14-day English language fluency course

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14-day English language fluency course
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Jun 2018
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What you will learn

Be able to speak fluently about 14 common topics.

Learn more than 100 new words.

Why take this course?

¡Hola! Me gustaría participar en tu curso de 14 días para mejorar mi habla del inglés. Creo que que con un enfoque positivo y una estructura consistente, puedo ver una gran mejora en mis habilidades lingüísticas. Estoy emocionado por aprender de ti y tu método. ¿Cuál es el primer paso para comenzar?


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Our review

Overview of the Course: The course has received an impressive global rating of 4.69, with all recent reviews being positive. The majority of learners have found the course to be highly beneficial, particularly for improving vocabulary and listening skills in English. The clear, slow, and understandable explanations provided by the instructor have been consistently praised.


  • Ease of Understanding: The instructor's pace and clarity make it easy for learners to grasp new concepts.
  • Effective Learning Method: Many learners report a noticeable improvement in their ability to speak English more naturally.
  • Practical Application: The course structure is deemed practical, helping learners apply what they've learned during daily conversations.
  • Clear Pronunciation: The instructor's vocalization and pronunciation are described as perfect, which aids comprehension.
  • Broad Range of Vocabulary: Learners have appreciated the diverse range of vocabulary introduced in the course.
  • Encouragement for Beginners: The course is particularly recommended for beginners, with some learners suggesting it's also beneficial for intermediate levels as an introduction to more advanced techniques.
  • Highly Recommended: Most learners have expressed that they would recommend this course to others looking to improve their English fluency.


  • Desire for Visual Aids: Some learners suggested that adding pictures to new words could enhance memory retention.
  • Need for Advanced Content: Learners at intermediate levels and above feel the need for more advanced content to further improve speaking skills.
  • Limited Focus: The course is well-received for basic level learners but might not be as comprehensive for those who have already acquired a good foundation in English.

Instructor Appreciation: The instructor, Mr. Joel South, has been specifically praised for his clear speech and the practical nature of the course. Learners appreciate his ability to communicate effectively and his vocal perfection. The instructor's approach has been recognized as a valuable tool for encouraging English learning.

Learner Experiences: Learners have reported that before taking this course, they struggled with using vocabulary in speech but found that after the course, they could think of words more naturally while speaking. This indicates a significant improvement in their conversational skills.

Conclusion: This course is highly recommended for English learners at all levels, with a special emphasis on beginners and those looking to enhance their fluency and vocabulary. The consistent positive feedback across various aspects of the course—from content to presentation style—demonstrates its effectiveness. While there are minor suggestions for improvement, such as adding visual aids and providing more advanced material, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.

Additional Notes:

  • Accessibility: The clear enunciation makes the course accessible to learners with different native languages or hearing abilities.
  • Practice Opportunities: The course offers ample opportunity for practice and reinforcement of new vocabulary and speaking techniques.
  • Cultural Insight: Learners also gain insight into English-speaking cultures through the instructor's examples and explanations.

Final Thoughts: This course stands out as a valuable asset in one's journey to learn English. With its practical approach, clear instruction, and comprehensive content, it is a strong contender for those looking to improve their English skills. The positive reviews speak volumes about the course's efficacy, making it an excellent choice for English learners everywhere.



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