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Cognitive Biases in Business: Think Like Buffett and Munger

Enhance your thinking and avoid cognitive traps: the 25 most relevant cognitive biases based on Charlie Munger

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

25 cognitive biases

Critical thinking

Better decision-making


Cognitive biases have been plagued businessses and individuals for hundreds of years and led to famous misconceptions like "the world is flat".

Whether we know it or not, our thinking is highly flawed, most of the time.

In order to become a clear thinker, one must first know the traps of fulty reasoning. This courses allows you to critically assess your own thinking by teaching you the biggest 25 cognitive biases.

After taking this course, your reasoning and thinking will not be perfeect but it will almost inevitable improve. Charly Munger and Warren Buffett have are famously known to having tried to avoid those 25 cognitive biases and called this ability a key reason for their success in investing.

Whether investing is what you set out to do or not, understanding the traps of your own - and other people's minds - will help you make better decisions in your professional and personal life.

As always, you get a 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Try it out and see what it can do for you!

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have shown, over the last 9 centuries, that their way of thinking - analytical, precise and ethical - pays off in big ways over the long term. Learn their strategies and become a better thinker today.


Cognitive Biases in Business: Think Like Buffett and Munger
Cognitive Biases in Business: Think Like Buffett and Munger
Cognitive Biases in Business: Think Like Buffett and Munger
Cognitive Biases in Business: Think Like Buffett and Munger


The 25 cognitive biases


BIAS 1: Reward & Punishment Superresponse

BIAS 2: Liking Tendency

BIAS 3: Disliking Tendency

BIAS 4: Doubt Avoidance

BIAS 5: Confirmation Bias

BIAS 6: Curiosity Bias

BIAS 7: Kantian Fairness Tendency

BIAS 13: Overoptimism

BIAS 8: Jealousy

BIAS 9: Reciprocation

BIAS 10: Influence-From-Mere-Association

BIAS 11: Simple, Pain-Avoiding Denial

BIAS 12: Excessive Self-Regard

BIAS 14: Deprival-Superreaction

BIAS 15: Social-Proof

BIAS 16: Contrast-Misreaction

BIAS 17: Stress-Influence Tendency

BIAS 18: Availability-Misweighing

BIAS 20: Drug-Misinfluence

BIAS 21: Senescence-Misinfluence

BIAS 22: Authority-Misinfluence

BIAS 23: Twaddle Tendency

BIAS 24: Reason-Respective Tendency

BIAS 25: Lollapalooza Tendency


William3 May 2021

Awesome course, I like how it went. Don't know how to qualify it, but all I can say is. it is awesome. Thanks.

Gloria18 March 2021

Es un curso muy interesante, Stefan explica todo muy bien y es muy fácil de seguir y entender. Súper recomendable!

Bilal25 January 2021

Amazing course, very detailed and easy to follow. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their thinking. This course has improved my thinking skills, thereby i have seen a increase in my productivity and i have much more control over procrastination, and self doubt.


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