80s Butt Thigh and Core Workout in the Water

Water Workout in the Water Butt Thigh and Core


32 mins


Apr 2021

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An Exercise Workout Program in the Pool for Legs, Butt and Core


In the 80's a very common workout program was put together by Jane Fonda her workouts always included many slimming leg exercises and toning and shaping of the Glutes and Stomach.

In the water I have adapted these very same exercises to use in the Water.

Gain strong Legs, Butt and Core.

Shape, Tighten and Have fun whilst doing it.

I also include Cardio Intervals to burn Calories and Fat.

The exercise program has much variety and never leaves you with a dull moment in the pool.

The workout is put in a way to make it easy to remember if teaching it to others, or for yourself when you get into the pool.

The Cardio Intervals have much variety and include arm movements to tone the arms but also easy to remember as they are put together in a way to resemble the Leg Workouts but which bring the heart rate up and tone the arms, at the same time, using the noodle.

Working out is always a "BIG" plus for the aesthetic look of a person but this course was initially created for the main focus of strengthening knees.

Working the Glute's and having strong Glutes ensures knee mechanics is working well, which preserves the bones of the knee and cartilage.

I as a Group Exercise Trainer put this exercise regime together with that actually being our biggest goal but realizing that the average person in an exercise class needs to enjoy their training and it should not feel like a long hard laborious activity rather an activity that they can see themselves doing every week.

Which will ensure they get the best out of their training.


80s Butt Thigh and Core Workout in the Water
80s Butt Thigh and Core Workout in the Water
80s Butt Thigh and Core Workout in the Water
80s Butt Thigh and Core Workout in the Water


Leg Lifts (Jane Fonda's Side Lying)

Leg Lifts at a Quick Glance

Leg Lifts - Standing in the Pool

Leg Lifts - Supine in Suspended (Floating) position

Leg Lifts - Prone in Suspended (Floating) position

Leg Lifts - on Side in Suspended (Floating) Position in Water.

Side Lying Leg Lifts - Knees in and Out

Knee In and Out - Standing in Suspended (Floating) positing

Knee In and Out - In Suspended (Floating) position Supine

Knee In and Out - in Suspended (Floating) position Prone

Knee In and Out - in Suspended (FLoating) on the Side

Side Lying: CrossOvers.

Side Lying Cross Overs at a Glance

CrossOvers - standing

CrossOvers - In supine position (floating on the back)

CrossOvers - in Prone Position (floating on back in the pool)

CrossOvers - Suspended on the side (floating on pool with assistance of noodle)


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