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A Guide To Teaching ESL: Young Learners and Above.

An overview of the basic methods, strategies, games, and activities used for teaching young learners and upwards

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Students will gain confidence in the classroom and learn a whole host of methods, games, management strategies and ideas to use while teaching


This course is designed for new teachers who are just setting out on their teaching journey or are about to take their TEFL qualification. 

However, it can also be used as a refresher course for more experienced teachers who want to brush up on their overall teaching skills and abilities.

In this course, we will cover the main methods and strategies used by experienced teachers and trainers within the ESL school systems for creating fun, energetic and engaging classes. As well as this we will look at Classroom dynamics, Classroom management, Behavior management,  Lesson planning, Games, and Activities! Furthermore, we will take an in-depth look at phonics teaching and using TPR actions and CVC word building to help reinforce the understanding of this vital aspect of early learning.

Finally, I will address some of the common queries and questions I regularly get from new teachers about making the move abroad to teach English in a foreign county.

It is my aim to share with you as much of my twelve years of teaching experiences as possible and be there as a means of support, and mentor, should you need it. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions at all.


A Guide To Teaching ESL: Young Learners and Above.
A Guide To Teaching ESL: Young Learners and Above.
A Guide To Teaching ESL: Young Learners and Above.
A Guide To Teaching ESL: Young Learners and Above.




ESL teaching: The basics

ESL teaching: The basics

ESL teaching: Review of the methods, games and lesson plans.

ESL teaching: Review of the methods, how to construct games and lesson plans.

ESL teaching : Classroom management

ESL teaching : Classroom management

Classroom Management : Part two

Classroom Management : Part three

ESL- Teaching phonics, basic sounds and games.

ESL- Teaching phonics, basic sounds and games.

ESL- Teaching phonics, Lesson plans, CVC word and final sounds

Final thoughts- An overview of travelling and teaching in Asia.

Final thoughts and advice for teachers.


Max30 May 2021

This course is very useful for me. I need this course as I don't have enough experience in teaching kids.

Jairus4 February 2021

Very nice teaching since he is sharing his experience and you can relate from what are the things he says. Thanks for this :)

Amy16 July 2020

This was a very informative course. I am an elementary teacher, and it is always great to take a refresher course to learn new strategies. I especially enjoyed the section about phonics. I can use the activities and games with my ESL and native-English speakers.

Alyce13 May 2020

I am halfway through the course and I have learnt so much! Nick is a fantastic instructor, who is clear, professional, engaging and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the various styles of examples he used and the resources provided - mixes of videos, power point presentations, word documents, images and game ideas. I am confident in my new role as ESL educator because of this course. The best course for ESL on Udemy!

Joseph7 May 2020

Yes, the course is very interesting esp. the tips, pointers and techniques Nick gives right through the course. All the sections were very informative and beneficial. I enjoyed being a part of this course. Thanks Nick!!

Christina15 April 2020

Yes it's quite a good refresher course for me and i'm also learning new things on the TPR & Whole-Part-Whole strategy. I liked the phonics with TPR approach which I will implement for my class. It's good to be reminded on stuff that sometimes we just forget. Thanks Nick for the course and pointers.

Jayne13 January 2020

I loved this course and what a great teacher for the kids and us adults too! The lessons are all very clear and precise. I would recommend this course to new students starting out on ESOL and as a refresher course for teachers and teacher aides who have been working in the field for a long time. Brilliant, Thank you.

Caroline11 January 2020

I am not new to teaching EFL. I would say that this course is best for beginner teachers however, this course was also helpful to me, despite my experience because it refreshed things in my mind again. Helped put things into perspective, because sometimes we become slack in our teaching in some areas, maybe management is lacking, or we neglect some important parts of our lesson etc or we simple lose interest in teaching from time to time and need some inspiration again. So i found quite a few nuggets to help my class. Class management in particular was interesting. Especially thankful for the game ideas too. Also, Nick encourages teaching phonics. my school curriculum doesn't have phonics but i wanted to start teaching phonics because it opens up a whole new realm to English speaking if they can read simple words. So this course helped me make up my mind to teach phonics. I would say this course is geared towards those teachers who are teaching students that are younger than 6th grade. Perhaps 1-4 grade. However you can adapt Nicks suggestions to any class i am sure. Teaching the whole brain method such as "line up" 1! 2! this may not work straight away with 6th graders who are not used to such commands. But if you start these commands with younger learners straight away and make it a routine, those younger learned will follow those commands happily. I took some of Nicks suggestions on how to make drills more fun, i done this with 3rd graders and they really enjoyed the drill!!!! Over aIl great course, great insights, enjoyed the video clips of those asian countries. Nick gives great tips and advice for those considering going those countries for work. I will watch this course over and over again for inspiration and direction. Thanks Nick for taking the time to share your experience with us. I will be interested in any other courses that you make in the future. i would love to a whole video of you teaching a class.

Tarani11 November 2019

I have taken the course 2 times and it is so useful and helpful in my classroom. I am happy to take this course. No regrets and it is absolutely useful. Thanks Nick.

A23 January 2019

Great course! I've been teaching for a while now but this course was a great refresher and I even learned some things I didn't know already. Also love all the handouts that are available with the course.

John11 January 2019

Clearly an instructor who knows his subject and is passionate about what he does. Very clear explanations and examples are given. Thoroughly enjoying the start of this course. I will look forward not only to the rest of this course but hopefully further guides or lessons from him.

Eddie9 January 2019

Nick has built a good foundation on some areas of teaching my employer and my Tesol course kind of skipped over. It's helped me understand the way kids learn better and how to make the most of it. If you're doing your Tesol, or tefl or just a teacher looking for some new ideas. Then this course is a treasure box of information and full proven, practical information. Nick has also been supportive by answering my question in a matter of moments. The templates for lesson plans, classroom management and games/actives modules were especially helpful. My first Udemy course has been a success. Thanks Nick! Now lets see if I can get the kids to learn as much as me!


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