Sports Scholarships: Tips from 20-Yr NCAA Recruiting Veteran

Get insider tips from a recruiting assistant (UF, UM, UNC & Elon/Rivals-Alabama/FSU) to earn scholarship offers ASAP!

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What you will learn

Understand what and how college coaches evaluate recruits to use to your advantage vs. the competition

How to prepare your video and resume for college coaches -- and insider tips and tricks to get your profile evaluated

To develop and narrow down your needs and wants to choose the perfect program for you

How to overcome setbacks, how to separate yourself amongst 1,000s of recruits & how to improve your stock

Key advice on how to improve as a leader, develop strong intangibles, make small sacrifices and improve time management skills


Use insider recruiting tips learned under 22 head coaches and numerous coordinators and assistant coaches, competing in eight different sports, to jumpstart your recruiting opportunities to earn NCAA scholarships and to continue your athletic career at the collegiate level!

The program includes action steps for each section:

- Part I - How to Get Noticed by College Coaches (ASAP!)

- Part II - Get Organized - What Exactly You Need Now!

- Part III - Develop YOUR List of Needs and Wants

- Part IV - Take Advantage of How Coaches Evaluate

- Part V - How to Get an Edge Among Thousands of Players

- Part VI - Road Blocks & How to Overcome Them

You will learn seven tip strategies to get noticed by coaches; how to build your resume and video profile; develop your needs and wants in a program; understand how coaches evaluate and rank recruits; key questions to ask coaches during the recruiting process; top factors to consider when evaluating programs; 20 signs that a coach is considering offering you a scholarship; how to separate yourself among the pack; Junior Colleges; how to improve your intangibles; grow through leadership, sacrifices, mental toughness and time management; how to overcome obstacles; info on NCAA eligibility and university academic standards;  how to walk-on at your dream school plus much, much more!


Part I - How to Get Noticed by College Coaches (ASAP!)

#1 Rule to Remember in Recruiting
7 Strategies: How College Coaches Find Recruits
7 Strategies: Strategy #1 - Camps
7 Strategies: Strategy #2 - Highlight Video
7 Strategies: Strategy #3 - Regional Combines
7 Strategies: Strategy #4 - Recommended by Prep Coach
7 Strategies: Strategy #5 - Tournaments and Games
7 Strategies: Strategy #6 - Scouting Services
7 Strategies: Strategy #7 - Offered by Rival / Comparable School
Fundamentals & Improvements
Don't Limit Opportunities for $$$ and Playing Time
Action Steps: How to Get Attention from College Recruiters

Part II - Get Organized - What Exactly You Need Now!

How to get started NOW
TIPS: What to Include in Videos to College Coaches
Pick 10 Schools: Let's Get Started!
Register with NCAA Eligibility Center
Academic Standards: Understanding NCAA/NAIA Requirements
Action Steps: Get Portfolio Organized

Part III - Develop YOUR List of Needs and Wants

Narrowing Your List: What's Important to You
Financial Aid: Full Scholarships vs. Partial Scholarships
32 Factors Athletes Evaluate During Recruiting Process
Questions to Ask Coaches During Recruiting Process
Action Steps: Developing Your List of Top Schools

Part IV - Take Advantage of How Coaches Evaluate

The Slotting Process
Recruiting Responsibilities: How to Find WHO to Send Your Info to First
Watch Lists: How Coaches Rank Recruits for Each Class
One Sport vs. Multiple Sport Athletes
Evaluation: Skill vs. Size
20 Signs a Coach is Considering You for a Scholarship
Predictors: How Coaches Project How You Will Develop
Action Steps: Mastering Evaluations

Part V - How to Get an Edge Among Thousands of Players

Separate Yourself: Improve Your Worth
Work Ethic: Come Early, Stay Late
Know This: College Coaches Are Evaluating EVERYTHING About You
Social Media Tips
Questionnaires: Help Yourself
Time Management Tips
Sacrifices: How to Improve Your Standing Even More
Develop Into an Elite Leader
Action Steps: Get an Edge in Recruiting

Part VI - Road Blocks & How to Overcome Them

Junior College Route
Frustrated: I'm Working Hard but Not Seeing Improvements
What if There's a Change in Coaching Staff?
Don't Give Up: What to Do When Not Hearing Back from Coaches
What if I've been Benched or Suspended?
Walk-On Tips
Other Ways to Pay for School
Resolving Issues with a Coach
Your Responsibility: Scholarships Are Up to You
Mental Toughness: Tips to Improve
Action Steps: How to Overcome Obstacles & Road Blocks in Recruiting


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April 11, 2023
We're on our way now! After being stuck during my daughter's sophomore year we're seeing lots of moving and interest now. Love this program can't recommend enough.
April 11, 2023
This time that this course has saved me. I was sending letters and calling coaches every day. All of this info has saved me so much time and has helped our standing. We're actually seeing results now- it's just about getting in front of the right people. This spells everything out.
April 11, 2023
Much more prepared with this info than our first child's recruitment. Even though we know "the ropes" we still learned so much. Easy tips to apply.
April 10, 2023
ABSOLUTELY helped me understand the whole process better in a timely way. Feel very much informed now.
April 10, 2023
Stop what you're doing right now and sign up if you have a child wanting to move on to play NCAA sports!!! RUN -- now!! That's all I can say.
April 9, 2023
Our son's school doesn't provide much support or direction in terms of recruiting -- so this was a lifesaver for us who have no experience with college athletics. It's our son's dream to continue to play sports in college and every dollar in scholarship money will help us get there. Thank you so much for putting this together in such an easy way to understand. Not too complicated but extremely informative.
April 9, 2023
Wish I had all this insider knowledge years ago when I was going through the recruiting process myself.
April 9, 2023
MUST WATCH for parents who feel stumped. Now we feel in control, and ready to master recruiting. THANKS AGAIN.
April 9, 2023
Told every parent I know on my son's sports teams! Covers everything from A-Z that you would need to know as a parent, recruit, high school coach -- anyone helping our children with the recruiting process. Easy tips to apply with results already being seen for our son. Thanks for helping.
April 9, 2023
Best investment! So many services want to charge thousands of dollars to do much less than this lessons did for us. Very informative, worth it x 100. Would highly recommend to anyone considering signing up.
April 9, 2023
Starting from scratch as a single parent I felt like I was spinning my wheels with no results. After following the directions in this tutorial we are seeing results and will keep building on those this summer. Each section goes in depth and has action steps -- cut and dry directions of what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc. Very informative.
April 9, 2023
Gave us much more confidence in the "game" to understand coaches and read between the lines of what they were telling us. This was our first child to be recruited by NCAA programs so we felt loss in the begining -- but not more!!!! Really appreciate it.
April 9, 2023
Feel like we're getting insider advice, answered all my questions and many more. Appreciated the step by step plan.
April 8, 2023
I'm a single parent whose short on time but really wanted to help my daughter with recruiting situations. This was a great investment, feel much more confident and prepared now with this knowledge.
April 8, 2023
Quick and to the point lessons. Lots of tips to apply to what we've been doing on our own so far. Easy to understand. Definitely feel as though the program will help us gain thousands in scholarships. Thank you!!


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