A Consultant's Guide to Presentations

Learn to build and structure slides like an experienced McKinsey, Bain, or BCG consultant.

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Consulting Skills

Presentation Development

Pyramid Principle

Slide Structure


Slide Design


**Don't forget to also check out our top-rated companion course, A Consultant's Guide to PowerPoint!


Around the world consulting firms are well-known for their mastery of presentations. At places like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, consultants are taught how to effectively communicate insights to their clients, who often include C-Level executives from Fortune 500 companies. After many hours of training, and years of practice, these consultants become experts, learning to build world-class presentations for their high-paying clients.

Typically, getting to this level of expertise requires years of training at a top consulting firm, with mentors who are willing to provide you with hands-on guidance and instruction.

Fortunately, there's a much smarter way...

A Consultant's Guide to Presentations is a premium course that teaches you how to design and structure slides like an experienced top-tier consultant. In this course we'll use real-life consulting examples to show you how to take boring, ineffective presentations, and turn them into presentations that are clear, insightful, and engaging. Plus we'll break down real slides from McKinsey, BCG, and other top consulting firms, to understand the tricks they use to communicate persuasively. By the end, you'll understand the difference between a consulting slide and a non-consulting slide, and you'll be able to take your existing presentations, and make them look as if they came right from a top-tier consulting firm.

As a bonus, this course also includes two of our most popular downloads. The first is the Top 50 PowerPoint Shortcuts for Consultants cheat sheet. And the second is our Consulting Slide Checklist, which provides a comprehensive list of slide-building best practices, designed by consulting industry professionals.


  • Consulting Slide Checklist (PDF) - This checklist provides a comprehensive list of slide-making best practices, designed specifically for the consulting industry. Use it on the job or as a reference as you complete the course.

  • Top 50 PowerPoint Shortcuts for Consultants (PDF) - Download the full list of shortcuts and watch the accompanying video to understand how to apply each shortcut. Now with a version for Mac!

  • 30+ Real Consulting Slide Breakdowns - Watch as we break down and analyze real consulting slides and uncover what they did to clearly (or not so clearly) communicate insights to their clients. 

  • 6 Hands-On Exercises - This course is packed with real-word consulting slide exercises to help you understand and internalize each lesson.

  • Final Quiz - Test your knowledge of the course content with our comprehensive quiz, which you can take as many times as you'd like.


  • Pyramid Principle - Learn the preferred style of communication at top consulting firms, and see how applying it to your presentation can dramatically improve your clarity and persuasiveness.

  • Storyboarding - Understand how all consulting firms organize their presentations at the beginning of the project to dramatically improve productivity and create a final deliverable that tells a compelling "story".

  • Slide Structure - See real consulting slides and understand the tricks consulting firms use to help the audience quickly understand and internalize the slide content.

  • Insightful Slide Design - Learn the principles experienced presentation designers use to draw attention to key insights on their slides and communication their message clearly and persuasively.

  • Bonus Content - Download our most popular cheat sheets (Top 50 PowerPoint Shortcuts for Consultants and Consulting Slide Checklist) and watch the accompanying videos with detailed explanations for each concept.

  • Free Preview - Get a free sneak peak of our other top-rated course, A Consultants Guide to PowerPoint


Is this course just for consultants?

This course is designed for anyone with experience building corporate-style presentations, whether they are students, consultants, or just business professionals looking to learn how to build better presentations.

Will you be teaching advanced PowerPoint skills in this course?

No. This course is focused on presentation structure and design. For a more PowerPoint-oriented course, check out our other top-rated course on Udemy: A Consultant's Guide to PowerPoint.

Can I take this course if I am using a Mac?

Yes! Although this course was created using a PC, the concepts are not specific to PC users. Plus, we have also included a Mac version of the download Top 50 PowerPoint Shortcuts for Consultants.

What makes this course different from the many other presentation courses?

This course was designed specifically to teach business professionals how to build slides like an experienced consultant. The concepts covered in this course are based on best practices from the consulting industry, and are not likely to be covered in a typical presentations course.

I am already good at presentations. Why do I need this course?

We assume you have already built many presentations in a business setting. This course is specifically designed to bring your skills to "consulting level" by focusing on the principles, tips, and tricks used by experienced consultants at the world's best consulting firms. 


A Consultant's Guide to Presentations
A Consultant's Guide to Presentations
A Consultant's Guide to Presentations
A Consultant's Guide to Presentations




Course Introduction


Consulting Slide Checklist

Pyramid Principle

Intro to Pyramid Principle

McDonald's Case Study

Pyramid Principle Benefits

Exercise 1


Intro to Storyboarding

Metro City Case Study

Storyboarding Tips

Exercise 2

Slide Structure

Slide Structure (Part 1)

Slide Structure (Part 2)

Examples and Analysis

Exercise 3


Top 50 PowerPoint Shortcuts for Consultants


Final Quiz

Wrapping Up + Next Steps


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Short videos with easy structure. That’s what I need to learn how to do to improve my communication skills


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