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A to Z Forex and Crypto Trading Course

Learn To Trade By Using Technical Analysis, Game Plan and Risk Management. + Trade Without Emotions

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

The Logic of Forex and Crypto Trading

The Logic of Long and Short Positions

Guideline to Choose Your Trading Profile and Risk Appetite

Differences Between Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Support and Resistance Lines

Fake Breaks

Indicators (RSI, Stochastic, Momentum, MA, Fibonacci)

7 Most Common Formations

Game Plan - How To Control Your Emotions

Determining The Exact Entry, Stop and Take Profit Points

What is Trailing Stop Loss and How to Use It

How to Plan Your Trading Strategy

Unique Working Strategy in Trading (With Proof)

Risk Management in Trading (Using The Right Leverage and Lot Size)

How to Find Exact Lot Sizes of Your Positions

Candlestick Formations

How to Use MetaTrader 4


There is a misperception in the financial markets that "Technical analysis is what you need to make profit from trading". Have you ever wondered why 90% of traders lose money in Forex market? Because most of the people ignore the other aspects of trading. So, how do professionals make sustainable profits in Wall Street or treasury departments of the banks? The recipe is hard to find but when you have it, its easy to apply.

You may ask how do we know the recipe. We are two friends graduated from the departments of 'Banking and Finance' and 'Industrial Engineering'. Since the first year of our educations (10 years before) we have been trading. However, the real impact has revealed after the graduation. We started to work in a treasury department of a private bank in Cyprus. Thanks to our infinite passion, we took classes from the best traders in Turkey and become official traders who manage million dollars porfolio of the bank.

During this journey, we have reached the 'real recipe'. After working three years as official traders, we decided to use this recipe for ourselves and  quit the bank to become full time traders. To put it in a nutshell, the recipe consists of four skills:

  • Technical Analysis

  • Game Plan (Profitable Strategy)

  • Risk Management

  • Self-control

If you are a beginner, you are lucky, because you dont need to unlearn. We are going to cover everything you need with the most simplest way.

If you know something but cant reach the results you want, you will understand where to focus.

You can use these techniques on Forex, Crypto or Stock markets. After all

  • You can put a side income next to your paycheck

  • You can become a full time trader like us (This requires time and experience)

So lets start today! There is no need to lose time!


A to Z Forex and Crypto Trading Course
A to Z Forex and Crypto Trading Course
A to Z Forex and Crypto Trading Course
A to Z Forex and Crypto Trading Course


Getting Started


Basics of Trading

What is Forex Trading

Long and Short Positions

Benefits of Trading

Create Your Profile

Create Your Profile

Fundamentals of Trading

Fundamentals of Trading

Types of Analysis

Types of Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Adjusting Graphs

Adjusting Graphs - Demonstration

Advantages of Swing Trading

Trend Types (Uptrend, downtrend, sideway trend)

Trend Types - Demonstration


Support & Resistance Lines

Support & Resistance - Demonstration

What Happens When Trendlines are Broken

Fake Breaks

Where to Open Positions

Support & Resistance Role Reversals

Real Examples



Before We Start

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

RSI - Examples


Stochastic - Real Examples


All Indicators Examples

Indicators Assignment


Divergence Examples

Moving Averages

Moving Averages - Real Examples

Moving Averages Assignment

Fibonacci Retracements Logic

How to Use Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Retracements Assignment



Formations Assignment

Candlestick Formations

Game Plan

What is Game Plan

How to Control Your Emotions

ATR (Average True Range)

Determining The Entry Point

Determining Stop Loss Level

Determining Take Profit Level


Trailing Stop Loss

Trailing Stop Loss Examples

Be Prepared For The Scenarios

Our Special Strategy

Game Plan's Magic

Magic of The Simplest Strategy

Game Plan Real Example

Game Plan Assignment

Risk Management

Risk Management in Trading


Lot Size Definition & Management

How to Arrange Exact Lot Size


Thank You

End of The Course

Thank You


Nildem21 June 2021

It was amazing course. I learned a lot. They explain it very simply and they encouraged me to get in directly. Thank you guys

Onur19 June 2021

This course is very comprehensive. I was a complete beginner at the beginning. After watching this course ı learned a lot about trendlines, indicators, creating strategy and risk management. looking forward to execute my first trade in real life with all these information.

Cryptotecture19 June 2021

This forex trading class has opened my mind for better understanding of the trading principles. Ibozi's teaching style was exceptional. Highly recommend this class even for someone with no experience.

Sonja19 June 2021

Instructors are know what they are doing. This course gave me another perspective for trading. Other courses only focus on technical analysis, this course also focus on creating strategy and psychological part of trading. So, I recommend you to take this course.

Isıl19 June 2021

Very informative content. Detailed info provided about technical analysis and game plan. I wasnt know that game plan (strategy) is not that important before that course. So thank you for all the information.

Erdem18 June 2021

I really liked the course. They covered everything necessery to be able to perform technical analysis. Especially game plan and risk management parts are really helpful. Feel myself confident enough to start trading. Thank you.

Arda18 June 2021

I had no experience in trading and signed up to this course to enter the crypto market. I'm really satisfied with the course content. It helped me to structure my trading strategy and benefit from market behaviours. Thanks to the trainers.

Monika18 June 2021

I have just started the course, but I love it so far. It is easy to follow, and everything is clearly explained. Good quality course

Mustafa18 June 2021

I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done in this course. It’s been a great journey from where I’ve started to where I am today..

Joe18 June 2021

Content is very clear understandable. I liked that they emphasized enough about the importance of edged strategy. Its hard to find that kind of information out there, so special thanks for this one. Looking forward to apply it to real life.

Beatrris18 June 2021

Great course, I learned a lot - thank you guys. The instructors explain the topic very well and in an interesting way. I recommend!

James18 June 2021

This course covers everything you need to become a full time trader. Instructors explain everything clearly.

Sahil18 June 2021

Excellent! Start learning with this course and you won't need anything else after! I have been practicing technical anlysis for 2 years. And i was looking for the answer in "technical analysis". That was the biggest mistake. With this course I learned that trading is more than technical analysis. Self control, discipline and strategy are the musts! You will learn how to combine them with the technical analysis. Unlearn everything now and start this. Highly recommended!

Tony18 June 2021

Very informative course. After the course, I learned a lot about technical analysis. Right now, I will apply these information to real life.

Erbengi18 June 2021

amazing videos. i've been researching for a while and was hesitant about buying it. but knowledge of these lads are unbelievable. also they're both good lads. good language understandable. worthed every cent that i paid. i've already started making some money!


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