Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide | Geethams

(PART-2) Learn Carnatic Flute - A course of Geethams in various Raagas.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Students can practice and play along while watching the fingering and notations simultaneously.

Students will get to learn the simple notations to understand and practice.

Students can easily pick up the fingering skills by learning line by line of the Geethas.

Students can learn the Half Notes on Flute.

Students can learn the Basic Classical Songs of Carnatic Music.

Students get to know the actual method of playing Janta Swaras in Half Notes.

Students can understand 12 different notes known as "Dwadasa Swara Sthanas" of Carnatic Classical Music.

Students get to know the Western style of pitching.

Students can learn Shruthi in Number System.

Students get to know the Key tips of practicing.


What is Geetham ?

A Geethaṃ is a simple devotional melody song with same tempo throughout the song. There is no "anga" change, repetition and saṃgati in Geethaṃ. Geethaṃ usually have 10/12 avarthanams.

Though Geethaṃs have no absolutely defined divisions of pallavi, anupallavi or charanas, they may be observed in some cases. Some Geethaṃs contain sections rather than the defined divisions (pallavi etc.). They often have no sangatis or variations, with each swara taking one syllable of the sahitya. The Geethaṃ is sung without repetition from the beginning to end. However most Geethaṃs are concluded by repeating a portion of the opening part. Geethaṃs are set in medium tempo and contain no sangatis or variations and the flow of the music is natural. The theme of the sāhityaṃ (lyrics) is to praise God. Students learn these Geethaṃs after attaining a course in the preliminary saraḷī svarās to alankārās.

Who Am I ?

I am a professional classical musician. I have learnt Carnatic Vocal and Carnatic Flute-Instrumental from late. Manda Balarama Sharma garu and Sri.V.Nagaraju garu. I hold a Diploma in Carnatic Classical Music in both vocal and instrumental.

I have been performing since 1994 as an accompanist and in solo for numerous music and dance festivals, lecture demonstrations, cultural organizations and special occasions like Brahmothsavams in temples within the country.

I gave solo concerts in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams., Tirupati, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, Yadagirigutta, Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy temple, Srisailam., etc., during the brahmothsavams.

Since 2001, I have been teaching numerous students through my own music and dance academy "Swara Vaahini" which is registered by the Govt. of Telangana.

I have been encouraging and developing my students to participate in various programs and television music shows like "Paadutha Theeyaga", Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Little Champs, etc.

I have been taking online classes through Skype / Google hangouts / Whatsapp for the NRI students from U.S.A., Australia, Denmark, New zealand, Germany, Dubai, Kuwait, Malaysia and Singapore. Most of them are performing in Indian festival occasions regularly.

I would like to impart my musical knowledge to more and more people who are interested to learn and perform from the different parts of the world as MUSIC is the only way to reach god

Reviews On Urbanpro :

Krishna P S attended Flute

"Such an amicable and knowledgeable Guru to learn flute. Regularly gives feedbacks on student's mistakes and corrects them accordingly. He not only taught flute to me, but one of the toughest life lessons- patience, perseverance and dedication. Really feeling blessed to be his student. "

M Bharani attended Flute

"Very nice classes. You will have a valuable time learning here. Sir is very particular about gamakalu, which is why these classes are of high quality. "

Sriram Reddy Bachireddy attended Flute

"Krishna Mohan Garu teaching my son from the past 3 years, he is a very excellent instructor, having huge patience and humor and knowledge. I highly recommend him for the best flutist. "


Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide | Geethams
Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide | Geethams
Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide | Geethams
Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide | Geethams


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Janta Swaras in Half Notes & Wrap Up

Do's & Don'ts while practicing Janta Swaras


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