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3D CAD Fundamentals with SIEMENS Solid Edge

STEM to STEAM - An Artistic Approach to 3D Modeling

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Oct 2016

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What you will learn

At the end of my course students will have a solid creative understanding of 3D part modeling.


This course is a fast easy artistic approach to learning 3D CAD. This curriculum will open your eyes to an interesting world of patterns, shapes and creative design approaches. In effect this introduction to STEM is a collision of art, engineering and math.  The format is open ended, creative while challenging; a practical, easy to follow cookbook approach to developing spatial thinking.  You are free to work at your own pace, improving your skills independently of classroom pressures. Why take this course?  After ten years of (trial and error) teaching university students new to Mechanical Engineering and Artistic Design I have worked hard to develop content that works.

We will use the Siemens Solid Edge software.  This download is free to all students and is similar to Solidworks, Blender and Autodesk Inventor.  


3D CAD Fundamentals with SIEMENS Solid Edge
3D CAD Fundamentals with SIEMENS Solid Edge
3D CAD Fundamentals with SIEMENS Solid Edge
3D CAD Fundamentals with SIEMENS Solid Edge


Getting Started - What You Need


3D Part Design with Solid Edge

01 - Creating Basic Shapes

02 - Rotating Parts - Fitting Parts

03 - Modifying Basic Shapes

04 - Sketch Shapes - Draw Commands

05 - Sketching Lines and Shapes

06 - Centering Sketches

07 - Metric and Inch Templates

08 - Opening the Right Template

09 - Which Face is the Front?

10 - The Face Solution

11 - Opening Solid Edge Files on the iPad

12 - Locking a Sketch to a Face - The Lock Command

13 - Adding Color to Part Faces and Features

14 - Saving Solid Edge Models as Images - JPG - BMP - TIF

15 - Labwork - Putting Concepts Togethers

16 - Understanding View Orientations

17 - Sphere Cage

18 - Locking and Unlocking to a Sketch Face

19 - Creating a Cube with Intersecting Cylinder Cutouts

20 - Creating Cube Variations

21 - Cube wit Intersecting Cubes

22 - Spot the Rabbit

23 Rounding Edge Basics

24 Round Edge Command

25 Command Finder

26 - Feature Tree

27 - Prompt Bar

28 - Rolling Spheres

29 Adding Features to the Rolling Spheres

30 - H Cube

31 - Cube with Spheres Removed

32 Cube with Spheres Removed from Each Corner

33 - Quiz

34 - Optical Illusion 01 - Which Line is Longer

35 Optical Illusion 02

36 - Bullseye

37 - Bullseye Offset

38 - Understanding Detailed Drawings

39 - Creating the 3D Model from the Drawing Sheet

40 - Drawing Sheet Example 02

41 - Sphere from Cube Variations

42 - Finding Area

43 - Why Keep the Axis Centered?

44 - Review

Quiz A

Quiz B

Quiz C

Quiz D

Quiz E

Quiz F

Quiz G

Hope to See You for Part 02 of Solid Edge Fundamentals


Mario27 July 2020

Si fue buena las clases pero el instructor debe ensañar el resto de detalles que trae el programa por que falto..

Iñigo29 June 2020

Los videos son instructivos y con la duración adecuada. Creo que se deberían de dibujar elementos reales relacionados conla mecánica o componenetes en los que se emplea Solidedge en su diseño. Dibujar cualquier cosa de cualquier manera no es aplicable en un entorno profesional.

Aditya22 June 2020

yeah very good course specially for the beginners who want to have grasp on basic commands before moving onto the actual drawing

Vinoth6 May 2020

The Class is really useful, I'm looking to take the full class of the Solid Edge. Thank you Mr. John Devitry

Chris17 April 2020

Some of the beginning sections repeat information from a previous beginner course (the basic getting started stuff) but i guess that is expected.

Shekhar10 September 2019

It is very good for new learners . They explain each and every thing clearly with beautiful examples.

Colin30 May 2019

Really helped the tasks are easy to follow also, last time I did any CAD was back in college and was a lot different but this course gets your eye in.

Babalola14 February 2019

The course is good match for me as this is my first time with CAD software. My last experience with technical drawing was with a drawing board and T-square. CAD is definitely far more productive. Love it.

Aaron9 November 2018

The pace is constantly changing, as an experienced CAD user I find it frustrating as this is starting by teaching bad practice. You should start with a sketch, then fully constrain it, then extrude or revolve it to make it 3d

Ahmed25 October 2018

Only the very first steps in Solid Edge, but it's very well made and informative. I hope the instructor launch the second part of the tutorial.

Hasitha3 October 2018

This course was in depth, step by step curriculum which will definitely suitable for beginners, even they haven't used any designing software package in their life. Thank you

Stefan15 August 2018

Very good training. Good starting point to get hands on CAD 3D modeling. However, when you are not a student and want to learn CAD, it's difficult to continue learning CAD over a longer time with professional SW tools, because these are only available as trial versions for some weeks, this is not enough.

Tibor1 March 2018

It was a nice and simple course how to use the solidedge on artist way. I learn some new features Thank you

Allan24 August 2017

Instructions clear and easy to follow, more info on downloading the student app would be helpful, I still haven't received anything from Seimens

Fedrid18 July 2017

I know a lot of this things already, but took this course nevertheless to be sure. It was worth it :)


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