5 Decision-Making Techniques for Success

Learn the Most Effective Business Decision-Making Techniques to Achieve Personal and Professional Success

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

apply 5 decision-making techniques to personal situations

apply 5 decision-making techniques to personal situations

understand decision making habits

transform formal decision-making techniques into daily habits


This course, 5 Decision-Making Techniques, is part of a series which also includes Introduction to Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Business. And, is basically the part that completes the circle as it was originally designed in the more extended Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Strategies course

This course gives you the most effective and popular tools for decision-making:

  1. nominal group technique
  2. return on investment technique
  3. devil's advocate technique
  4. plus-minus-interesting analysis and
  5. ease-and-effect technique.

The course You will have 2 hours of video content that includes examples and exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge. Everyone will benefit from the course, professionals, business men and women, students, or simply the curious ones.

It's all about providing a practical framework for improvement and for creating positive habits in decision-making,This time by giving you the tools of techniques that you can use when appropriate to improve your decision-making effectiveness and achieve success.

I encourage you to include these tools in your decision-making practice and use them until they become a habit, one that will make your professional and personal life easier and more productive.

The course comes with a 30 days no question asked money back guarantee. Just, go ahead, press that "Take the Course" button, and see you inside learning about the decision-making tools and techniques Or, if you are not yet decided, try the free preview and decide later.

Thank you!


5 Decision-Making Techniques for Success
5 Decision-Making Techniques for Success
5 Decision-Making Techniques for Success
5 Decision-Making Techniques for Success


Decision-Making Tools and Techniques

Introduction to Decision-Making Tools and Techniques

Dealing with Alternatives in Decision-Making

Course Guidelines

The Decision-Making Tools and Techniques Toolbox

The Nominal Group Technique

The Return on Investment Technique

The Devil's Advocate Technique

The Plus-Minus-Interesting Analysis

The Ease-and-Effect Technique

Using Decision-Making Tools and Techniques

Practicing Good Decision-Making Techniques

The Tools of the Decision-Making Processes

Course Quiz

5 Decision-Making Techniques for Success

Bonus Lecture


Robin28 September 2020

It's been very good and it's above my expectations, Need to do more exercises on the topics. Thanks a lot to professor for giving such a nice knowledge. I am taking up more courses to increase more knowledge.

Sai20 September 2020

This course has great content. I learnt some great new techniques that are pretty intuitive. Just a word of feedback, the continuous music is a bit distracting sometimes.

Anil19 September 2020

The course is excellent, the trainer has presented different decision making techniques which can also be helpful in daily activities to complete the respective task effectively.

Endhir2 September 2020

The course had good information. The practices and reflections were good. But the music was distracting and louder than the speaker. Also, it was not necessary to have PIP of speaker. the PIP was behind large words and was obscured. Besides he was visibly reading a script and speaking in a monotone voice and had not read through material as he had some problems with wording.

Masanori19 August 2020

自己を成功に導くのに必要なのは何か? 天賦の才能でも圧倒的幸運でもなく、意思決定である。 では具体的にどのような意思決定が成功へと導くのか? その答えはこのコースにある。 残念ながら英語での講座のため私のような日本語話者にはつらいところがあるが、それでも平易な英語と英文での字幕があるので学習は可能なはずである。

Nikita16 September 2019

This helps put tings into perspective and teaches how to make it effective in all environments. How to improve the team to be more effective and how to get the goals as a manager on the same path with all members.

Corrie17 August 2019

Aunique and amazing course. So much knowledge to learned and apply in the practice. The trainer was awesome and the training was a wonderful journey.

Anka17 July 2019

This course provided exactly what I needed, and more. The extra material on decision making and problem solving were extremely helpful.

Freja4 March 2019

I enjoyed the pace of the course content. The videos weren't too long but provided enough information that was valuable. The instructor really went through each step and aspect of how to be a successful seller.

Gergely23 February 2019

Good course. Wished there was some push or encouragement to make the listener become an Entrepreneur.

Kerstin19 February 2019

Really interesting,short,sweet and to-the-point!there are many points that are so obvious 99% of the people forget them or don't pay attention to them in this course they are being shown by Sorin in a no-nonsense way!

Doroteja1 February 2019

This course is very informative and inspiring. I am left with many ideas and I am looking forward to putting them into practice.

Mariana23 January 2019

Very poor presentation, background music is not alloying to focus properly. The course is not really understandable. Will not recommend to spend money on that.

Amedeo11 January 2019

Very deep in describing techniques. I've learned several things now that will help with my decision-making.

Chander27 December 2018

Challenging questions which apply in real life situations. I love the course content as well. I would like to praise instructor´s guests with useful information and fruitful conversation.


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