14 Incredible Insights for a Happy Life

Learn the fascinating insights on beautiful mind, 5 thriving powers of life & rewire thought patterns with Affirmations

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May 2021

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What you will learn

The Real Source of Happiness

Law of Relationships

Knowing about Beautiful Mind

Rewiring Toxic Thought

Healing Any Hurt

Vedantic Insights to Decision Making

Neutralizing Superstitions


Do you know that living life is also an art?? We just seem to go around with life as it is and never ask this question as to why certain things are happening the same way all the time. We often tend to complain about the results we get, we blame others for the failure in our relationships, we question the self, we often hate ourselves but fail to realize what is causing all this.

This course will give you great insights into all these answers and will help you delve deeper through understanding the subconscious beliefs ingrained in your mind. Not only you will get to know the workings of thought patterns, but you will also gain valuable insights into decision making through Vedanta Approach.

This course will help you in:

  • Knowing & Loving the Self

  • Rewiring Toxic Thought

  • Source of Happiness

  • Secret Power to Heal Hurt

  • Effective Law of Relationships

  • Unwinding Karma

  • Loving Your Work

  • Knowing about a beautiful mind

  • Changing the subconscious conditioning

  • Leading a Happier Life

  • Decode Lucky & Unlucky Days

  • Neutralizing Superstitions

  • Vedantic Insights into Effective Decision Making

  • Importance of Doing One Thing

With the 5 thriving powers available to us, you will appreciate the beauty of life in all domains and get the miracle-working power of affirmations to change the subconscious conditioning of your mind.


14 Incredible Insights for a Happy Life
14 Incredible Insights for a Happy Life
14 Incredible Insights for a Happy Life
14 Incredible Insights for a Happy Life


Knowing The Self

Course Introduction

Knowing about the Beautiful mind

Rewiring Toxic Thoughts

Unwinding Karma

Section 2: Five Powers To Thrive

Unravelling the source of happiness

Miracle of Positivity

Power of Gratitude

Effective Law of Relationships:Vedanta Way

Secret Power to Heal Hurt

Breaking The Broken

Neutralizing Superstitions

Decoding Lucky & Unlucky Days

Doing One Thing

The Real Gold

Vedantic Insight to Better decisions

Five Minute Power Affirmation

Eight Golden Tips


Sundaramoorthy28 May 2021

This course is very valuable to me personally where i got new insights for happiness and continue happiness.course length is not too long or very short.

Aneta18 May 2021

Thank you :) Nitesh is a very positive person and speaks clearly on topics. His course will definitely help me in my personal development. I strongly recommend it :)

Armando2 April 2021

I enrolled in this course for the positive and cheerful attitude showing the instructor. Now the instructor seems to me an excellent and great person. The course is great, it has opened my mind to the possibility of being better and happier. I feel calm, serene and a little happy at this time, thanks to the messages and ideas that the instructor provides in this course.

Tracy30 March 2021

Just started Tonite and found it interesting and a quick watch..videos are short and sweet.. took less than a half hour to watch the first part which is three videos

Brian14 March 2021

This is by far my most enjoyable Udemy course. Nitesh is such a lovely, gentle, sincere and encouraging person. His lectures are short, very informative, easily understood and easy to put into practice. The only course you will need to understand yourself and improve your life. Thank you Nitesh.

Surabhi1 March 2021

This is such a brilliant course! I always though happiness is such an abstract art to achieve.. but here are some amazing methods to attract happiness into your life. The best part though, is that each of these insights are based out of historical practices, past concepts that have worked for ages!

Adam26 February 2021

Amazing topic shared by an amazing instructor. The instructor was engaged and confident to deliver ideas, thoughts, skills, knowledge with examples. I suggested to the instrctor to reinforce the course with links to written trusted ressources such as free books, free trusted websites, scientific research, positive psychilogy, positive thinking...acceptance, building resilience, gratitude...self-care... I like the topic and the happy instructor. Wish you all the best.

Stephie24 February 2021

So far nothing I didn’t already know. Also finding the accent quite strong which is making it a bit more difficult to understand.

Ankita26 January 2021

Another amazing course by the instructor. Thank you Nitesh for all the wonderful tips and advices on how can we nurture our life with positivity and happiness. The content is beautifully designed and explained in the most simplest manner. I totally recommend this course to everyone, its short and sweet with lot of learnings.

Nimisha23 January 2021

Here to all the Life Lovers out there ! ❤️ Another amazing & insightful course by Nitesh Gurnani is just around & available on Udemy to get completed after your hectic week. It was designed so beautifully and can make your life Beautiful too , so don't forget to pursue it in your meantime. Really , Grateful and Thankful to Nitesh for delivering such a great content to us ????

Gabby20 January 2021

This course is unbelievably rich in knowledge and I absolutely love all the key concepts for a more fulfilling and happier life that the instructor, Nitesh, addresses in such a concise manner for everyone's understanding. Just really another great course created by Nitesh!


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