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10 Things Every Coach or Consultant Needs to Know to Succeed

Learn How to Avoid Frustration and Mistakes, Be Better Prepared, Enjoy Your Business, and Be More Successful

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

By the end of this course you will understand what it takes to succeed in your own coaching or consulting business.

You will know what to expect, what skills you'll need, and 10 critical success factors.


Are you a new coach or consultant who is just starting out in business? 

Or, maybe you've been in business a while but you’re struggling to get clients.

In either case, this course is for you. 

In fact, I believe so strongly in the content I share in this course I think it should be mandatory for every new coach and consultant.

There are so many things you simply don’t know and can’t anticipate when you go into business for yourself. 

  • Things no one ever tells you

  • Things you simply overlook

  • Things you don’t think about

And all of those unknowns can make business frustrating, difficult, and frankly a real struggle. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you know what to expect and do, it changes everything.     

Suddenly you're able to… 

  • Be better prepared so you can succeed in your business.

  • Relax and enjoy your business more

  • Avoid many of the common mistakes (and the pain and frustration that goes along with learning the hard way)

  • Eliminate failures (I’ll be honest, you can’t totally eliminate all failure but you can sure minimize it!)

  • Save yourself a lot of frustration, pain, and heartache

  • Become successful in your business more quickly and easily

  • In this course I share:

  • What I learned after starting my own business, making mistakes, and learning the hard way.

  • The differences between working in a job and running your own business.

  • The common mistakes and misconceptions new coaches and consultants make and have.

  • All the things I wish someone had told me BEFORE I started my own coaching and consulting business.

I learned everything I teach in this course the hard way.

I’ve been in business on my own since 1998. I’ve started 8 different businesses. Three became successful 6-figure businesses relatively quickly (within the first year or so). The others, well let’s just say I learned some valuable lessons! 

I was probably a lot like you when I started my first business.  Full of ideas, passion, motivation and drive. But no experience running a business. I’ve learned so much that I feel an obligation to share it with those who are just starting out, or those who are struggling. 

There's no reason you have to discover these 10 things the hard way. 


Whether you’re thinking about becoming a coach or consultant, you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been in business for years and things aren’t going quite the way you’d hoped, I believe understanding the 10 things I share in this course will help you. 

Consider this course your sneak peek into the future of what it takes to run a successful coaching or consulting business. Your opportunity to learn from someone who has been-there-done-that and is now sharing it with YOU!


10 Things Every Coach or Consultant Needs to Know to Succeed
10 Things Every Coach or Consultant Needs to Know to Succeed
10 Things Every Coach or Consultant Needs to Know to Succeed
10 Things Every Coach or Consultant Needs to Know to Succeed



Course Introduction

#1) Make Sure You're Prepared

Master Your Craft

Inventory Your Skills

Identify a Need in the Market

Identify a Unique Brand Position

Have Solid Financial Footing


#2) Take The Right Action

Focus on Serving People

Take Consistent Action

Focus on Revenue Generating Activities

Spend Wisely

Know It's Up To You


#3) Master Your Mindset

Move Through Challenges

Move Through Fear

Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset

Take Time-Outs

Accept You're A Team Of One

Have 100% Confidence

Mind Your Own Business


#4) Cultivate Entrepreneurial Personality Traits





#5) You're More Than A Coach Or Consultant

Be Willing To Wear Many Hats

#6) Never Stop Growing

Grow Yourself

Grow Your Business

#7) Be Open To Change

Expect Change

Plan For Change

#8) Stay Focused

The Power Of Focus

#9) Have Fun

Do Work You Enjoy

Delegate or Delete

#10) Make A Difference

The World Needs Change Makers

Go All In

Wrap-Up and Review

A Summary of What We've Covered


Katherine11 September 2020

This course gives very clear directions and insights for creating an enjoyable business structure. Thank you ?

Daniel5 July 2020

This is a great course for those who wish to build their own business using tried and tested methods. Good insight into starting, managing, and growing a business. I have started a few businesses over the years but have never really gone all-in because I was too focsued on the money rather than solving customer problems. I also used to be less comfortable with selling than I am today so agree that business owners need to wear multiple hats (CEO/CFO/CMO/CIO) to win clients but ensure this is done in a way that motivates. Staying up-to-date with market trends and continually grow your expertise is also key, as this helps to differentiate you from your competitors. Good luck.

Sandra21 March 2020

This course had great advice for all entrepreneurs, not just coaches. It helped me gain more clarity and focus as to how I want to help others.

Toh9 December 2019

Debbie’s lessons are practical and easy to apply. She makes you think and understand what is required to be a great coach or consultant.

Ralf11 November 2019

Some insights of what is commonly known or obverese but can't be repeated often enough. Perfect refresher as a compact wrap up.

Kristen23 May 2019

This is a fantastic course! It far exceeded my expectations. This is information every consultant needs to know so they don't have to learn it through trial and error. If you want to be a successful consultant these 10 things will help.

Michael24 December 2018

Great and useful information - I love her easy to understand structure and I can find the holes in my activity.

Melissa1 September 2018

A wonderful roundup of information, delivered in a very easy to understand, relatable and digestible manner.

Olena8 August 2018

Thanks.I like that in this course coach is shearing her own experience in business. There are a number of helpful questions for every person in the business.

Deondre17 March 2018

Ms. LaChusa is very knowledgeable and I appreciate her creating this course to help set me up for success. She goes through each point with just the right amount of real-world examples. I thoroughly enjoyed this course while I was learning from it. I do not know of anything Ms. LaChusa could do to improve this course. I enjoyed it just the way it is. :)

Zoe29 November 2017

Short, direct, to the point. For all of us running a biz, time is so precious. I really like it when there is clarity in the teaching and no beating round the bush. It's bite-sized and I can take what I learn and easily reflect / apply it.

Funke22 January 2017

Useful insights before starting out. It is evident that Debbie is genuinely trying to help people set up meaningful and successful businesses encouraging us to self-reflect and be intentional with our actions

Rosalie25 July 2014

This course provided so much useful information for coaches and consultants. I personally find it useful since I 'm in the planning stages of opening my own business image consulting business.

Carl4 December 2013

A course that anyone should take preferable before going off on their own. It is very refreshing to get advice and experiences from someone who has done that been there but still walks among the rest of us. This course spans all the way from failed businesses to taking care of yourself. I especially liked the point that was made that you have to allow yourself time to think otherwise you will not evolve. This is the firs time I hear someone give the advice that your run or walk is an asset not only to your health but also to your thinking process and consequently to your business. So the Title "Did You Know" gets answered with "No I Did't but Now I Do".

Kylie19 November 2013

This is one of those courses where everything that Debbie says you think to yourself "well of course", and yet there were a number of these that I had not thought to do. It takes someone who has been through all of the heartache to create a list like this to help us newbies out. Thank you Debbie for being that someone.


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