16 days; 16 hours; 16 screenplays!

Create Your Own Screenplay!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Screenwriting - under pressure!

Writing a screenplay within an hour of being given a prompt

The prompt is given and discussed - in real time

The screenplay written in response to the prompt is then discussed

Screenplays are included in the course


Very straightforward:

1. I take a RANDOM UNSEEN prompt

2. I then brainstorm it in real time - less than 5 minutes. You see me do this

3. The lecture stops and I go and write the Screenplay. Total time maximum: ONE HOUR

4. The second part of the lecture is where I discuss my screenplay

5. There are 16 screenplays with this course so ideally the course lasts 16 days

6. You are encouraged to put your ideas for the prompt in the Q/A. Discussion is key!

So, what does the student get out of this course?

1. SIXTEEN prompts + discussion (optional)

2. Seeing the end result (as a resource/attached document)

3. Discussion with the writer (Instructor) about WHY that screenplay

4. Opportunity (Q/A) to put own brainstorming and invite comments

5. Encouragement throughout from a very involved Instructor

In general, because of time constraints (1 hour from idea to screenplay) the film is 10-15 minutes long. The Instructor has either produced or directed or acted in over 100 films. He is in Equity, on Spotlight and Starnow.

So this course - this CHALLENGE - is ideal for someone new to screenwriting or just wants the discipline of writing 16 scripts in 16 hours in 16 days!


16 days; 16 hours; 16 screenplays!
16 days; 16 hours; 16 screenplays!
16 days; 16 hours; 16 screenplays!
16 days; 16 hours; 16 screenplays!




It's all true - prompt

It's all true screenplay pt 1

It's all true - screenplay pt 2

It's all true - screenplay pt 3

Test Submission - prompt

Test submission - screenplay - pt 1

Test submission screenplay - pt 2

Last Dance - prompt

Last Dance screenplay - pt 1

Last Dance screenplay - pt 2

Last Dance screenplay - pt 3

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) - prompt

Public Broadcasting Service - screenplay (pt 1)

Public Broadcasting Service - screenplay (pt 2)

Thick and red - prompt

Thick and red - screenplay

The best laid plans - prompt

The best laid plans - screenplay

Nightlight - prompt

Nightlight - screenplay

In my Father's House - the prompt

In my Father's House - the screenplay

Shopping Sorted - the prompt

Shopping Sorted - the screenplay

Annual meeting of the T.W.A.T.S. Society - prompt

Annual Meeting of the T.W.A.T. Society - the screenplay

My responsibility - the prompt

My responsibility - the screenplay pt 1

My responsibility - the screenplay pt 2

My responsibility - the screenplay - pt 3

Exam technique - the prompt

Exam technique - the screenplay

The Accidental Anagrammer - the prompt

The Accidental Anagrammer - the screenplay

Face, Glands, Embrace! - the prompt

Face, Glands, Embrace! - the screenplay

Benevolent Brother - the prompt

Benevolent Brother - the screenplay

A legend in his own mind - the prompt

A Legend in his own mind - the screenplay


Maria19 January 2021

This course was important for the New Year because I needed a boost in writing different styles. I liked each prompt when it was drawn from the mug. I enjoyed waiting each day to get a new prompt. The scripts the teacher gave where awesome because I could do my own without having to do long drawn out scripts. I could break up the scenes and put some together from other writings. I had to stretch my thinking, creativity and emotions when it came to the debt, something stupid, naturally slow, horror set in the past, present of future and silent horror prompt along with the blank page as well. All in all, I am glad I took this course. Thank you.

Ramesh31 December 2020

Very nice narration. I love to see the film making also for the script...step by step. Very nice, keep it up!!!


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