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70-764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

Crack Microsoft Certification for SQL server 2016, Exam 70-764 in very first attempt

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70-764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure


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Nov 2020

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26 Nov 2020 —

  • Added new 33 question in Practice Test -5.

  • Corrected Type and grammar Mistakes. 

  • Adding new Practice Test 6 in December 2020

19 Nov 2020 —

  • Added new 12 question in Practice Test -5. 

  • Adding 50+ new question in December 2020

Microsoft MCSA  70-764 for SQL server Practice Test 

MCSA 70-764 practice test

This course contain 5 Practice test for Microsoft Certification  exam 70-764 for SQL server 2016.

It covers 100% of Microsoft certification syllabus. 

You can find questions more on practical side, they will help you to solve your real time problems.

Course Detail 

• Configure data access and auditing

  • Configure encryption

    • Implement cell-level encryption, implement Always Encrypted, implement backup encryption, configure transparent data encryption, configure encryption for connections, troubleshoot encryption errors

  • Configure data access and permissions

    • Manage database object permissions, create and maintain users, create and maintain custom roles, configure user options for Azure SQL Database, configure row-level security, configure dynamic data masking

  • Configure auditing

    • Configure an audit on SQL Server, query the SQL Server audit log, manage a SQL Server audit, configure an Azure SQL Database audit, analyze audit logs and reports from Azure SQL Database

• Manage backup and restore of databases

  • Develop a backup strategy

    • Back up very large databases, configure alerting for failed backups, back up databases to Azure, manage transaction log backups, configure database recovery models, configure backup automation

  • Restore databases

    • Perform piecemeal restores, perform page recovery, perform point-in-time recovery, restore file groups, develop a plan to automate and test restores

  • Manage database integrity

    • Implement database consistency checks, identify database corruption, recover from database corruption

• Manage and monitor SQL Server instances

  • Monitor database activity

    • Monitor current sessions, identify sessions that cause blocking activity, identify sessions that consume tempdb resources, configure the data collector

  • Monitor queries

    • Manage the Query Store, configure Extended Events and trace events, identify problematic execution plans, troubleshoot server health using Extended Events

  • Manage indexes

    • Identify and repair index fragmentation, identify and create missing indexes, identify and drop underutilized indexes, manage existing columnstore indexes

  • Manage statistics

    • Identify and correct outdated statistics, implement Auto Update Statistics, implement statistics for large tables

  • Monitor SQL Server instances

    • Create and manage operators, create and manage SQL Agent alerts, define custom alert actions, define failure actions, configure database mail, configure Policy-Based Management, identify available space on data volumes, identify the cause of performance degradation

• Manage high availability and disaster recovery

  • Implement log shipping

    • Configure log shipping, monitor log shipping

  • Implement AlwaysOn Availability Groups

    • Configure Windows clustering, create an availability group, configure read-only routing, manage failover, create distributed availability groups

  • Implement failover cluster instances

    • Manage shared disks, configure cluster shared volumes


Vassilis13 July 2020

It is a good starting point for 70 764 exams but you cannot pass it only with this course. I used it for review some days before the exams

Michael26 April 2020

This set of 4 practice exams had a good mix of questions. The mechanics of test taking, review, and retaking the exams worked well. The slight deductions was for some awkward phrasing in questions that changed depending how you read the question.

Hannah12 March 2020

Took the exam and despite running through all provided materials repeatedly over a period of months with a track record of success - did not pass. The explanations for incorrect and correct answers on practice runs are fairly substandard (usually static and non-changing regardless of validity of provided answer). The explanations do not provide adequate detail in the majority although there are a portion that do go into the why of an answer being wrong exactly. In addition, there are a staggering number of misspellings in both questions and answers. I should have known better than to use a system such as this and will endeavor to pay for a more quality course going forward that presents more than just tests of middling standard.

Tom30 January 2020

The test questions cover a good range of areas for the exam. However, I feel that the wording of the questions could be improved. Some questions are ambigously worded, and there are numerous grammatical errors. For better quality control in future, considering using a proofreader and technical editor before release.

Edward9 January 2020

Badly written questions, both in terms of English grammar and technical ambiguity of the questions. Some answers are wrong!

Daniel4 December 2019

Found one question to have the wrong answer. The answer said to use Activity Monitor for Azure databases and because Azure database is a database as a service there is no Activity Monitor available and the same is true for SQL Server Profiler as well.

Jagan23 November 2019

It was good but lot of questions are repeating with same problem statement with different solution. For example permissions to send user email repeated almost 3 times

Shakhawat25 September 2019

Questions were related to the daily activities of a DBA. Some questions can't be answered just by study materials. Questions were clear and concise. Since didn't took the exam yet so not sure how much it relates to the exam questions.

J21 January 2019

Most of the questions are grammatically incorrect which makes understanding the questions sometimes difficult. The explanations are very limited and could use online documentation references.

Greg31 July 2018

terrible....it only lets me take 4 practice tests.... I just want the content and cant even get to it. completely useless to me

John18 April 2018

I originally gave this a 1 star, but having progressed a little, it isn't too bad. The questions are sometimes not worded well, but ok to get a general idea of where you're at.

Kamren18 March 2018

Thank you for all your courses!!! I have learned many new things!!! I am glad that I had the chance to learn from the best instructor!!!

Rakesh17 March 2018

Covers all topics quality of questions are fine However Number of questions are very less. It would be great if the author of this course can update this course with more questions.

Leonie11 March 2018

just i would like to thank you for such a good collections of Questions. ..............................

Joy4 March 2018

Thank you so much for this course.... I contains very concept clearing Questions. I like this course.........................................


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