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The MOST Detailed, Comprehensive Course in Stress Management

5 courses in Stress Management: 300+ ways (Oxford Diploma)

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

300 Coping skills for stress - current mid-June 2020

Healthy Coping Skills - embrace!

Unhealthy Coping Skills - avoid!

Manage: Depression; Anxiety; Emotions - your life!

Basic Art Therapy

Basic Poetry Therapy

Basic Music Therapy

SEVEN WORKBOOKS - this is not just 100 lectures....

31-day course in stress/pain management


Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show an interest on impulse, yes, but before you enrol, watch the Preview videos, read the Course Description and then make a decision. If you then enrol then please start the course as soon as possible. Watch the lectures, look at the workbooks and join in the discussions. Joining my courses is a serious business and I want you to get the most out of your study – but I also want you to enjoy the course.

That is why I am asking that you only enrol because you really want to and that you start the course intending to make full use of all the resources.

You will be very welcome.

240 lectures: This course details 300 coping skills that you can apply to every day life! What more could be wanted?

This course features the following:

  • Coping skills aimed at the problem

  • Coping skills aimed at emotions

  • Healthy coping strategies

  • Unhealthy coping strategies

  • Research studies

  • Case studies where you are asked to apply the coping skills

  • A new 31-day section in managing pain and stress. This has THREE resources per day

Plus over 300 clearly identified coping skills...enroll today!

Latest additions

SEVEN Coping Skills workbooks.

These include:

  • Mind mapping

  • Fifteen coping strategies

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Practical applications

  • DBT and coping skills

  • A FREE COURSE (link)

  • 12 Coping Skills for Christmas

  • Proactive coping inventory

  • Dyadic Coping Inventory

  • Brief Resilient Coping Scale

  • Stress

A special section on the impact of COVID-19:

  • Job security

  • Financial stress

  • Isolation

  • Uncertainty

Workbook on Holistic Medicine (January 2020)

  • Definition

  • Balanced life

  • What do you want from your doctor?

  • Lifestyle modifications

  • Principles of holistic medicine

  • The immune system

  • Types of treatment

  • Long term?

  • Focus on preventing diseases


The MOST Detailed, Comprehensive Course in Stress Management
The MOST Detailed, Comprehensive Course in Stress Management
The MOST Detailed, Comprehensive Course in Stress Management
The MOST Detailed, Comprehensive Course in Stress Management


Optional section: A 7 day course for those whose first language is not English


Day One: Ask for Help

Day Two: Watch and Listen

Day Three: Write Down Words and Phrases

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 1)

Day Four (pt 2)

Day Five: Make time to study

Day Six: Five Websites

Day Seven: In conclusion




A few coping skills

A few coping skills (part 2)

A few coping skills again

A few coping skills again (part 2)


Expansion (part 2)

By category: Teens

Coping skills for the elderly

Coping skills for the elderly (part 2)

Healthy Coping Skills

Unhealthy Coping Skills

Positive and Negative Coping Skills

Positive v Negative Coping Skills (part 2)

Matching Coping Skills to Your Own Likes (part 1)

Matching Coping Skills to Your Own Life (part 2)


Stress (part 2)

Healthy Skills: Problem v Emotion

Healthy Skills: Problem v Emotion (part 2)

Healthy Skills: Problem v Emotion (part 3)

Unhealthy Coping Skills

A game

Coping specifics: Depression and Anxiety

Coping Specifics: Depression and Anxiety (part 2)

Emotional Management


Back to studies

Information Overload

Information Overload (part 2)

So what is there to be done?

So what is there to be done? (part 2)

Groups and Stammtisch

Benefits of Joining a Social Group (Part 1)

Benefits of Joining a Social Group (Part 2)

Trying it Out

How to Improve Your Social Correctedness


Stammtisch Developed (Part 1)

Stammtisch Developed (Part 2)

Social Capital Explained

Stammtisch Again

World Network?


Amelia26 October 2020

This course provides a comprehensive overview of stress management with many useful resources to work through at a time that suits you. Chris is a great teacher with a soothing voice. Would highly recommend this course - especially during these unsettling times.

Johana19 August 2020

Stress is named the "New Century Illness". Therefore, this course is an excellent source of helpful information and ways to cope in a healthy way. Not avoiding, not complaining, not struggling. And is not just a course to learn tips, it is a course to UNDERSTAND in a DEEP way, based on SCIENCE, studies of EXPERTS and with an absolutely passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated Professor. You will never feel like you are learning alone, even when you are behind a computer so many miles away. I really recommend this course for everybody who would like to change for a better and be conscious of the emotional management and how to live in the present. THREE THOUSAND PERCENT RECOMMENDED!

Iryna5 August 2020

Its Absolutely Fantastic and im so Glad i.ve enrolled on this course, I enjoy every moment being on this course as i feel like being the part of this wonderful journey through the storms and waves and sunshine and darkness . and soooo many wonders on the way THANK you IRYNA P.

Bernadette22 June 2020

I am halfway through this course of Chris’s, have been taking notes throughout and finding it very beneficial, lots of great coping skills and inspirational quotes. I am a person who has both dystonia and anxiety so will continue on with this course and look forward to trying out some of the coping techniques and self help methods. Also great to see Chris’s video of Tom seamen who also has dystonia. 10/10 for this interesting course?

Elvira9 June 2020

Wonderful course. Relaxing and calming voice, great coping skills that can suit different types of individuals. Mister Chris is an amazing teacher and there is always a lot to learn from him. I love his little video about crosswords!

Elisabeth3 January 2020

This teacher is absolutely great. I love his soothing voice and pace. And also the little videos and scientific approach in an easy understandable way. Thank you for your ideas. Very creative.

Inga31 December 2019

The coping strategies shown in this course give me a good structure to cope in stressful situations: I recognized - that most of the time I prefer active coping and - that reflection helps me to find my personal possibilities I can use in difficult or stressful situations. I learnt the importance - trying to perceive the source of stress and finding my locus of control. I reflected some of my personality characteristics: - my optimistic outlook on finding solutions and change behavior and perception. Now I am sure that it can be helpful to solve my problems by - gathering information, - prioritizing, - requesting and accepting help from family and friends. - using the possibility to distract me and doing biofeedback. Meditation is one part of my coping strategies. I really recommend this course. The content can be an excellent help for many people. Thanks to Chris Bankes Sivewright! Inga Sauter-Hartmann Germany

Malka24 October 2019

yes. pace is slower than other courses by same lecturer - but also with each lecture packed with many things to 'take home'

Chana24 October 2019

This is amazing! Chris gives lots of tolls to REMEMBER all the new insights, lots of link sot websites that offer unbelievable ideas and projects to get all ages involved in all kinds of life building projects! Thanks, Chris!

Lona11 October 2019

I have a complicated life and am dealing with chronic lyme disease and losing from May until now on my goals and classes so I need better coping skills to get back on track. You gave this class and I am doing this one first to better able me to get back into my goals while dealing with much stress. I like his music and his pace and the information is critical for all of us in today's stress.


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