that will help you complete your writing projects

Different types of abstract patterns and how you should approach writing an abstract

How to compare levels of complexity in sections of writing so that you can be your own best editor

Learn the concept of abstract subjects so that you can avoid using that and write clearer sentences

The effect of nominalising actions and why that clutters your sentences with unnecessary words

Practical sentence construction principles such as “old before new” and “complexity last”


"wow, this is an amazing course, well planned and thought provoking" - Sakyiwaa

"Practical course with simple implementable ideas. Highly recommend" - Trevor

"Excellent" - Adebare, "Very good" - Bashar, "eye opener" - Divine

In this course I will present a range of principles and practices to help you write better. The course content is applicable across all fields, faculties and types of writing projects. We look at the relationship between thinking and writing, when to start writing, the golden thread and useful principles such as how to think like a reader. Some of the practices will help you with better sentence construction. These include: old before new, concrete subjects, complexity last and ways to ensure that your writing deals directly with what you are trying to convey. This will help your reader and ensure your writing flows.

The material was developed over 5 years of running workshops for students at Wits University in Johannesburg. Some feedback from students of those workshops:

  • “These workshops should be compulsory”

  • ”Well-planned and informative workshop”

  • “The session has been an eye-opener and the lecturer has emphasized a lot on simplicity and owning the story”

  • ”Improve my sentence construction”

  • ”Helpful tips and tricks - actual practical examples”

  • ”Clear understanding and articulation of academic writing style”

Clear and meaningful academic writing is something I care deeply about, and I would love some feedback about this course so I can continue to make improvements and help other writers just like you. Feel free to work through the material at your own pace and aim to put your learnings into practice as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing about your success as a writer.


Double Your Academic Writing Quality: Tips to get finished
Double Your Academic Writing Quality: Tips to get finished
Double Your Academic Writing Quality: Tips to get finished
Double Your Academic Writing Quality: Tips to get finished





The relationship between writing and thinking

When to write (starting too early or too late)

Golden thread

Main principles of drafting a research report

Abstract patterns


Compare levels of complexity in sections of writing

The concept of abstract subjects

The effect of nominalising actions

"Old before new” and “complexity last”


Deshnee8 October 2020

I wish I had this course last year when I wrote my English papers and assignments. This has however assisted me now in emails and getting my point across better within my environment. The videos were interesting and captivated through the course. Very clear and precise.

Mathebula2 October 2020

What I have learn is to always know that writing is a form of communication which is not face-face, therefore I have to be clear or simple by all means. Also, I have learned how to use words in a suitable manner.

Magdeline30 September 2020

This course was helpful, because the degree that I'm studying in most cases we do research therefore this helped me to understand how to structure my argument or points

Sakhile29 September 2020

I have just been admitted to the Doctoral program to start in 2021, therefore I am looking for tips on how to go about this endeavor.

Patrick29 September 2020

I found the course very insightful especially with the golden thread. I have learned to as much as possible search for synonyms of common words to avoid too much repetition.

Frans12 August 2020

I recommend the course. It will help you plan your PhD journey and manage your time very well right from the start.

Akulina7 August 2020

This is a perfect match as I needed someone to tell me that I own the degree and that I must do everything possible to complete it.

Tulongeni1 August 2020

This is exactly the jump-start I needed. Very clear and concise. It is a must do course for every postgraduate!

Junior25 July 2020

This course was such a perfect match for my needs. Simple and practical, but yet contains so many useful techniques that i can see myself using as i embark on my PhD research journey. Thanks Peter

Melanie2 July 2020

I felt that there were some good concepts, but unfortunately, they were not discussed nearly enough or with enough depth to truly understand them and use them for my own work.

Sindi2 July 2020

It is a very good course. The length of the videos are good. It helped me understand some of the problems with my writing that my supervisor kept pointing out, but not in this manner.

Gamuchirai2 July 2020

It is a kind reminder to go back to what I've written in previous chapters and ensure that the golden thread is effective. I also enjoyed Section 3: normalisation actions as well as old before new.

Astonishment1 July 2020

I am so excited about this course. It is so relevant. I am glad it found me at the beginning of my writing. This will certainly carry me along. I hope I will be able to access this material throughout my writing journey.

Peter1 July 2020

The golden thread principle is amazing. This course is a must do for all people who.may pursue and academic writing. Thank you Peter , this makes research so much easier.

Brigitta1 July 2020

While the concepts where interesting, and could have been useful. I struggled to make a connection between, my own writing and the tops discussed. More Example or exercise might be more useful, and break up the constant talking.


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