No Ads, Free Affiliate Marketing: Use SEO, Content Marketing

Updated for 2021: Free affiliate marketing with SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing promoting BlueHost affiliate

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Blue Host
Fast, easy, and secure WordPress hosting in minutes + 1 free domain name

What you will learn

Fully updated for 2021

Promote affiliate products with content marketing

Walkthrough of a popular and profitable affiliate program

All free strategies

Long-term, sustainable, white-hat strategies

Recently added: additional good, hand-picked affiliate programs you can promote


Entirely updated for 2021!

Hands-on walkthrough of steps to become a successful affiliate promoting the popular BlueHost affiliate product using SEO and content marketing - all free strategies - no need to pay for ads.

What you will get in this course:

  • A popular, proven, high-quality affiliate product to sell

  • Step by step walkthrough of how to set up every part of the process including the landing page

  • A realistic and viable way to get high quality and relevant traffic to your website and your affiliate landing page using content marketing

  • How to make that traffic convert

This course is based entirely on my own process of promoting this affiliate product with success, and I essentially walk you through every part of my own process.


Go ahead, sign up now and try this easy-to-follow, hands-on course for yourself. This is one of the most common and proven affiliate products, and I am sure you will have success with it as well.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


This course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. It is also my personal promise to you that you will get great value from the course and succeed. 

Invest in your future! Enroll today!


No Ads, Free Affiliate Marketing: Use SEO, Content Marketing
No Ads, Free Affiliate Marketing: Use SEO, Content Marketing
No Ads, Free Affiliate Marketing: Use SEO, Content Marketing
No Ads, Free Affiliate Marketing: Use SEO, Content Marketing


Course introduction

WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Course introduction

Subtitles, video quality, your certificate, tips on watching & common course Q&A

Registering with BlueHost

What's BlueHost and why BlueHost

How to get and place your affiliate link

Generating the affiliate sales and promotion

Driving traffic with long-tail SEO traffic and content marketing to make sales

Showing traffic analytics for the keywords in our example

Setting up your site

Section introduction on how to set up your affiliate website

How to choose a good domain name, and even get it for free

What technology to use to create your website and should you do it yourself?

SEO For Google

Introduction to SEO

Troubleshooting common issue: Watch this BEFORE (next video) Google Keyword Tool

Introduction to keyword research & starting to do keyword research

How to find many long tail keywords

On-page SEO for your affiliate website

On-page SEO introduction

How to set up the Yoast plugin for SEO

Setting the title and description meta tags for your on-page SEO

Interlinking your site's pages for an SEO boost

Cornerstone SEO pages that get shared more and rank better

How long should a page be for SEO

SEO for YouTube

YouTube marketing section introduction

Professional approach to YouTube

YouTube SEO overview

YouTube On-Page SEO

Introducing the YouTube recommendation algorithm

Strategy for getting views from the YouTube recommendation algorithm

Overview of my YouTube channel to give you ideas for how you can grow on YouTube

What to do when you first begin your YouTube channel

Affiliate marketing fundamentals and definitions

Affiliate fundamentals section introduction

4 types of affiliate offer structures to be aware of

What are affiliate cookies

Back-end commissions and understanding your true per-sale earnings

Average order value

Backend affiliate commissions - how to generate more revenue with these

Getting a bigger referral commission from BlueHost

How to re-negotiate a bigger affiliate commission from BlueHost

List of additional affiliate sites & programs you can join

Introducing the section on affiliate offers and aggregator sites

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly CommissionJunction cj.com) overview

Clickbank overview

Shareasale overview

JvZoo overview

ClickMagick affiliate program you can enter now and begin promotion

Cloudways managed hosting affiliate program

If you can't get into other affiliate programs without a website

Cryptocurrency affiliate program anyone can join

Supplemental app resources to aid you in your business

Supplemental app resources to aid you in your business


We are nearing the end of the course

If you find yourself learning and planning, but not starting

Workin on your business vs, in your business

Bonus lecture: Next steps


V25 March 2020

The concept was clear about different types of Affiliate marketing, and how it can be done, if one full cycle regarding the complete steps from starting to end on how to do Affiliate marketing then it would be better to understand and start the Affiliate marketing.

David13 October 2019

I have invested in courses from the same author before. They just get better and better. Alex is a great teacher, not only because he shares fantastic advice. He also practices what he teaches. Everything that you hear about in his courses, is from personal experience. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Stoyan10 October 2019

Many people dream about earning income from affiliate marketing without spending money on ads. Unfortunately, there is so much information out there that it gets confusing. This course is to the point and gives you do exactly what you need.

Alexander10 October 2019

Wonderful course! Really taught me something that can benefit me in the future. I highly recommend others to take this course.

Lilia8 October 2019

This source is very valuable, full of much needed information, exercises and examples. Author is sharing his own struggles and constructive way to success. I am looking forward to learn more.

Kristie7 October 2019

Another great course from this instructor. Inside is everything you need to know to grow your business with marketing. Highly recommended.

Peter29 January 2018

This is very instructive. I feel I know a lot more about it now and will certainly implement it. A+++

Ken25 January 2018

I'm not happy with the course. I had high hopes for this course to use to start a business. What a let down. Other courses I've purchased on Udemy have been so much better. To start with.... the course was to short.... each lesson was short and seemingly incomplete. It's like Mr. Genadinik just threw everything together as quick as possible and left out many details. After watching the entire course I'm wondering where to start. I was disappointed with the SEO stuff. Sorry... but it was incomplete... need more details... same with keywords. I've purchased other courses and found them wonderful.... to bad about this one. I will never buy another course from Mr. Genadinik. Don't waste your money either!! I'm rying to figure out how to ask for a refund? Can anyone help?? Ken Schmidt

Beata14 September 2016

Very to the point explaining the complete strategy perfectly. I like how it intelligently avoids all the traditionally difficult parts of affiliate marketing.

Steve13 September 2016

It was a good course, outlining the techniques involved. I wish it had gone into greater detail, particularly about implementing the long tail keyword strategy, showing several pages using this strategy, and the results (google analytics and revenue.)

Trish29 August 2016

This course is precise and on subject without a lot of filler you often see with online courses. Implementing the strategies will certainly help you be successful in your affiliate marketing endeavors.


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