Branding for Beginners

15 Steps to Create a Visual Identity that Inspires Trust & Professionalism

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What you will learn

Create an appealing visual identity for your business or organization

Choose the perfect colors, fonts & visuals for your brand

Define exactly who your target audience is & create a brand that appeals to that audience

Build a consistent visual presence across different social media platforms

Get practical and learn from 4 case studies of (ethical) brands that are doing it right!


This course can help your company build a consistent visual identity that will :

✅ impress your customers,

✅ make you stand out from your competitors and

✅ make sure your brand is recognized and remembered.

The course is divided into 3 sections. The first section will answer the question: “Why do we need a visual identity?” It will clarify basic concepts like brand identity, Visual identity or positioning, we will go over the different elements of a visual identity and also study what are the characteristics that make a good Visual identity.

Section 2 is about getting things done and we will invite you to take the 15 steps to improve your business’s visual identity. We will talk about logos, color palettes, imagery styles, creating templates, visual branding for social media and much more. Each lesson will be followed by a little exercise that I have put together in order to help you assimilate the knowledge by doing.

In section 3 I will show some good practices in terms of visual identity with real life case studies. I have selected 4 companies that I think are doing a great job with their visual branding and I will spend about 10 minutes reviewing each of them, highlighting the good practices for you to take example.

I hope you’ll enjoy this course and that this knowledge will help you achieve success with your organization!


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Influencing how the world perceives you
Your visuals tell a story
Elements of the visual identity
Why do you need a visual identity?
The benefits of a strong visual identity
4 characteristics of a good Visual Identity


Before we jump into the 15 Steps
Prerequisite 01: Define who your audience is
Prerequisite 02: Define your Unique Selling Proposition
Introduction to the 15 Steps
STEP 01: Visualize Your Brand Personality
STEP 02: Find your Emotions
STEP 03: Keep It Simple
STEP 04: Keep it Consistent
STEP 05: Make it Easy to Understand
STEP 06: Speak the right Language
STEP 07: Brand your Social Media
STEP 08: Get a great logo
STEP 09: Choose the right fonts
STEP 10: Pick your colors
STEP 11: Run the Black and White and Tiny Tests
STEP 12: Ask for a feedback
STEP 13: Create templates
STEP 14: Keep your brand style guide close by
STEP 15: Use Canva


Introduction to the Real Life Examples
Alter Eco Pacific
Pebble Child
Fair Trade Original


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December 12, 2021
It is a nice start, but can tell it is an early udemy course for him. The later complete branding course he offers is much better in my opinion. Unless you are watching this one first which is a good starting point.
January 20, 2021
This course is very useful for beginners Simple, clear and practical steps and examples Thank you very much
December 29, 2020
I enjoyed this course. At first I didn't think I would because the style was quite informal but it was very informative and useful. Thank you
December 3, 2020
This is a long overdue rating, yet I keep coming back to this course as it is packed with useful tidbits I need for reference. Thank you for this course.
February 28, 2019
Ronny is an excellent, thorough teacher. I was taking another class of his (Canva) and realized I wanted to make sure my branding was solid, so I purposefully looked up this class. It didn't disappoint. Now I feel confident in my brand personality and voice.
September 17, 2018
Great, comprehensive course on branding and visual identity. Great for beginners with tons of examples and some helpful exercises and course materials.
June 20, 2018
Yes, this was a good course for me. I knew a little about branding, so this was perfect for a beginner like me.
May 11, 2018
The course was really insightful, made me realize that we were not paying much attention to aspects like visuals. Everything explained in easy and simple way!!! All in all a great course!!!!
April 19, 2018
5 stars from me! The course is formatted beautifully with some great visual aids as well as exercises and templates that help you to learn as you go. I’ve picked up many insightful tips about branding that I wasn’t aware of before this course. Ronny speaks clearly and explains complex theories and strategies about branding in a way that is easy to understand. Each lecture is packed with information and gets straight to the point. I’m really looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt so far in this course to my brand, I’ve already got loads of ideas from this course.
April 8, 2018
Informative, educational and straight to the point. This is a course I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn about branding. The instructor is very knowledgeable and speaks in a clear concise manner.
March 17, 2018
Branding for Beginners 15 Steps to Create a Visual Identity that Inspires Trust and professionalism Key details: 30 Lectures 2 hours Skill level: No previous skills Currently £11.99 (reduced from £19.99) I state all the above as that is key when assessing the course – especially on a VFM (value for money) basis. First I need to declare an interest in that I am an Udemy Instructor also and have Business courses on Udemy. My courses are not – repeat, NOT – in competition with this course as they are academic i.e. deal with A levels and other exams for the British education system. I also need to state that this review is written – I hope – in a constructive way, with suggestions. It ONLY covers the early part of the course but nonetheless is a long review. If you just wish to have the takeaway point then it is this: BUY IT! For 2 hours, this course offers a very useful, up to date introduction to Branding. It does what it says on the tin i.e. it instructs about branding for beginners. There are areas that – in my opinion – could be improved and also there are areas that could be expanded on. This would take time, quite a lot of time, and might lead to the price rising. First sample video I thought this was excellent. The Instructor introduced himself and described his background. This immediately personalised the course. However, I wonder if this would have been better as Lecture 1. I say this as sometimes people buy courses because of coupons or discounts and maybe do not look at the sample videos. By putting this – or even repeating it perhaps using a different background – as the initial lecture it helps the student keep in mind who the instructor is. Lesson 1 – Influencing how the world perceives you Brand identity is defined and explained Immediately an exercise is given – excellent stuff. I am immediately involved. I dislike business courses that do not give examples. I am here to learn and I learn by looking at examples – it makes the course real; it makes me focused. As this is for beginners though, I did find this presentation – though interesting – somewhat fast Lesson 2 – your visuals tell a story Practical example given straight away – this is excellent I did find the use of the website Raymisa somewhat too fast and distracting The Facebook background was interesting but again fast Lesson 3 elements of the visual identity Oxfam is used here as an example. So that is three different practical real life examples – very good When using real world examples I would like to know the instructor’s opinion as to whether the brand image is coming through clearly Lesson 4 why do you need a visual identity Now I am finding the background examples too fast and too distracting – this is exactly an example of information overload the instructor is talking about! Now I am getting tired. I would like to see a simple summary slide saying (for example) Here is a simple list of items to include while building your brand’s identity: • A simple colour palette • A primary logo mark and word mark. • A secondary logo mark and/or word mark • Fonts • Some sort of texture • Tips for photography Maybe copy a list from a website – and state the source. Give me further reading – I don’t expect this course to cover everything! In which case to counter the above: What Does My Visual Brand Identity NOT Need? • Email Signature • Headshots • Backgrounds Source: Lecture 5 the benefits of a strong visual identity Elements of this lecture, word for word, appear here: In which case the site could be linked to! Perhaps there could be a resources sheet listing various websites (such as: ) and then commenting on them Section 2 Lecture 7 This time we see the Instructor. I would have preferred to have seen him in lecture 1 introducing the course Section 2 Lecture 8 Defining your audience This lecture includes an exercise, which is good but ideally students could be asked to comment in the Q/A section. As a paying student I do not want this just to be a series of lectures that – maybe – I could find on YouTube. I want some sort of interaction. I want to be encouraged to ask questions, to be encouraged to put ideas out for discussion by others. Section 2 Lecture 9 Define your unique selling proposition Much of this lecture seemed to come from here: I have no real problem with this provided information is then added to or interpreted or applied. Why not apply it to any business you know? For example: we are asked why people will buy from us – the instructor could have asked himself the same questions and then explained his answer Lecture 11 Visualise your brand personality Reference could have been made to Dimensions of Brand Personality Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Also linking to Lecture 12 A lot of this lecture seems to have been based on In which case why not give some practical examples and analyse – using the information in your lecture. Exercise: write down five emotions you would like your brand to be associated with. The instructor has a business background – he is selling this course! What five emotions does he want his brand, his course, to be associated with? Resources Seven resources are included with this course. Taking one as an example, - the Mood Board Template – I feel it would be more helpful if the instructor slowly took the template and then worked through the example It would have been useful – and interesting – if exercises had been set throughout the course and students asked to post their answers on Udemy. For example, students could have been asked to: a. find a brand they are attracted to or repelled by b. say why they liked/disliked it Over time we would have seen the responses of other students and this would have added to the value and content of the whole course Also have some slides, have links to other sites and maybe a couple of quizzes? This review stops here. To go through and comment on the rest of the course would just mean this review almost became a course in itself! But I would add one more thing. Udemy courses are not just about watching a series of lectures. They are also interacting with the Instructor. So you also need to consider who the Instructor is and does he/she respond to questions. If you have not written a review yet – do so! But also ask the instructor questions (if you have them) and build his response into your own evaluation. So, as I said in the beginning, everyone should buy this course, watch it, develop it with your own ideas, ask questions and make your own journey into the brand/visual identity world. I am sure Mr Hermosa will be there to respond to each and every question about this course!
March 14, 2018
I really enjoyed this comprehensive course! it covers not only about branding but also basic marketing as well. As I am a graphic designer, this course gave me a great opportunity to review my previous branding and step back to the basic to think about why branding really matters. I highly recommend this course not only for hobby learners, design students and beginners but also skilled designers to reconsider basic design strategy and how branding would be perceived from others point of view.
March 12, 2018
Ronny got the job done with this course! High-quality content, and great way to explain it all: not too quick, not too slow. Moreover - even though the topic is really specific - Ronny managed to keep an eye on the general "umbrella subject" of business (without losing track tho!) Highly recommended!
March 2, 2018
Great course, very useful! It really helped me understand important things about the brand I am creating at the moment. Straight to the point, clear and pleasant. Outline of the course is very good and gives space to understand and integrate the business elements that needs to be expressed trough the visual identity of a brand. Clear steps to develop the visual elements, the ideas and feelings you want to communicate and consistency across different channels. I recommend it!
February 26, 2018
I found the course full of well-explained information. He provided new knowledge broken down into small sections easy to understand. It was nice to follow lists with bullet points because that made it super easy for me to take notes of what I was learning in each section. I also liked to see so many different real examples of what to do and not to do. Thank you!



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