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MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 4 - Part 1

Elective Course on 8D Audio Conversion to Convert Any Music Track To 8D in 2021

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Be able to convert any audio file to 8D experience in 2021

Explore ambient backgrounds and atmospheric music sounds for any creative projects

Create new-age emotional music with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in 2021

Learn about a audio mastering tool to master your audio file in minutes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Welcome to the first elective course in Level 4 as part of the series "MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation".

8D audio is all about getting way deep into the music, completely. 8D music uses the power of the left and right speakers through your headphones to give you the feeling that you're at a live concert.

This mind-blowing and ultimate course focussed on "8D Audio Conversion: Convert Any Music Track To 8D" taught by Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan and MasterMind Saranya Srinidhi will teach you how to create 8D audio versions of any song directly in your browser. 8D songs have gotten very popular recently on YouTube and with the tools covered in the course, you can create your very own 8D versions fast and easy without having to use any advanced or complex software, whatsoever.

What do we mean by 8D Audio?

"8D Audio" is an illusional effect that you can apply to your songs to make it sound like the audio is moving in circles around your head. This is highly achieved by adding an automated panning effect alternating from left to right. To maximize your listening pleasure, a reverb effect is also added to make it seem like the audio is coming from a live concert.

On YouTube and other popular video platforms out there, there are several creators who specialize in uploading 8D Audio songs. The fact that a lot of the songs have millions of views goes to show how popular 8D audio really is.

Apart from the conversion of a normal audio file to 8D audio, this course will also teach you how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for music composition and production. We will also look at a tool that can perform audio mastering effortlessly.

In the end, we will focus on atmosphere-based binaural sound generator tools, that will excite you to the core.

So why wait? Enroll Now and I will see you inside. Let's rock this world with 8D.

Let's get busy and learn how to generate 8D audio - one step at a time.

Special Note: Several Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will be taught in the course. Most of the tools will be free and also paid alternatives will be covered. You can choose the best tools according to your requirement with the correct features during composition or conversion.


MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 4 - Part 1
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 4 - Part 1
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 4 - Part 1
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 4 - Part 1


8D Audio Conversion: Convert Any Music Track To 8D - The Course

Introduction to the course on 8D Audio Conversion

What is 8D Audio?

Is it possible to listen to 8D Audio without Headphones?

Convert any audio to 8D and even 3D format in a flash

Special: Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for music composition in 2020

Special: Extract Vocals, Experience 3D audio, Atmospheric AI tools

Special: Convert your 8D Song into a Music Video with Visualizer

Bonus Lecture: Take your Prize


Sourav11 October 2020

Worst course on Udemy. Don't buy any course by them. They will just introduce you to a website and the course will like visiting a website. Even 1 star rating is not bad enough for this course. I hope there is a 0 star rating too for courses as bad as this one.

Sandeep16 June 2020

Firstly, The information they said is good and websites they mentioned are useful but way of explanation was not at all good. There are two people, its like argument. Not able to listen their conversation.

Yash26 May 2020

Best course ever... deeply explained everything...best for beginner...also shared multiple sites in course for beginners...?♥️

Alberto9 April 2020

Creí que me enseñarían alguna aplicación para trabajar con la música y convertir a 8D tipo Reaper por ejemplo

Nizar31 March 2020


Emanuel29 March 2020

não era nada do que eu estava a espera, as ferramentas que mostra na sua maior pasrte não servem ou não funcionam, se funcionam não são de qualidade. Ele não ensina nada ! no fundo só indica ferramentas que ele conhece que mal funcionam. Não estou a gostar nada deste curso, gostaria de ter o meu dinheiro de volta.

Iriz28 March 2020

No real skill taught here. Just showed videos on how to go to websites that doesn't work. I wasted RM50 for this for nothing.

Jorge10 March 2020

This looks like the person only interest its sold this thing. The girl talking continusly and i cant understand a single word.

Ardit26 February 2020

It was fine but too much additional info. All the thing is apps and links you can easily find on a forum.


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