A Complete Course on an IOT system - Design and Development

ESP8266 hardware design, programming, MQTT, Cloud web server and encryption, Google Home Account Linking and Fulfillment

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to design the hardware of an IOT device with an ESP8266 microcontroller

Learn how to develop firmware of an IOT device using Arduino IDE

Learn how to build your own cloud server for IOT systems

Learn how to install an MQTT broker (mosquitto) on your cloud server.

Learn how to write programs for MQTT publish/subscribe for cloud server as well as the device

Learn how to build a Django web server with SSL certificate and encryption to communicate with device

Learn how to link your cloud server with Google Home action console

Learn how to write programs for the endpoints for Google Home account linking and action fulfillment


This is a complete hands-on course on design and development of an IOT system from scratch.  The major components (or modules) of an IOT system are a smart device, MQTT broker, cloud server, a web server with user interface through Google Home or Alexa.  In this course, the students will learn to design and develop every component of an IOT system.  They will learn how to design the hardware of an IOT smart device, learn how to develop the firmware using Arduino IDE.  Then they will learn installing a cloud server and configuring it.  Then, they will learn installing an MQTT broker in the cloud server, as well as installing a Django web server.  They will then learn writing publish/subscribe programs for MQTT as well as web server so that users can activate any port of a smart device by clicking appropriate buttons on the browser of a remote computer.  They will, then learn about linking the Google Home console server with their cloud server.  They will learn how to write the needed programs for their web server to handle account linking and action fulfillment.  At the completion of this step, they will be able to activate any port of their device by voice command on Google Home on their smart phone.

After completion of this course students will acquire skills and knowledge about every module of an IOT system.

At the end of this hand-on course, they would have also developed a working IOT system that they can use in their home or office for applications such as opening a garage door, or using as a keyless entry controller to their house.  They also would have built an IOT system that they can experiment with and learn further to enhance their skills and expertise in IOT.  They also will have a system that can be used for making marketable products.


A Complete Course on an IOT system - Design and Development
A Complete Course on an IOT system - Design and Development
A Complete Course on an IOT system - Design and Development
A Complete Course on an IOT system - Design and Development




Designing the hardware of an IOT Device

Designing the hardware of an IOT device

Cabling sensors and actuators to the smart device

Firmware Programming for an IOT device using Arduino IDE

Installing and configuring Arduino IDE

Programming the firmware of the ESP8266 based IOT device

Building a cloud server for an IOT system

Build a cloud server

Install and configure MQTT broker

Introduction to MQTT

Install and configure MQTT broker

Program publish/subscribe simple programs on cloud server

Publish/subscribe functions in cloud server to communicate with the smart device

Publish/subscribe functions in the firmware of the smart device

Program to send an email when motion is detected by the device

Register a domain server and associate it with the cloud server

Register a domain name

Build a Django web server on the cloud server

Build a Django web server

Configure Apache2 to server Django

Some programming exercises with Django

Developing programs for Django to communicate with the device

Install SSL certificate on the cloud server

Install SSL certificate

Load certificate in MQTT broker

Load certificate in the firmware of the smart device

Enable login in Django

Account Linking and Action Fulfillment with Google Home

Open a project with Google action Console and set endpoints

Write programs for account linking

Write endpoint programs for SYNCing the smart device with Google Home

Write endpoint programs for QUERY command from Google Home

Write endpoint program for EXECUTE command from Google Home

Testing and verifying the final product

Test the final product

Demonstration of an available fully developed IOT system


Parameswran21 February 2021

xcellent course. If you are interested in designing and developing an IOT product, this is the course to take. The sample programs given in this course run by themselves and work well for your IOT product. For your specific needs, it is then only a matter of modifying those programs. The instructor goes through this course in steps and progressively goes from the scratch to the final product. On account linking and action fulfillemnt with Google home, this is the only IOT course that I could find where the sample programs given in the course by themselves work and I can modify them to suit my needs. In short, I found this as an excellent course to get a good start in developing my IOT product. I could find discounted coupons through wifisucureaccess.com

Mark15 February 2021

This course ties the whole IoT topic together very nicely. There is almost no assumed knowledge so you can start as a total beginner and build a working system. Nice and clear explanations and slides.


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