105 Excel VBA Functions Explained

Become business-grade VBA developer with this "Learn-by-Example" course. Programming techniques and VBA masters secrets.

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Advanced use of Excel VBA in business applications development

Computer programming techniques implemented in Excel VBA

Layout a strong foundation for efficient, professional business applications built with Excel VBA


“Since I have started your 105 Excel VBA Functions course on Udemy I have become a big fan of your approach. This course is not just a basic VBA course but it actually generates useful tips for real life problems” - Marcel Eggen, The Netherlands

In this course I'll walk you through 105 Excel VBA functions that have been proven in real life business applications I developed for my customers over the years.

Unlike a boring walk-through of explaining VBA, here you learn in the fastest way possible, which is learning by example.

In addition to giving you actual code you can use today, each of the 105 pieces of code include a video where I explain the code line by line, along with imporant programming best practices and VBA masters secrets.

You will not find any course like it anywhere!

You will have the option of downloading* all of these functions and using them in your own programs!

I have also included user interaction dialog boxes for a professional look and a pleasant user experience. Use these User Forms to create more dialog boxes for your specific applications.

By understanding my thought process and how these functions are written, you will improve your own VBA skills when writing your own functions.

In addition, if you plan to create Excel VBA applications for clients, or even  within your company, when you download this functions library of mine, you will have a solid foundation for actual business applications built with Excel.

I have used these functions in projects for companies like: Citadis, Re-solutions Insurance, Hospitality Designs, Customer Faithful and many others.

This library will save you tons of time and frustration you would otherwise invest to create these functions yourself.

* Your name and email are required if you wish to download the 105 Excel VBA Functions Pack


105 Excel VBA Functions Explained
105 Excel VBA Functions Explained
105 Excel VBA Functions Explained
105 Excel VBA Functions Explained



Course structure and contents

Array Functions

Section Intro: what is an array?

Check if array is dimentioned

Match a value for its index along a 2-D array column or row

Match a value for its index along a 1-D array column or row

Transpose a 2-D array

Sum numeric values in a column of a 2-D array

Application Control Functions

Section Intro: controlling the application

Check if your program is in Production mode

Restore the State of the application to normal

Data Export/Import Functions

Section Intro: text files

Export an Excel Table as a csv file

Export a Worksheet as a csv file

Export an array as a csv file

Import a csv file into an Excel Table

Import a csv file into a Worksheet

System Input/Output Functions

Section intro: Input/Output

Delete a file

Extract the file name out of a full path

Convert a file name to a Windows legal file name

Delete old files in a folder

Get the storage drives list from Windows

Move a file

Copy a file

Check if a file exists

Notification Functions

Section Intro: notification

Present a message to the user in the application Status Bar

Clear the application Status Bar

Printing Functions

Section Intro: printing

Check if the printer is turned on and ready

Print out a Worksheet

Sets rows as repeating rows in PageSetup for printing

Protection Functions

Section Intro: protection

Protect a Workbook

Unprotect the Workbook

Protect a single Worksheet

Unprotect a single Worksheet

Protect all Worksheets in a Workbook

Unprotect all Worksheets in a Workbook

Reports Functions

Section Intro: reports

Formats a column of cells

Formats a column of cells in an Excel Table

Apply (or remove) WrapText to a range of cells

Draw borders around a range: sides, color, weight

Apply formatting to a row of a report

Appliy fill and/or font color to a column(s) of cells

Apply fill and/or font color to a column(s) of cells as a conditional formatting

Clears content and formatting from all cells of a report

Search & Navigation Functions

Section Intro: search & navigation

Find a text string in a Worksheet

Get the column letter by its index

Activate the startup Worksheet specified by the user

Worksheets & Workbooks Functions

Section Intro: Worksheets & Workbooks

Check if a Worksheet-scope range name is defined

Hide all Worksheets flagged with a Worksheet-scope range name

Hide a single Worksheet

Unhide a single Worksheet

Check if a Worksheet is currently hidden

Check if a Worksheet exists and visible

Copy a Worksheet to a newly created Workbook

Open an Excel file if not already open

Check if a Workbook is currently open

Create a new Worksheet

Close a Workbook

Windows System Functions

Section Intro: Windows system

Get the logged-in Windows user name

Get the computer name running Excel

Get the local PC country code

Get the full path to the Windows temporary folder

Pause execution of the program

Excel Tables Functions

Section Intro: Excel Tables

Add a new row to a table

Delete row of current cell within a table

Add a new row at the end of the table with values

Fills a row of Fields in a Worksheet with values

Delete a complete Worksheet row by its index

Delete a row from a Worksheet matched to a Value in a Column

Remove last row of a table

Update column value of rows matching a column value

Resize a table

Get the number of data rows in a table

Get the number of columns in a table

Get the Worksheet row of record matched to a key

Get the Worksheet row of a newly added row

Get the Worksheet row of table record matched to a key

Get the Worksheet column in which a column header is found in a table

Sort a table

Delete table rows except first rows

Clear a table's non-formulas cells and delete rows

Get a table cell value matched by row index and column name

Vlookup implementation on a table

Vlookup with cell update on a table

Load all rows of a table column into an array

Find & Replace in cells of a table column

Apply an array to a table

Get the table index row of the active Worksheet cell

Reset all filters of a table

User Interaction Functions

Section Intro: user interaction

Pop up a login dialog box to the user

Pop up a message box with a single "Close" button and a warning icon

Pop up a dialog requesting some input from the user

Pop up a message box with a "Yes" and "No" buttons

Pop up a message box with a single "Close" button and a confirmation icon

Control user input length in a text control on a user form

Get Worksheet name of active cell

Get value of active cell

Get Worksheet row of active cell

Worksheet column index of active cell

Get the value of intersection of current active cell row and a Worksheet column

Get the value of intersection of current active cell column and a Worksheet row

Expand Excel data area to full screen

Restore Excel data area to regular size

Show or hide Worksheet rows and columns headings

Close the Excel application or just the active Workbook


Edwin31 January 2021

This course is brilliant - completely in-depth with every line of code explained. Am already producing better-written, robust code in my own projects

Marcel5 May 2020

If you are looking for a VBA course that actually generates usefull scripts, i.e. not some general stuff but scripts you can directly use in your own projects, than this course is exactly right. I went through all the lessons and I am now implementing various functions in my projects. That is what you want to get out of a course.

George4 April 2020

To everyone reading this, if you are looking for a course loaded with valuable information and tricks and well-designed functions and modules plus a very well experienced teacher, this is the one. One thing I have to say that the quality of the video could be better I am using the 720(max) and still not clear enough. I hope in the next courses he addresses this issue. Also, I hope if he could upload a course about interacting between MySql and excel it will be very helpful and exciting to learn. Again His the one.


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