1Z0-1084-21 OCI 2021 Developer Associate [Practice Tests]

1Z0-1084-21 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification 2021 OCI Developer Associate practice test series.

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1Z0-1084-21 OCI 2021 Developer Associate [Practice Tests]
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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

To clear OCI 1Z0-1084 Developer Associate 2021 Certification

Basics of OCI

Practice of Exam question

Preparation of Exam


OCI 1Z0-1084 Infrastructure Developer Associate practice tests
All latest questions are updated to clear the OCI  Developer Associate Exam.
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I have put 1 full test and one-half test for practice. Will be adding more questions in the future. A great way to practice for your certification exam.

Criteria to pass

Format: Multiple Choice

Duration: 90 Minutes

Number of Questions: 60

Passing Score: 70 %

Topics covered

Cloud Native Fundamentals

  • Explain Distributed Computing

  • Explain Microservices vs. Containers vs. Functions

  • Discuss the Meaning of Serverless Computing

  • Describe Service Communication Patterns

Developing Cloud Native Applications

  • Develop Serverless Application with Oracle Functions

  • Develop Microservices and Applications for OKE

  • Use Data in Cloud Native

  • Use OCI APIs, SDKs and CLIupgrade

Securing Cloud Native Applications

  • Overcome Security challenges with Cloud Native

  • Use the Defense-in-depth approach

  • Configure and Use Secret Management

  • Use IAM for authn/authz

Testing Cloud Native Applications

  • Explain the Challenges of testing in Cloud Native world

  • Manage multiple environments (dev, test/stage, prod)

Operating Cloud Native Applications

  • Manage Infrastructure

  • Build, Deploy and Release Applications

  • Perform Tasks around Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting

All the topics on which questions can be asked are covered in this course. Answers to all the questions have been mentioned. Very helpful in clearing Infrastructure Developer Associate 2021 exam.

Additional Preparation and Information

You can go on Oracles website they have excellent documentation and material to prepare. Try to do hands-on and practice. With this test series in addition you are guaranteed to be passing in your first attempt.

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Good Luck with your Exam!!!



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