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10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2020

Discover proven & tested copywriting tricks to boost the conversion rate of your sales copy!

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

10 proven & tested copywriting hacks that work in 2018

The art & science of headlines that convert

Why headlines can boost your ROI by up to 1800%

How to capture the reader’s attention with a ‘grabber’

The only right way to incorporate customer reviews that sell

Why appealing to the Life-Force 8 will increase your conversion rate almost overnight

How to use a 100% free tool to get better results

How to harness the power of action words

Sneaky trick to showcase the value of your digital or physical product

How to address common objections and get more customers with FAQs

Swipe files & templates

… and much more!


Do you want to double or triple the conversion rate of your sales copy? Great, because in this course, I’ll show you 10 proven & tested hacks that work right now!

You’ll learn these strategies to acquire more customers and get better results almost overnight!

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Learn Proven Tricks from 6-Figure Copywriters Like Jay Abraham

  • Boost your conversion rates

  • Acquire more customers

  • Grow your revenue & business

Contents & Overview

This course will introduce you to 10 Copywriting Hacks that work in 2020.

First, we’ll cover the art & science of headlines that convert in lesson No. 1. We even provide you with a headline swipe file, which includes top performing headlines, allowing you to boost your conversion rate immediately.

Next, we’ll cover how to use something called a ‘grabber’ to get the attention of your audience as well as the correct way of using testimonials in your sales message.

Then, I’ll show you how to appeal to the Life-Force 8, how to inject scarcity, and how to use a 100% free tool to double your sales copy conversion rate (hint: what you are about to discover is something copywriting legends charge thousands of dollars for).

Moreover, I’ll introduce you to the concept of ‘Action Words’ to stir emotions and how to showcase the value of your physical or digital product to make the price appear more attractive.

Last but not least, you’ll discover why you have to offer a 90-days refund guarantee and how to incorporate FAQ’s in your sales copy to answer common objections potential buyers have.


10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2020
10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2020
10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2020
10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2020


10 Proven & Tested Copywriting Hacks

Meet & Greet

Hack #1 - The Art & Science Of Headlines That Convert

Download - Headline Swipe File

Hack #2 - The Grabber!

Hack #3 - Testimonials Done Right

Hack #4 - The Life Force 8

Hack #5 - Inject Scarcity

Hack #6 - How To Research With Amazon

Hack #7 - The Power Of Action Words

Download - Action Words Template

Hack #8 - Showcase Your Value

Hack #9 - The Power Of A 90-Days Refund Guarantee

Hack #10 - Incorporate Frequently Asked Questions


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Lisa31 March 2020

Short but very precised course... Easy to digest and easy to follow.. Hope to implement these ASAP.. Thank you so much for the course

Asim21 March 2020

The hacks presented in this course were really valuable. The reason I am giving 3 stars is that with a guy like Sandor ( I have taken a few of his other courses on market research and niche research), I was expecting that he would take a practical approach and show us (by taking a sales copy example) that how can we insert these hacks practically. But I guess it would be for another course that is about sales copywriting specifically. Overall great content.

Siyabonga9 October 2019

You could of added more examples like for instance how to use action words in a long piece of copy and short. Nevertheless, great course

Mariam27 July 2019

Es un curso muy bien explicado, y se entiende genial. Soy hispanoparlante y entiendo a la perfección todo. Pronuncia muy bien. Se explica con detalle, con muchos ejemplos y sin dar demasiadas vueltas para perder el tiempo.

Teekendall26 July 2019

Easily digestible in one sitting. Some good tips. Several typos and one technical glitch in section 13.

Jessica23 July 2019

Very insightful information and instructor nails each lesson and dives straight into the necessary points. :) However, there were a few slides that contained typos.

Barath13 December 2018

The course is good and brainstorming but its too slow like I increased the playback speed to x1.75. Even though its slow its clear and gave me some idea! I recommend it!

Mark10 July 2017

Chunks down the important pieces, the pieces that gain the maximum attention, exactly what I needed to learn, thank you.

Luz5 May 2017

Very brief course with some good copywriting tips. It took about 40 min to finish the whole thing, so if you have about an hr to spare and are looking for some good information to incorporate into your sales copy, check it out!

Jack3 April 2017

Very specific, to the point course with good illustrated examples. Information is presented logically and chronologically in an easy to understand format. Each "hack" is presented as chapter. There's no doubling or tripling down of "hacks" that would cause confusion. I learned a lot in very little time.

Victor9 October 2016

Very helpful information. I will be trying out all of these hacks soon (maybe not all at one time... we'll see). I had not considered any of these "hacks" before but, they look like solid strategies to increase engagement and conversions.

Pam3 April 2016

This was another great course with Patrick. I learned a lot. I especially got a lot of the sections on conducting research, what types of testimonials to use on your pages, and the last section on FAQs.

Jose17 March 2016

The author provided all the Hacks needing for your Sales to increase, short but direct to the important points...

Mohammad16 March 2016

I have completed 3 sections of this course. The concepts of what sells in copyrighting are explained in a clear way with the right examples. What I have seen so far prompts me to continue this course.

Dan28 February 2016

Wow! Thank you so much for this course. I am new to copywriting and really appreciate the examples you give and the explanations.


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