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Copywriting 101 Essential Copywriting Skills For Success

Copywriting the 80:20 way - Discover 12 Easy to implement Copywriting Secrets to improve your Copywriting today!

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Copywriting 101 Essential Copywriting Skills For Success


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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the Key Motivators of Selling

Learn the Basic Psychology of Selling

Discover the Four Key Ingredients of Effective Copywriting

Learn how to address your Audience effectively

Why pain is a great trigger to capture attention

How to deal effectively with your readers objections

Understand why your reader will want what he cannot have

Grasp the true value of a captivating headline

Understand why your reader is selfish and how to use that to your advantage

Discover the true value of social proof and why people follow

Understand how to remove risk to increase conversions

How to write in a way that anyone can understand you

What is meant by the KISS principle when applied to copywriting


Do you want to improve your Copywriting in 12 simple steps!

The Pen is mightier than the Sword - if you know how to use it!


Selling online requires expertise and skill - I want to save you hours of research by taking you through my 12 Secret Steps to Great Copy Writing


This 45 minute course will teach you about 12 key aspects of writing great copy:


2. Audience

3. Format

4. Pain

5. Objections

6. Scarcity

7. Headlines

8. Benefits

9. Endorsements

10. Risk

11. Readability

12. Simplicity +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

As with all my Courses:

  • You will have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever
  • All future additional lectures, bonuses in this Course are always free once you have enrolled
  • My help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question


When you complete this course, you will be able to apply each of the 12 Steps to your copywriting today. These are key principles which can guide you to write more effectively without having to spend hours reading long books or hunting for information about writing on the internet.

Each Step is designed to be:

  • Concise
  • Simple
  • Actionable


At the end of the course I have a special bonus for you - but you will need to take the course to find out what it is! As the course is free....what are you waiting for?


Enroll today and start improving your writing, your sales and your profits!



Why You Need to Take This Course

What this Course is NOT!

Please Introduce Yourself

12 Secret Steps

AIDA is not just an Opera!

Have you any idea who you are talking to?

Who cares what format you use?

Hurting? Want someone to heal your pain?

I haven't got time or money for Objections!

Don't worry, there's always plenty of Scarcity to go round!

So, why are YOU reading my Headlines?

Why do you always want to know whats in it for you?

Endorsements? Pah! Prove it to me!

I Guarantee to you that I love Risk! Or do I?

Right it Wright to Be Red! or you won't be Readable!

Keep it Simple S…. and throw away your Theasaurus

Bonus - Mini Copywriting Course

Introduction to Mini Copywriting Course

6 Ways to Grab Your Readers By the Throat - with Headlines

The Six Essential Components of a Sales Pitch

Six Surprisingly Powerful Words

Six Soft Skills behind a Great Promo Video

Six Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are You Ready to take the Next Step?

Wrap Up and Summary

Summary and Wrap Up


Ricky29 November 2017

Great introduction to copy writing. Good solid information. Though the intro and outro music is a bit over done. This is a good course for absolute beginners.

Karine15 September 2017

I am a visual person. Access to a manual or a booklet would have been good too. However, the courses are clear and to the point and Mr. Colley is an excellent communicator and teacher. I love his voice too.

Stephanie5 September 2017

Really good info! Thinking about taking his full copywriting course. Great presentation and he has high energy.

Kimberly3 June 2017

A lot of good information well delivered. I really like the instructor's accent, it just happened to keep my attention even more.

Terry28 July 2016

Enjoyed the course. Well orgainised and to the point. The only downside is that it was rather short. So be prepared to sign up for the longer course if you are really interested in the subject and need the extra help. Otherwise, I found it a great review for the beginner like me, and am sure even the advanced vetran copywriter will pick up at least a few useful tips to improve their skills.

Dawn20 March 2016

A very good framework for overcoming a lot of the "writers' block" that new copywriters face. It's hard to know what the guardrails are for getting people's attention with good copy, and these are excellent points to guide the process. Only thing is... I kinda wish there'd been less time spent pitching other classes, and the "introducing John" part probably could have been cut down and edited out of the later videos. For the sake of time, I ended up fast-forwarding past those. Otherwise, highly recommended! It's clear that he uses his own advice and that it works really, really well!

Amanda16 March 2016

Basic, simple with no fluff. A good place to start. John is well spoken and anyone can understand him.

R25 February 2016

This course isn't what I was expecting exactly, because I thought it was more about learning to write copy for OTHERS rather than for your own products or services, but I find the material interesting and helpful. I like that the different subjects are brief and there are small chunks I can do as I choose that make them seem more doable, rather than longer segments that could be intimidating. It'd be nice if for some of the things you talk about that examples were included. For example, with headings and subheadings, just a few (visual) examples of good and bad ones, and then brief explanations would help a lot. Real examples sometimes speak more than explanations. Also, make sure your on-screen notes match with the Lecture topic. Lecture 22 is confusing. It's titled, "Six Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them", yet your notes have titles like "High Energy" when it should have "Lack of High Energy" as the mistake isn't high energy, but NOT having it. Same for the next point in that lecture. "Short Sentences" isn't the mistake. That should have a heading more like, "Too Long/Too Wordy" instead. Overall, though, I've really enjoyed this course. It covers the basics in a short amount of time. Thanks. (Sorry for the block of text. It was in decent paragraphs when I submitted it.)

Maciek2 November 2015

The course is very basic and short. It is worth 2 dollars that I paid (promotional price), but definitely not 100+$. You can get the same knowledge for free somewhere else. Not satisfied.

Mike22 October 2015

Good little mini course that will allow budding copywriters to get an outline and mini cheat sheet of what they need to do.

Nathaniel28 September 2015

Thank You John. As I am only 50% through the course, I appreciate how concise your points are. Some I already knew but you definitely opened my eyes to other points such as Scarcity and Pain. I will begin the bonus section later this evening. Thanks Again -Nathan

David30 August 2015

Nice, fast-paced introduction to the art of writing good marketing copy. After taking this course, you'll be hungry for something a bit more advanced.

Nancy28 July 2015

Thx John for the unfforgetable tips and tricks i have taken from this course...it is a very good idea to go over a subject again as the first time it often doesn't sink in.... nice delivery tho the intro/outro is unforgetable too. :)) 50 times! Nancy

Connie6 June 2015

I found everything about this course interesting and informative. I do have some small objections, hence the four stars. The introductory music is annoying and watching the instructors eyes keep going to the side to read his script was distracting. Just keep in mind it is very basic with basic information. Overall, great course with great content.

Bonnie22 April 2015

I enjoyed this course and benefitted a great deal. John is upbeat and enthusiastic in his approach and explains the steps involved clearly. He is to the point and ends each of his video tutorials with a CTA. He speaks clearly and keeps me engaged all the way to the end.


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