Academic Writing Essentials: University Writing Crash Course

Learn the strategies, tools, and secrets to write successfully at the university level

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Academic Writing Essentials: University Writing Crash Course


4 hours


Nov 2014

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What you will learn

Write with clarity and precision

Develop and support your own ideas persuasively

Build your own unique style, voice, and flow

Organize your ideas logically and with clear transitions

Find and incorporate sources effectively

Master the basics of sentence structure, formatting, and punctuation

Understand how to approach various common writing assignments


Join your personal writing coach today as you learn the tools and strategies necessary to begin writing successfully at the college level.

Learn How to Approach and Excel at Any Academic Writing Assignment

·Understand academic writing expectations

·Develop clear thesis statements

·Outline and organize effectively

·Structure strategically

·Master the mechanics (grammar, punctuation, etc.)

·Find and use sources powerfully

·Write exceptionally well!

Work with Your One-on-One Writing Coach

My goal with this course goes far beyond providing you with a series of useful lectures. My goal is to interact with you as your personal writing coach to help you consistently write successfully at the college level. In other words, with this course you will benefit both from the content and from unlimited access to an expert in college writing, who has taught academic writing to all levels of high school and university throughout the world.

·Participate in an active writing forum community

·Benefit from unlimited reviews of your preliminary writing (i.e. thesis statements, outlines, research topics, etc.)

·Interact through a 60 minute, one-on-one office hour

·Receive a detailed review of one larger writing project (i.e. a term paper, application essay, exam, etc.)

Content and Overview

By working through the 45 lectures of this course alongside my personal commitment to your development as a writer, you will gain the skills and confidence you need to write well in any field and at any college level. Whether you're in your first year or fourth, an international student, returning to college after years away, or preparing to enter your university experience soon, discover the strategies, tools, and secrets necessary to become an exceptional academic writer.

Beginning with a series of lectures on the writing process, this course will walk you through the fundamentals of brainstorming, outlining, developing, and presenting your ideas persuasively. You will learn how to develop strong thesis statements, construct supporting paragraphs, and engage your audience through effective introductions and conclusions. You will understand how to approach the most common academic writing assignments and learn how to write resumes, cover letters, and graduate school admissions essays. Most importantly, you will have access to unlimited personal and professional feedback to your questions, concerns, anxieties, and writing.

Completing this course will provide you with the essential tools and coaching to ensure you ace your next college essay.


The Writing Process

Introduction to Academic Writing 101





The Writing Process

Organizing Your Ideas


Thesis Statements





Organizing Your Ideas

Developing Your Writing Style

Parallel Structure

Sentence Structure

Avoiding Shifts

Active and Passive Voice


Diction/Vocabulary Building

Using Quotations and Avoiding Plagiarism

Developing Your Writing Style

Punctuation Crash Course

Commas and Comma Splices


Colon, Semicolon, Hyphen, and Dash

Quotations and Citations



Common College Writing Assignments

Opinion Editorial

Rhetorical Analysis

Literary/Textual Analysis

Research Paper

Timed Essays

Personal Essays

Common College Essay Types

Pre-Professional Writing


Graduate School Admissions Essays

Cover Letters and Follow-Up Letters


Conclusion - Offer for Future Writing Assistance


Nancy9 October 2020

Half way through the course and I have already learned a great deal. Worth the investment of time and money.

Elizabeth17 September 2020

Mike spoke clearly and presented his students with practical solutions, my academic writing grades have significantly improved since completing this course.

Geovana30 July 2020

Even as a foreigner that only learned English as a second language, this was an easy and nice course. I enjoyed all the lessons and took many notes about important things discussed during this course. I am sure all this knowledge I have now will be useful in the future!

Thadoi5 May 2020

i wish i knew this service much early but it is better late than never to know its existence. i'm glad i found it.

Saisree30 April 2020

It was really a great opportunity to improvise our existing skills. It made me fall in love with the art of writing. Thank you!

Peter5 February 2020

The course teacher is clearly an expert in this area. The content is very succinct and well informed. I already do some of the things mentioned but didn't know how to evolve them into a process that can be used to build successful writing habits. Looking forward to the remainder of the course.

Warren28 January 2020

I took this course to refresh my writing understanding, to get motivated to write some more and to have a resource I can pass on to others.

Adela24 January 2020

A mi me cuesta mucho comenzar un escrito, pero ahora entiendo que es un proceso y ya se como comenzar.

Ruan23 January 2020

This course exceeded my expectations with regards to the amount of useful information contained in it. Any person seeking an improvement in their writing would benefit from this course. Professional, concise and helpful.

Jonathan28 August 2019

I honestly like this course. I originally taken it to help me improve my writing skills and have been giving so many helpful tips. The teacher is really good, I like his teaching style, and I suggest that people take this course in order to improve their skills and to help them reach the college level of writing

Juma22 August 2019

The course highlights basics of academic writings. I wish it could provide the link to further readings

Ben12 August 2019

This is nice and clear. It has just the right amount of detail and even though it is principally a series of lists on powerpoint both they and the commentary are very useful.

Gervonne10 July 2019

This course improved my writing style inwhich proved difficult initially. There were essential concepts and frameworks that I glossed over previously in college, they were highlighted here again. I enjoyed this course overall.

Isadora17 May 2019

The course has been just what I needed to prepare myself for academic texts at college. I am so pleased to have this opportunity! The teacher could not be clearer with his words.

Heba9 May 2019

I want to became a better academic writer as it is my field of career and I want to pass TOEFL writing section


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